Lies Of P Mad Donkey Boss Guide 

The Mad Donkey is a mini boss in Lies of P that has a grudge against puppets and their masters. Here's how to defeat him.

Life of P is filled with tough but amazing boss fights, such as the one against The Mad Donkey. He is one of the mini-bosses in the game and has a grudge against puppet masters and their puppets. Since Pinnochio is a puppet, he automatically becomes your enemy.  

He is stubborn and arrogant, and he wants to reveal the truth behind puppet masters and their evil nature. He wields a long, greatsword and uses strong attacks often. In this guide, we will walk you through how to defeat the Mad Donkey mini-boss by using the best strategies. 

Lies of P Mad Donkey Location

The Mad Donkey miniboss in the Lies of P is on the Alchemist Bridge. The Alchemists Bridge can be found on the path to the Krat City Hall. You will find him screaming at the top of his lungs in a carriage on the Bridge. Head there, and you will start the encounter. 

You usually find early on in the game so be careful, as he can easily kill you. 

How to defeat the Mad Donkey in Lies of P

The Mad Donkey is a pretty straightforward boss, his attacks are telegraphed thus making them easy to read, but they do a lot of damage. You can use 2 different strategies to defeat the Mad Donkey in the Lies of P. 

Parry and Hit 

For the first strategy, you must let the Mad Donkey come straight at you. Don’t worry, his attacks are pretty slow and easily anticipated. He uses heavy swings, so if timed right, you can parry him. This in turn will give you the perfect opportunity to attack him. 

To attack him, remember to use “Heavy Attacks” only, as they will do a lot more damage than light attacks. After attacking him, get back and do the same repeatedly. Follow this pattern for the Parry and Hit strategy 

  1. Wait for the Mad Donkey to attack you.
  1. Parry the attacks, or alternately, you can dodge the attacks if you can’t time the parry accurately. 
  1. Attack the Mad Donkey with a heavy attack, as this has a high chance to stagger him. Staggering him will help you land a few attacks more, dealing additional damage. 
  1. Get out of his range and let him come to you.
  1. Repeat this process again and again until you have slain the Mad Donkey in Lies of P. 

Legion Arm and Backstab 

This second strategy is a lot easier and fun than the first one. First of all, after engaging the Mad Donkey in the Lies of P, run back and get out of his radius of attack. This will cause him to disengage and turn his back towards you. As soon as he turns his back towards you, use the Legion Arm to pull him towards you.

When he gets in attack range, get behind him, backstab him, and run away. As soon as you get a good amount of distance between you and him, he will disengage. After that, rinse and repeat. Follow these steps to use this strategy in The Lies of P:

  1. Engage the Mad Donkey. You only do this to agro him towards you 
  1. After that, run away from him so that he disengages from you. 
  1. Close the distance and use the Legion Arm to pull him towards you. Be aware that sometimes he will attack you as soon as he gets close if this happens, run away again. 
  1. After he is in your attack radius, backstab him to do massive amounts of damage to his health. 
  1. After backstabbing him, repeat these steps until you slay the Mad Donkey. 

Lies of P Mad Donkey rewards

You will get the following rewards for defeating the Mad Donkey miniboss in the Lies of P. 

Mad Donkey Hunting Apparel 
Mad Donkey Mask 
Krat City Hall Key 
Engima Assembly Tool 
mad donkey fight rewards lies of p
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