Starfield In Their Footsteps Walkthrough

The "In Their Footsteps" mission tasks you to speak with the Hunter and the Emissary about how you intend to use the Artifact in Starfield.

“In Their Footsteps” is another opportunity for you to get more answers about the Artifacts in Starfield. You are going to be forced into a meeting with both the Hunter and the Emissary about how the Artifact can be used and the possibility of making an alliance.

How to unlock the “In Their Footsteps” mission

You are going to automatically unlock “In Their Footsteps” by progressing through the main campaign of Starfield.

Once you have completed the Unity mission, head over to the Oborum III planet in the Oborum star system. You will soon be hailed by the Hunter. This is going to start In Their Footsteps.

How to complete “In Their Footsteps” in Starfield

As you are approaching the planet Oborum III, a cutscene starts where Hunter will contact you. Hunter has his ship in the orbit of Oborum III and asks you to dock with his ship, the Scorpius.

Head to Scorpius and dock with it. Inside, both the Emissary and Hunter are waiting for you. They have set up this meeting to discuss about the artifact in your possession.

The entire mission has you, the player, talking to both the Hunter and the Emissary and how each of them supposes you use the Artifact. In general, both of them want you to join them in an alliance to enter the Unity.

After your initial conversation, players will get two optional objectives to talk with both the Hunter and the Emissary individually. This allows players to get further insight into their motives and stories of their travels.

After you have talked to both the Hunter and Emissary, you can just exit the Scorpius back to your ship. As you are about to exit, the Emissary will inform you about the location of another artifact.

You are directed towards the Moon of Old Earth to find the hidden artifact. This will conclude the mission In Their Footsteps in Starfield.

Starfield – In Their Footsteps rewards

For completing the In Their Footsteps mission, players will get 750 XP.

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