How To Farm Crescent Moonstone In Lies of P

Crescent Moonstone used to be difficult to find.

Keeping your weapons fully upgraded using Moonstones is essential for survival in Lies of P. As such, the Crescent Moonstone is an important crafting material that you will need plenty of before long. Using this moonstone, you can upgrade your weapon blade up to +6 level, drastically improving its damage. Sadly, the Crescent Moonstone is a rare material and not easily available.

While it can be purchased later as you progress in the game, there are some spots early on in Lies of P where you can farm Crescent Moonstone to stock up before upgrading your special weapons. Besides these farming spots, you can also get Crescent Moonstone as random drops from enemies. However, since the drop rate is so low, these farming spots are the only reliable method of getting Crescent Moonstone in Lies of P apart from buying them.

How to get Crescent Moonstone in Lies of P

The following is the list of locations we have compiled, which we have seen to consist of a higher drop rate of Crescent Moonstones in Lies of P. If you get tired of these spots, you can choose to buy an unlimited number of moonstones from Polendina in Hotel Krat if you have enough Ergo.

Rosa Isabelle Street Culvert

Lies of P Crescent Moonstone farming

If you go into the street through the gate near the Rosa Isabelle Street Culvert Stargazer, you will find a bunch of enemies on the streets and the garden next to it. Defeating these enemies on a repeat would allow you to farm Crescent Moonstone. This is a perfect place to begin farming in Chapter 6, especially if you’re preparing to go against the King of Puppets.

As the drop is random, this is basically a farming route for crescent moonstone and ergo. You start at the stargazer, kill all the nearby enemies, and return to the stargazer to reset. Rinse and Repeat. Since the number of enemies in the area is quite high, you should be able to get plenty of Crescent Moonstone easily from here.

Krat Central Station Platform

Lies of P Crescent Moonstone farming

From the stargazer, just take a left, and you’ll end up in a hall full of enemies. All of these enemies are capable of dropping the Moonstones. The more beneficial point of this region is that it is extremely close to the Stargazer, so you can just return quickly to create a crescent moonstone farming loop.


Lorenzini Arcade

Lorenzini Arcade is home to bigger enemies. While this region is unlocked in Chapter 7, there are two big enemies that can be used to farm the Crescent Moonstones. They also drop a tremendous amount of Ergo, so if by luck you failed to obtain the Crescent Moonstones, you are not at a complete loss.

Buy unlimited Crescent Moonstones from Polendina

Later down the game, you can purchase all the Crescent Moonstones from Polendina. To do this, however, you need to obtain the Krat Supply Box and Sturdy Krat Supply Box and deliver them to Polendina.

You can get the Krat Supply Box from St. Frangelico Cathedral Chapel, and you can get the Sturdy Krat Supply Box from the Grand Exhibition Gallery. Once you have the merchant stock expansion items, go talk to Polendina in the lobby of Hotel Krat and deliver the boxes to him.

You can buy one Crescent Moonstone from Polendina for 1200 Ergo. If the farming methods mentioned earlier didn’t get you enough moonstones, they would have certainly earned you a lot of ergo, so you should have no trouble buying the upgrade material.

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