Starfield Further Into The Unknown Walkthrough

After finishing Starborn, speak with Vladimir in the Lodge. He will give you your next assignment: Further Into the Unknown in Starfield.

Further into the Unknown is the eighth main mission in the Starfield campaign that makes you explore random planets to find two more artifacts. Once you manage to finish the Starborn quest in Starfield, we recommend that you select Further into the Unknown mission as your next objective. 

In this guide, we will help you explore both planets and find their corresponding artifacts during Further into the Unknown mission in Starfield. However, due to the random nature of the planets that you get, it is nearly impossible to give a detailed guide. These planets are never the same, even on the same run, let alone being played by different people on different machines.

Talk to Vladimir

After finishing the Starborn mission in Starfield, speak with Vladimir at the Lodge in the MAST district of New Atlantis. Vladimir will give you the next assignment: Further into the Unknown mission in Starfield. 

Further into the Unknown will make you travel to two randomly generated planets to find the artifacts. This mission is also important as it will reveal more lore and details about the mysterious Artifacts you need to bring back, as well as the mysterious stranger.

For us, the two randomly generated planets during Further into the Unkown quest in Starfield were 

Find the first Artifact on Tau Ceti VI

Tau Ceti VI will be your first planet for the Further into the Unknown mission in Starfield. The artifact will be located at the far end of the cave on Tau Ceti VI planet inside the Tau Ceti star system. 

However, the cave hiding the artifact is not easily accessible. In order to reach the cave, you first need to travel to Cryo Laboratory. From there, make your way to the basement and find the door leading to the cave. Force your way through enemies until you reach the end of the cave, and you’ll find the first artifact in Further Into the Unknown quest.

Now, as soon as you Interact with the Artifact, our good friend “Starborn” will appear. He will intervene and prevent you from taking the Artifact. All you need to do is to kill him, collect the artifact, and move on to the next planet.

Find the second Artifact on Indum IV-D

Indium IV-D is the second planet where the other artifact can be found. Here, you will land at the Forgotten Mech Graveyard. From there, head to an area known as the Scavengers Borrows by following the quest marker on minimap.

You will come across a massive cave in the area. Just like the previous artifact, all you need to do is reach the end of the tunnel by hook or crook. Once you get there, collect the second artifact.

Here, the Starborn will appear once again. He is immortal and doesn’t want anyone to take the artifacts. As soon as you interact with the Artifact, Starborn will come and urge you not to take the Artifact. Kill him once again and collect the Artifact. You can always leave the Starborn alive during both encounters.

Head back to the Lodge

Return to the lodge on planet Jemison and then add the Artifacts to your collection to complete the Further into the Unknown mission in Starfield. You will then have access to a couple of dialogue choices.

If you talk to Matteo, he will ask you whether the Constellation is doing the right thing by collecting the Artifacts and experimenting with them. You will have three options at this point. You can either take Matteo’s side, join Noel, or stay neutral during the conversation.

After that, Vladimir will come up to you and interrupt you during the conversation. He will then tell you that some equipment is needed for The Eye. This will officially end Further into the Unknown mission in Starfield and start the Shortsighted quest.

You get 7200 Credits, 750 XP for completing the mission and 2x Quantum Essence if you kill the Starborn during Further Into the Unknown.

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