Lies of P King Of Riddles Answers

Answer the King of Riddles correctly or miss out on a storyline.

At different locations across Krat, you will pass by some telephone booths that start ringing as soon as you are near them. On the other end of that call is the King of Riddles, Arlecchino. Answering the phone calls in Lies of P will result in the King of Riddles giving you a riddle to solve, and you will have limited time to answer correctly.

Lies of P Riddle locations and answers

For every phone riddle you answer correctly, you get a Trinity Key as a reward in Lies of P. These Trinity Keys can then be used to unlock Trinity Sanctums and ultimately meet the King of Riddles. If you are confused by the phone riddles, we are here to give you the correct answers for the riddles the King of Riddles throws at you in Lies of P.

Phone Riddle 1: Krat City Hall Courtyard

Lies of P Riddle locations and answers

As you spawn at the Krat City Hall Courtyard stargazer, you need to make your way towards Workshop Union. Head straight to the open with the clock above it and take a right. Continue on the path till you’re outside with a staircase going downwards. Keep going in a straight direction and take a left towards the bridge. However, do not cross the bridge, but instead go right, and that’s where your first phone booth is.

By morning, it walks on feet numbering four

At mid-day just two, no less and no more.

It walks on three feet when the evening arrives.


And if you solve this then I’ll know you’re alive!

Answer: Human

Phone Riddle 2: Malum District

Lies of P Riddle locations and answers

Assuming you’ve not unlocked the Red Lobster Inn entrance in Malum District yet, from the stargazer, head right and continue on the straight path till you’ve entered the building with the staircase. Climb up the staircase, and you’ll be out on the street again, but go right from there, and you’ll reach another building with a big hole in the floor.

Fall through that and head straight out the front door, and you’ll notice that there is rubble being lit in an eye shape. Go past that rubble to the street in the right corner and take a left turn. Just keep moving in that path, and you’ll enter the building with a ladder going up. Just climb up that ladder, and you’ll reach the second phone booth to talk to King of Riddles and answer him in Lies of P.

I stand tall and proud when I’m young and bold.

But I’m short and humble once I’ve gotten old.

What am I?

Answer: Candle

Note: In case you answered wrong here, you’ll be given a mystery box. It will explode and give you a trinity key, but you’ll instantly die.

Lies of P Riddle locations and answers

From the Stargazer, head left and go straight ahead till you reach the staircase on the right end. Climb up the stairs and take a left turn, but do not go straight ahead here. There’s a path in the middle connecting another floor on the left side, so take that.

There’s a room on the right side, right in front of the path, you need to go in there. From there, continue straight ahead and head downstairs. Keep moving straight through the room in the front, which will take you back upstairs. You’ll find a railing right in front of you, so just go left from that railing, and you’ll find the phone ringing

Think about this, whatever it takes:

What cannot be used before it breaks?

Answer: Egg

Phone Riddle 4: Krat Central Station Street

From the stargazer, head right through the underpass and take a left. Continue on the path, and you’ll soon hear the phone ringing when you reach the fence. Just take a left, and you’ll find the phone booth.

This blue flower has many ways to take root.

But only on man does it ever bear fruit.

Answer: Ergo

Note: This is the riddle that can potentially throw you into a soft lock. If you get this riddle wrong, then the King of Riddles will ask you to offer a Bright Red Apple to the Golden Statue of Corday in exchange for the Trinity Key. If you’ve used the apple elsewhere, then you’re completely stuck.

Phone Riddle 5: Relic of Trismegistus

This one’s black and white.

A no or a yes.

Is Geppetto’s creation a killer? CONFESS!

Answer: Yes

Note: Answering Yes would give you the Trinity Key; however, it would affect your Lie/Truth ratio. In truth, you are a murderer, and you’ve spoken the truth. Answering No will be a lie, but would still give you the Trinity Key, although it is inside King of Riddles’ Surprise Box. Opening the Surprise Box gives you the Trinity Key but also applies the Decay status effect as a punishment.

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