Lies Of P Legion Plugs Location Guide

In order to craft your Legion Arm in Lies of P, you will need a material known as a Legion Plug.

Lies of P has some very interesting mechanics, and one of them is the Legion Arms. Pinocchio has a metal arm called the Legion Arm, which is craftable in the game. However, you will need the Legion Plug to craft a Legion Arm in Lies of P. 

Legion Plugs are the basic ingredient to craft a Legion Arm. The crafting option is available at the Venigni Craft Machine back at the hotel. They are extremely rare and are only found in 4 locations. Also, you will be accessing these locations after you reach the 4th chapter of the game, so don’t expect them to be found early. You can unlock any Legion Arm with the help of a Legion Plug. 

How to Find Legion Plugs in Lies of P

Legion Plugs are found in special safes at hard-to-get and hidden-in-plain-sight locations in Lies of P. There are only 8 Legion Arms to choose from. The availability of these locations will start when you hit chapter 4 of the game. Let’s delve deeper into the locations of these plugs. 

Legion Plug 1

The first Legion Plug you encounter will be inside the St. Frangelo Cathedral. Once you have activated the Stargazer in the Chapel, go to the stairs next to the giant statue. Go down the hole in the ground and hank a right. Go down the ladder to the right.

Continue ahead and climb up the stairs to the second floor. Once you reach the end of the second floor (after you pass the slowly rotating wheel blocking your path), go down the ladder. Follow the corridor. It will lead to a place where electrically charged boulders will pass after a time interval. 

You will need to climb up the way these boulders come down. When a boulder comes along, hug the wall tightly. Continue straight on your path until you reach the end of the second corridor. There will be a rotating gear blocking your path.


Wait until the broken gear comes along. That will be your chance to jump. You can use the next gear as a stepping stone to get across. Turn right and activate the lever. A lift will come up. Jump onto it and jump down on the ledge. There will be a room where two dead dolls will respawn to fight you. Defeat them and collect the plug from the chest. 

Legion Plug 2

The chance to collect the second Legion Plug will be presented to you in the 5th chapter of Lies of P. This plug lies at the entrance to Rosa Isabella Street.  Once you have activated the Stargazer in the middle of the street, follow the path until you enter a house. 

Then, take a right and go into the room on the right. Drop down from the opening in the ground and go out of the room. Go up the stairs on the right-hand side, and the safe will contain the Legion Plug. 

Legion Plug 3

The third plug is found in the 7th chapter of Lies of P. This one is present in the Grand Exhibition Gallery. Enter the gallery and travel to the farthest end. There will be a locked gate. You can either open it up by defeating the enemies or circle back.  

Cross that gate and then take the stairs on the right side. Get into the gallery and continue going straight. Turn left at the farthest room and head for the stairs. Climb down and hug the wall on the left to make a U-turn. Climb up the stairs, and the chest containing the Legion Plug will be right there along the wall. 

Legion Plug 4 

The last Legion Plug is found in the Krat Central Station Lobby in Lies of P. You will need to defeat an Elite enemy to obtain this plug. From the Stargazer in the lobby, turn around and get back out on the street. Continue ahead and turn right onto the short staircase. Turn right again onto the ramp. You will find the Corrupted Ogre (Elite Enemy) banging his head on a door, trying to find a way in. 

He will have some basic moves, but his health bar will make things quite difficult. Take your time with this creature, as he is painfully slow at this level, and get the job done by getting successful backstabs in. Once defeated, he will drop the Legion Plug as a reward.  

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