Lies Of P Handle Altering Material Locations Guide 

Handle Altering Material in Lies of P allows you to upgrade the grip or the handle of your weapon allowing you to enjoy various bonuses.

Lies of P features robust customization options that allow you to alter, upgrade, and enhance your weapon to fit your needs. You can change both the blade and handles. To change the handle on your weapons, you’ll need Handle Altering Material in Lies of P.

In this guide, we’ll review all the different types of Handle Altering Materials and their attributes. Additionally, we’ll also go over where they are located.  

How to find all Handle Altering Materials in Lies of P? 

In Lies of P, Handle Altering Materials come in four varieties. The Motivity Crank is used to increase your weapon’s attack speed. The Technique Crank, on the other hand, allows you to upgrade your weapon’s range. The Advance Crank raises the overall damage your weapon inflicts, while the Balance Crank improves stability.

There are a total of 12 Cranks/Handle Altering Materials in Lies of P; they are strewn across the map. There are 3 Motivity Cranks, 4 Technique Cranks, 2 Advance Cranks, and 3 Balance Cranks.  

Motivity Crank – Workshop Union Entrance 

The first Motivity Crank is found in the Workshop Union Entrance. While exploring the area, a giant crate will drop through the ceiling, which will cause the floor to cave in. Drop down and you’ll find an enemy here. Kill it, and then head back up.

Use Monad’s Lamp to reveal a Dimensional Butterfly which you can destroy to acquire the Handle Altering Material in Lies of P.  

Motivity Crank – Malum District  

The Second Motivity Crank is found in the Malum District. You come across Black Cat and Red Fox for the second time in this area. After you’ve decided what to do with them (you can either help them or not), head into the building right next to them. The Motivity Crank is found in there.  

Motivity Crank – Abandoned Apartment  

The last Motivity Crank is on the main path as you play the game; you’ll know this area is close when facing an elite enemy. The elite enemy uses his head to attack you. Once you kill it, explore the area until you locate the Handle Altering Material in Lies of P.  

Technique Crank – Venigni Works Control Room  

The First Technique Crank is found in the Vegini Works Control Room. Start at the Stargazer, where Venigni is located. Head South until you reach a series of beams. Be careful here as you can fall. Keep to your left and start picking up the items. One of these items is a Technique Crank. 

Technique Crank – Estella Opera House 

To find the second Technique Crank, keep exploring the Opera House until you come upon a room shrouded in Darkness with a ladder leading down. Head down, and you’ll find two enemies you must kill. Then, use Monad’s Lamp to reveal the Dimensional Butterfly. Kill it to obtain the Crank.  

Reach the Stargazer in the Grand Exhibition Gallery and head dead straight. This will eventually lead you outside. Here, you’ll find a Dimensional Butterfly, reveal it, and then kill it to obtain the Handle Altering Crank in Lies of P.

Technique Crank – Relic of Trismegistus Entrance 

The Last Technique Crank is at the entrance of the Relic of Trismegistus. Reach the Stargazer in the area and continue straight down the hill path. Eventually, you’ll come across a bonfire. Loot the area around the bonfire to acquire the Crank.  

Advance Crank – St. Frangelico Cathedral Library  

The first Advance Crank is found in St. Frangelico Cathedral Library. From the Stargazer in the area, continue straight until you reach a room that has four holes in the floor. You can use either of these holes to drop down in the area below. Use Monad’s Lamp to reveal the Dimensional Butterfly. Kill it to obtain the item.  

Advance Crank – Arche Abbey Internal Bridge 

The Last Advance Crank is found in Arche Abbey, which is one of the final areas in the game. In the Internal bridge Area, continue forward until you encounter two enemies. Defeat them, then head left, down a path. It’s very easily visible. You’ll face yet another enemy here.

Defeat them and continue forward until you find a shortcut ladder. Activate it and head down, where you’ll find the Crank. 

Balance Crank – Arche Abbey Internal Bridge 

The first Balance Crank is found right near the last Advance Crank. Continue straight from the ladder you dropped down. You’ll find a gunman and another enemy. Kill them and continue straight until you come across a bridge. The Handle Altering Material is located towards the right side of the bridge in Lies of P.  

Balance Crank – Arche Abbey Outerwall 

When you’re at the Outerwall of the Abbey, you’ll come across a Scorpion-esque enemy. Kill it, then proceed forward up a flight of stairs. You’ll find a Dimensional Butterfly in your path. Kill it to obtain the item.  

Balance Crank – Arch Abbey Broken Rift  

In the Broken Rift area, you’ll come across a Pinocchio toy enemy. You’ll need to kill it to proceed further. After you do, continue heading straight until you locate a ladder. Go up here, and you’ll come across a Dimensional Butterfly. Kill it to obtain the last Balance Crank.  

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