Lies Of P Legion Caliber Locations Guide 

To upgrade your Legion Arm in Lies of P, you will need a material known as Legion Caliber.

Lies of P provides you with a ton of ways to enhance your combat experience. One of them is your mechanical arm attachment, aka the Legion Arm. Although this arm is quite useful in its base form, you can always improve it using a material called Legion Caliber in Lies of P.

With this device, you can modify your Legion arm to enhance its overall efficiency. Keep reading this guide to learn all Legion Caliber locations in Lies of P. 

How to find all legion caliber in Lies of P? 

Legion Caliber is simply an enhancement or modification material to increase the durability and effectiveness of Legion Arms. It can be obtained through various ways, including workshops, chests, and enemy drops. There are a total of 15 Legion Caliber locations in the game. Below, we have discussed each location in detail. 

Workshop Union 

Once you reach the Workshop Union Entrance, a strange cage will drop down from the flood. A shield-wielding creature will be trapped inside this cage. Start fighting with the enemy and defeat it to obtain the Legion Caliber in Lies of P. 

St. Frangelico Cathedral Library 

From the library Stargazer, make your way into any hole to reach the room with Decay tipping down from the roof. Look for a chest in the room and open it to find the Legion Caliber. 

Malum District 

Continue progressing the story in Malum District until you enter the Red Lobster Inn. If you make your way up using the ladder behind the Lobster Inn, you will see a chest on the platform. Opening it will earn you the third Legion Caliber. 


The Grand Exhibition Gallery contains two Legion Calibers for you. 

1. While progressing through the Gallery, you will encounter a robot trying to burst through a room door. There is another robot within the same area as the first one. The chest containing the Legion Caliber will be right beside the second robot. 

2. While wandering in the same Exhibition area, you will eventually meet a not-so-friendly Frankenstein enemy. Defeating him will earn you a Legion Caliber. 

Barren Swamp Ravine 

Start your story progression from the Stargazer at the Ravine’s Entrance until you meet a Mad Clown Puppet on your way. Defeat it and take the Legion Caliber from it as a drop in Lies of P. 

Abandoned Apartment 

While gathering the collectibles from the Abandoned Apartment, you will come across the Fairytale of the Three Brothers of the Workshop Tower. After obtaining the Book from here, you can spot the Wandering Merchant near the tower. Interact with him and pay 4,000 Ergo to get the Legion Caliber. 

Arche Abbey Broken Rift 

After climbing the stairs with the swordsmen, continue progressing the story until you see a powerful Decay mini-boss bursting through a wall in your way. Engage him in combat and defeat him to obtain the Legion Caliber as a drop. 

Arche Abbey Outer Wall 

Upon reaching a room with laser beams, enter the lower floor, where you will see traps on one side and an elevator on the other. Stand on the elevator, but don’t go all the way up to the end. Instead, jump off in the middle of your journey and walk further to find a chest containing this Legion Caliber in Lies of P. 

Arche Abbey Upper Part (Internal Bridge) 

While exploring the upper part of Arch Abbey, look for a chest on the bridge made of metal sheets. Open the chest to obtain the Legion Caliber. 

Relic of Trismegistus Entrance 

You will encounter a Decay enemy beside the fog door that leads to the Black Rabbit Brotherhood fight. Defeat the enemy in combat to receive Legion Caliber as a drop in Lies of P. 

Buy from Polendina’s Shop 

You can purchase a Legion Caliber from Polendina’s shop at Hotel Krat. But first, you need to expand her inventory using the Sturdy Krat Supply Box. This box can be obtained by opening a chest at the Grand Exhibition Gallery. 

Decipher the Cryptic Vessels 

You can also obtain a couple of Legion Calibers by deciphering Cryptic Vessels in Lies of P. You can find these vessels at various locations, including Estella Opera House Entrance, St. Frangelico Cathedral Chapel, and Barren Swamp Bridge.  

Once you get a Cryptic Vessel, meet Venigni at Hotel Krat. He will decipher the item for you and give you a photograph. You can then follow the directions and clue on it to obtain the reward (which can be Legion Caliber in certain situations). 

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