Lies Of P Best Weapons Ranked

Want to which are the best weapons in Lies of P? Here are our top picks.

Lies of P offers a fine selection of cutlery to aid you in battle as you defeat many enemies. You can use them as it is or use the customization system to combine different parts to create new weapons. However, to be the most effective in Lies of P, you must acquire the best weapons in the game.

Whether you customize and swap things or keep them as is, you must know what weapons are the ones you need to keep an eye out for. As such, we have ranked the best weapons in Lies of P.

1. Greatsword of Fate: 

The Greatsword of Fate may be a bit heavy due to a solid 13.5 on the weight scale, but it scales B with Motivity and D with Technique. Understandably, it falls under the Greatsword category and has an excellent 111 Physical Damage.

This sword will be available by midgame. The handle will allow you to have the Absolute Defense which can perfectly block an oncoming attack.  

2. Electric Coil Stick:

The Electric Coil Stick falls under the Blunt Category and is available for 1200 Ergo from the Wandering Merchant. The Electric Coil Stick scales C with Motivity and D with Technique. However, it is an Advance weapon as it scales B with Advance.

Initially, the physical damage is quite low at 56, but once upgraded, this stick can deal some serious electrical damage. The weight is decent at 11.7 giving you faster attack speed and mobility. 


3. Live Puppet’s Axe: 

This weapon is quite a grotesque sight to look at as it is made purely out of dismembered puppets. It has a significant weight at 26.3 but is totally worth it as it deals 174 initial physical damage. 

4. Acidic Crystal Spear:

This weapon falls under the Dagger category, which is a bit strange as its name and attacks suggest otherwise. It is a great weapon choice as it inflicts Acid Damage upon every attack. It is the perfect Advance weapon as it scales A with Advance and C on both Motivity and Technique.

At the initial levels, it deals 49 Physical Damages and is quite lightweight with a weight of 9.0.  

5. City Longspear: 

This weapon is a great choice as it can inflict up to 107 Physical Damage. It scales D with Motivity and B with Technique. The real problem is the 14.6 weight of this weapon which is a considerable amount. Keeping in view of the other stats, we would suggest that it is indeed a good pick on our best weapons list in Lies of P.

6. Coil Mjolnir:  

This is the best weapon you can choose from this list of best weapons in Lies of P. It falls under the Large Blunt Weapons category and hits dangerously hard. The Coil Mjolnir has a physical damage of 157 and scales B with Motivity and D with Technique. It is quite a heavy weapon, standing at a solid 20.7 weight. 

7. Chef’s Knife: 

Looking more like a meat cleaver, this Chef’s Knife is perfect for some slice-and-dice action. It is the perfect choice you use while dealing with humanoid enemies. It has a base physical attack of 88 and is quite light to carry around.  

8. Puppet’s Saber: 

The Puppet’s Saber is easily available to you early game, so it is an excellent pick. Also, upgrading this sword can bring about some real damage, which can help you until the midgame. It has a base physical damage of 100 and scales C with both Technique and Motivity, so it is worth keeping by your side. 

9. Spear of Honor: 

The Spear of Honor is a very great weapon choice capable of dealing some serious damage. It weighs about 4.3 and has a base physical damage of 124. The Spear of Honor is a must-have on your build. It is placed in the Greatsword category despite the name.

10. Salamander Dagger: 

The Salamander Dagger is the best choice for clearing out any tight spaces, as it is also a very good choice for Advance Weapons. It has a base physical damage of 45, which can be upgraded further. But due to its lightweight and extremely fast slicing, it makes it the deadliest Dagger in Lies of P.

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