Lies of P King’s Flame, Fuoco Boss Guide 

Don't let King's Flame Fuoco intimidate you in Lies of P. He's rather easy to deal with.

Lies of P features many outrageous and wacky boss fights, but the one against King’s Flame Fuoco stands above the rest. Fuoco is also a puppet, the same as Pinnochio. He spews fire and rockets from his metallic body. He is extremely loyal and serves the King of Puppets, Romeo.

His backstory states that he once was a normal puppet on fire control duty, but after hearing the voice of Romeo he switched allegiances. Now he is a walking flamethrower that uses powerful and deadly ranged attacks that deal fire damage. Here is how to defeat him.

Lies of P King’s Flame, Fuoco location

The King’s Flame, Fuoco Boss, is located in the center of Vegni’s work, right after you cross the control room. Look for a room with a fire hazard sign on its massive metal door and a big red warning light flashing. He will be located on the other side of the massive iron door in the Lies of P. 

How to defeat King’s Flame, Fuoco in Lies of P

There is a very easy way to defeat King’s Flame Fuoco in the Lies of P, but for this to work you need to make some preparations. 

Prep Work

First of all, you need to find and locate the Wandering Merchant and buy the following items from him. 

ItemsNumber of Items NeededPrice
Throwing Cell 5x 280e  
Electric Blitz Canister 5x 390e 
Electric Blitz Abbrasive 5x 440e 
Prep items needed

Phase 1

After collecting these items, head straight for the boss and keep a few health tonics on you if things go south. As you enter, the King’s Flame, Fuoco will engage you in Lies of P. Equip the throwing cells and start chucking them toward him. These throws cells do 600-700 damage per cell to the boss, which stacks so you can shave off a substantial part of his health off.


After throwing all 5 cells towards him, equip the electric Blitz canister and use it. The electric blitz canister damages AOE electric, so ensure you are at a distance. 

Try to contain him within the specific area of the attack when using it, get close to him, and always dodge to the right( His left side). Using this, you will be able to do a lot of damage in a short time, and you will get his health bar down to half. After this, the second phase of the fight will begin. 

For the first phase, use the following steps. 

  1. Equip the throwing cells and start to chuck them toward the boss. As soon as you enter the boss fight. 
  1. If he gets close, dodge his attacks and gain some distance between both of you. 
  1. After you have thrown all the cells, equip the Electic Blitz Canister. This does AOE electric damage. So make sure you close the gap between yourself and Fuoco. 
  1. Dodge to the left as soon as he attacks and throws the Electric Blitz Canister. 
  1. Follow these steps, and you will get his health below half, triggering the second phase of the boss battle in Lies of P. 

Phase 2 

For the second phase, the King’s Flame, Fuoco will enter an enraged mode. In this enraged mode, he will spew fire across the map, so make sure you are far away from him. After this, he will use ranged attacks and melee ones. So it is best to close the distance between you two.  

His attacks are telegraped, which means that they are readable and easy to avoid. As soon as he attacks, you dodge and start to attack him. But beware this: although his attacks are slow, they do a lot of damage. Be careful and always dodge to the left side. He is slow to engage you on that side due to his melee hand being on the opposite side.  

This will give you a bigger opportunity to land a few more attacks on him. Also, if you have leftover Electric Blitz canisters and electric blitz abrasives, use them to deal additional damage. Repeat this process to defeat King’s Flame, Fuoco, in the Lies of P.  

Use the following steps to slay Fuoco. 

  1. First, get some distance to evade the long-distance fire attack in his enraged mode. 
  1. Then immediately close your distance and get in the melee range of King’s Flame, Fuoco. 
  1. Dodge to the left and attack him; this gives you a bigger window of opportunity to land multiple attacks. 
  1. Use the remaining electric blitz abrasive and container to do much damage. 
  1. Keep dodge to the left and attack as soon as you see his back. Keep repeating this, and you will reduce his health bar to zero. 

Lies of P King’s Flame, Fuoco rewards 

For defeating the King’s Flame, Fuoco, you will earn yourselves the following rewards. 

High-Powered Flame Amplifier  
King’s Flame Ergo 
Flame Grindstone 
Ain’t He King’s Flame: Achievement  
King’s Flame, Fuoco rewards Lies of P

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