How To Get Booster Glaive In Lies of P

Go through a river of acid to find a new weapon.

One of the earliest and beginner-friendly weapons you can find in Lies of P, Booster Glaive is a Greatsword that has B-grade Technique scaling and deals 130 Physical Attack damage. If you are going for a technique build, getting your hands on Booster Glaive is definitely recommended, as it also allows you to create some nice weapon combos that are useful in mid to late-game chapters.

Lies of P Booster Glaive location

The Booster Glaive can be found in the Workshop Union/Venigni Works factory area. It is hidden inside a chest in the acid river that flows through the center of Workshop Union Culvert. However, since the area is acidic and patrolled by a Puppet of the Future, you need to do some leg work before you can pick up Booster Glaive in Lies of P.

From the Workshop Union Culvert stargazer, make your way up the ladder and enter the tunnel that has flame balls constantly rolling through it. Keep going upwards through this tunnel, avoiding the flame spheres.

Eventually, you will notice a puppet breaking through a wall on the right side. Enter this hole and keep going forward till you reach the red pipes.

Head into the open red pipe, and you will eventually reach a lever. Flip the lever, and it will drain the area acid water from the area. Once that is done, go back to the pit where Puppet of the Future is roaming, climb down the ladder, and run past the boss to open the chest at the end.

How To Get Booster Glaive In Lies of P

This chest contains the Booster Glaive, which can be further disassembled into Booster Glaive Blade and Handle.


Booster Glaive moveset (Fable Arts)

The Booster Glaive, like all other weapons comes with two different fable arts. One each for the blade and the handle. The charged heavy attack of the Booster Glaive allows you to dash forward and hit an enemy, thus increasing your overall melee range.

Storm Slash (Booster Glaive Blade): Perform multiple slash attacks on an enemy in front of you.

Patient Slash (Booster Glaive Handle): Hold the attack button to charge your attack for bonus damage

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