Starfield Final Glimpses Walkthrough

In the "Final Glimpses" mission, you will be heading out to recover the last couple of artifacts to get more answers in Starfield.

You are going to be going after the last two artifacts as part of Vladimir’s request in the “Final Glimpses” mission of Starfield.

This guide includes all the details necessary to help you complete the Final Glimpses mission in Starfield

How to unlock the Final Glimpses mission

To unlock Final Glimpses in Starfield, you need to first complete In Their Footsteps. Once that is done, visit the Constellation and tell the Lodge of all the data you managed to gather on the Unity.

Vladimir will then add two more locations on your map where you need to and bring back the last two artifacts. This will start the Final Glimpses mission in Starfield.

How to complete Final Glimpses in Starfield

After speaking with Vladimir and accepting the offer to look for the other 2 artifacts, he will ask you to obtain a ship with a 21LY Grav Jump Range. This requirement is necessary to reach Freya III, a planet where the second artifact will be present.

If you’re still using the Frontier base ship, it won’t be able to make that jump. There are a few methods that we recommend that can help you achieve the Grav Jump goal for Freya III.


You can upgrade your Science Skills called Aerodynamics to level 3 where it’ll allow for a 30% in your ship’s Grav Jump and upgrade the ship’s modules till you get the desired Grav Jump of 21LY.

If you haven’t done that, you’ll be required to purchase a new ship from the Technician in New Atlantis.

We recommend buying the Rambler as it’s the cheapest ship in Starfield and can get you the 21LY Grav Jump to visit Freya III in the Final Glimpses mission.

Buy the Rambler for the Final Glimpses mission in Starfield.

Something important to note here is the procedural generation of Starfield. While we know that the second artifact is located in Freya III, the location of the first artifact can vary for each player in the game.

Thankfully, the locations are going to be marked on your map, so you only need to follow them. Explore the area assigned to you to find the artifact completing the first part of the Final Glimpses mission in Starfield.

Investigate the distress signal

After collecting the first artifact for the Final Glimpses mission, make your way to the planet of Freya III where upon entering its orbit you’ll be prompted to hear the Distress Signal coming from a nearby ship.

A new quest will start known as ‘Entangled’ in Starfield. The Entangled mission will require you to investigate further about the distress Signal.

Entangled is linked with Final Glimpses and upon completing Entangled, you will find the final artifact and ultimately complete the Final Glimpses mission in Starfield.

Starfield – Final Glimpses mission rewards

Upon completion of the Final Glimpses’ main mission you’ll be rewarded with:

  • 800x Experience
  • 11800x Credits
  • Refined Constellation Space Suit

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