Lies of P Champion Victor Boss Guide

Don't let the intimidating presence of the Champion Victor fool you, with the right strategy, it's easy to take him out in Lies of P.

In Lies of P, you will face many bosses who test your patience and endurance, such as the Champion Victor. This abominated alchemist, led by Simin Manus, will try to ruin your day. 

With his massive size and strength, and using his punches and dashing attack, he proves to be a worthy opponent. He will challenge you in the last level of the Grand Exhibition. This guide contains the locations to find him, and the strategies to defeat him.

Lies of P Champion Victor location 

The lies of P Champion Victor is in the Grand Exhibition in the arena at the end. From the Stargazer in the Grand Exhibition gallery before the fight, ascend up the stairs and keep going until you face a couple of rookie puppets. Keep walking forward, and you will enter the arena to battle Champion Victor.  

How to defeat Champion Victor in Lies of P? 

Since Champion Victor is an area boss, it is mandatory to fight him. He is much harder than the optional bosses you fought, like Puppets of the Future. The best weapon to use against him is a combination of the Salamander Dagger’s blade and Acidic Crystal Spear’s handle.  

This will inflict fire damage which is a weakness of the Champion Victor. Another benefit of using this weapon is increased range.  

Thermits are also beneficial in this battle, so gather as much as possible before the battle.   


Phase 1 

In Phase One, the boss will use only his fist to attack you. Because of his size, his attacks are easy to predict. He loves to punch and swing his arms when you are at close range, so it is better to be at a safe distance and look for an opening.  

Be ready to attack with rapid strikes that will set him on fire, thus causing fire damage. He will try combos like fury attacks and gut punches to damage you in close range. Be attentive and run away when you see the Champion Victor winding up in Lies of P.

Run behind him and throw thermits at him, or use your spear to attack him. Seeing you attacking him from behind, he will pause his combos and try to swing his elbow at you. Dodge or parry his attacks and reposition to attack him from behind. If you are at a distance, he will try dash attacks like forward jumping with a series of punches and two hands slam while dashing.  

After taking some damage, he will use two other attacks (a crouching dash attack and a forceful blow followed by a roar). These are also very easy to predict because of the roar and seeing him change his posture.  

Keep parrying or dodging his attacks and deal heavy blows in between, and he will eventually shred his mechanical armor and trigger phase 2.  

Phase 2 

Phase 2 begins after he removes his armor, revealing his original form. Phase 2 is much easier than Phase 1 as the Champion Victor takes more time to cool down in Lies of P thus giving you more time to attack.

He will use a crouching dash attack three times instead of once and use different overhead slams. Don’t get confused with these; keep running away from him until he stops. These attacks end with a double fist slam, so watch for it.

The best way is to be at a safe distance and keep running until you see him cooling down. After losing more of his health, he will stagger. Do not run at him to attack, as he can still get a a slam in despite being staggered.

The best strategy is to keep dodging from a safe distance and running around him is to perform a series of rapid strikes to lower his health from behind. Keep using this strategy, and you will eventually come out victorious.  

Lies of P Champion Victor rewards 

Considering Champion Victor is an area boss, he drops 14, 020 Ergo, Reborn Champion’s Ergo, and a Champion of Evolution trophy. 

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