Lies Of P All Trinity Key And Sanctum Locations Guide 

In Lies of P, you'll find various telephone booths which will ask you a riddle. Answer correctly, and you'll get a Trinity Key using which you can open Trinity Sanctums.

Lies of P packs in many mysteries throughout its campaign, the most elusive of which are the Trinity Sanctums. Marked by their signature green metallic doors and triangular white symbols, each of these Sanctums holds rewards and items for those willing to go the extra mile to unlock them. To unlock these Trinity Sanctums, you will need a Trinity Key in Lords of the Fallen.

But this is a long task in and of itself. You first need to acquire Trinity Keys, which are found by answering riddles at telephone booths located throughout Krat. Once you have the keys, you must find the Trinity Sanctums to unlock them.

In this guide, we’ll be going over how to locate the telephone booths, how to answer their riddles, how to find each Trinity Sanctum, and what lies within each Sanctum.  

How to Get All Trinity Keys in Lies of P 

Trinity Keys are strewn throughout Krat. To acquire each Trinity key, you must find telephone booths throughout various locations. Picking up the phone puts you in contact with a mysterious voice known as the King of Riddles, who asks you a riddle.

Getting the Trinity Key depends upon answering these riddles correctly.   

Trinity Key 1 (Krat City Hall) 

The First Trinity Key is found right after you defeat the game’s second boss, The Scrapped Watchman, in Chapter 2 of Lies of P. From the Krat City Hall Stargazer, head into the building directly in front of you. Take a right and continue down the path until you reach a fork. Take a left and head outside. Go down the stairs in front of you and then take the next stairs down as well.


Drop down and continue straight. Follow the path then make the first immediate right. Continue straight, past a stone archway, until you come upon the ringing telephone booth. Once here, listen to the dialogue until you’re presented with the following riddle: 

“By morning it walks on feet numbering four. At mid-day just two, no less and no more. It walks on three feet when the evening arrives. And if you solve this, then I’ll Know you’re alive!” 

Select the answer “Human” to successfully acquire the key.  

Trinity Key 2 (Malum District) 

The second Trinity key is found in the Malum District, during chapter 5 in Lies of P. From the Stargazer, follow the path of the constricted alleyway. Head straight until you reach a set of wooden double doors. Here you’ll need to make a left through a door into a small building.

Go up the stairs directly in front of you, and you’ll be on the outside again. Continue straight, then head into the bricked building towards your left. The door frame is bare, and you can walk right in. Once in, drop down and continue forward. You’ll be on the outside once again.  

Here, towards the front, you’ll find a bonfire. Go past it, and you’ll find yourself in another alley. Follow the path, then make the first right. There will be a doorway that’ll lead you into another building. Go inside and then use the ladder on the left corner of the room to go up. The telephone booth is present in the upper room.

Pick up the phone and exhaust the dialogue, after which you’ll be presented with the riddle; 

“I stand tall and proud when I’m young and bold. But I’m short and humble once I’ve gotten old. What am I?” 

Select the option “Candle” to acquire the second Trinity Key. 

The third Trinity Key is found in The Grand Exhibition Gallery in chapter 7 in Lies of P. From the Stargazer, take a left (you’ll be under a sign that reads Grand Exhibition in gold letters) and head straight until you reach the very end. Stick to your right, and you’ll find yourself at the bottom of a shallow flight of white-marbled stairs.

Use them to go up. Continue forward until you come upon a metallic bridge on your left. Use it to get to the other side and enter the room on the right. Follow the path and head down the stairs. Make your way through the archway on the left side of the door.

Follow the stairs leading up, then make a left. The telephone booth will be present just a few feet in front of you. Exhaust the dialogue options, which will then present you with the riddle:  

“What cannot be used before it breaks?” 

Select the option “Egg”. This time around, you won’t receive the key outright. Instead, you’ll be given a hint of its whereabouts. Follow the corridor on your immediate right and enter the room at the end. Go down the stairs and enter the room at the end of them.

On the right side of the room, you’ll find a puzzle. There are two white statues on both the left and the right with a compartment in the middle, flanked by gold statues.  

The puzzle is fairly easy to solve. Rotate the white statue on the right until its outward arm is toward the door in the middle. It should mirror the statue on the left exactly. Completing the puzzle will open the compartment, and you can pick up the third Trinity Key.  

Trinity Key 4 (Central Station Street) 

The penultimate Trinity key is found in Central Station Street in Chapter 9 in Lies of P. From the Stargazer, head straight then make your first left, and go through the stone archway. Go right and continue straight until you reach another archway.

Go through the archway and make a left; you’ll find the telephone booth just a few feet ahead. Listen to the dialogue until you’re presented with the riddle;  

 ”This blue flower has many ways to take root. But only man does it ever bear fruit” 

Select the option “Ergo” to acquire the key.  

Trinity Key 5 (Chosen One’s Trinity Key) 

The Last Trinity Key can be acquired from four prior locations. Travel back to any of the previous telephone booths after you’ve opened the first four Trinity Sanctums. We recommend the Central Station Street payphone as its path is the most straightforward. Once there, you won’t be presented with a riddle but rather a question.  

“This one’s black and white. A no or a yes. Is Geppetto’s creation a killer? 

Answer truthfully, which involves selecting the option “Yes.” Once you do, you’ll be given The Chosen One’s Trinity Key. This is the only key that has an actual name. If you answer no, you’ll be given an item that you can open in your inventory to acquire the key. 

How to Get All Trinity Sanctums in Lies of P  

Once you have the first four Trinity Keys, you can begin unlocking the Trinity Sanctums. In Lies of P, there are a total of five Trinity Sanctums. For the first four, you need standard Trinity Keys; for the fifth and final one, you must have the Chosen One’s Trinity Key.

Each Trinity Sanctum gives you rewards, both cosmetic and functional. The five Trinity Sanctums are located in the Workshop Union Culvert, the Frangelico Cathedral Chapel, the Estella Opera House’s entrance, the lobby of Krat Central Station, and the outer wall of Arche Abbey.   

Trinity Sanctum 1 (Workshop Union Culvert)  

The first Trinity Sanctum is found in the Workshop Union Culvert. From the Stargazer, head straight up the narrow corridor towards the right of the area. There will be rolling balls of fire in the path, and they’ll roll down the tunnel after certain intervals. Use the indentations on either side of the wall to save yourself from the balls.

Stick to your right and follow the tunnel to the last opening on the right. Enter it and continue straight along the corridor. Take a left when you exit it, then make a right and continue straight into another corridor. Follow the path and make a right when you reach the end and then a left.

Follow the path while keeping an eye on your left. The Trinity door will be present on the wall along the left. You’ll recognize it by its green color and triangular symbol.  

Open the door using the Trinity Key and open the safe at the end to acquire Blue Blood’s Tailcoat and some Quartz. Quartz is an upgrade material for your P-organs. Cosmetic items in Lies of P provide no additional buffs.  

Trinity Sanctum 2 (Frangelico Cathedral Chapel)  

To locate the second Trinity Sanctum, go to Frangelico Cathedral Chapel. From the altar, make a left and go up the stairs. You’ll enter a large dilapidated hall with a hole in the floor. Go down and make a right. Use the ladder at the end of the tunnel to get down. From there, make a left and go straight, and you’ll find yourself in another room.

Towards the back is another ladder. Use it to go up. Make another left and use the makeshift wooden plank bridges to reach the other side. Here, you’ll find yet another ladder. Use it to go up. Go backward and follow the path of the wooden beams. The path is quite difficult, so don’t lose your footing.

Take the ladder at the very end to get down. Follow the hallway, then make two lefts. Next, make your way up the mineshaft. There will be rolling electric balls here that roll down every few seconds. Use the indentations on the side to make your way to the top, then take the ladder on your immediate right to go up.

Here, you’ll be in a similar situation involving rolling electric balls. Traverse the hallway a few feet, then enter the indentation on the right. The Trinity sanctum is present here. Like before, you’ll recognize it through its green color and triangular symbol.  

Use a Trinity Key to enter it and open the safe present within the room in Lies of P to acquire Black Cat’s Amulet and Monster Sweeper’s Hunting Apparel. Black Cat’s Amulet reduces your fall damage. 

Trinity Sanctum 3 (Estella Opera House Entrance) 

The third Trinity Sanctum is found near the Estella Opera House Entrance. Enter the Opera House, which is just beyond the Stargazer. Go up the red-carpeted staircase directly before you and head straight into the next room. Cross this room to enter the next one. Here, you’ll find a flaming chandelier swaying over a collapsed floor.

Drop down and look toward your back. The Trinity Sanctum will be present there. Open it using a Trinity Key and loot the safe in Lies of P to acquire the Belford Superior Radiation Converter and some Quartz. The radiation converter increases Pinocchio’s resistance to negative status effects.  

Trinity Sanctum 4 (Krat Central Station Lobby) 

To locate the next Trinity Sanctum, you must go to Krat Central Station. From the Krat Central Station Lobby Stargazer, go up the stairs directly in front and enter the room on the left. Follow the stairs down, and you’ll be at the Sanctum, once again marked by its signature green metallic door and white triangular symbol.  

Enter the Sanctum and loot the safe in the room to acquire Workshop Master’s Workwear and Carrier’s Amulet +1, which increases your weight limit.  

Trinity Sanctum 5 (Arche Abbey Outer Wall) 

The fifth and final Sanctum is found in Arche Abbey. Do note that to open the final sanctum, you will require the Chosen One’s Trinity Key. It is acquired by opening the first four Trinity Sanctums, returning to one of the four previous telephone booths you visited, and then answering yes to the riddle. Once you have the key in your inventory. Go to the Arche Abbey Outer Wall Stargazer.  

From there, head up the ladder, then up the stairs until you reach the top. On the roof, you’ll find another ladder; use it to go further up. Follow the path of the corridor you find yourself in, then continue right and take the stairs down when you come upon a chamber with two paths.

Follow the path, take a left, and cross the beam to the other side when you reach the bottom. On your left, you’ll find yet another ladder. Use it to get down. Head left, then drop down. The Trinity Sanctum will be right behind you. Marked by a triangular symbol on a green metallic door.  

Use the Chosen One’s Trinity Key to access the Sanctum. This time, you won’t find a safe in the room but rather the puppet behind the mysterious voice who narrates the riddles over the pay phones. He is known as the King of Riddles, Arlecchino. Exhaust his dialogue, and he’ll ask you one final question:  

“Are you a puppet? Or a human being? Which one are you?” 

Answer with “Puppet,” and he’ll give you the Alchemist’s Cape and some Quartz.  

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