Should You Save Rafael In Starfield

Saving Rafael in Starfield during the Entangled main quest is one of the biggest moral dilemmas you will ever come across.

Save Rafael or the rest of the ship crew is a classic representation of the trolley problem in Starfield. Will you save a dozen people by sacrificing one or will you prioritize that one person over the lives of the others? You will come across this moral dilemma in Starfield’s Entangled main quest: saving Raphael or the crew.

In this guide, we will help you decide to choose the correct option by explaining the pros and cons of both choices. However, the ultimate power resides in your hands to make the final decision and decide whether to save Rafael or not in Starfield.

Should you save Rafael or the Crew in Starfield

The Entangled main quest takes place on Freya III planet during the final stretch of the campaign. You will receive a distress call from Rafael telling you of a catastrophic problem in Nishina facility. Once you reach there, you will learn that Rafael died some time ago and you will start moving between normal and the dark worlds. 

Apparently, the dark world is just an alternate timeline where Rafael survived the explosion while the rest of his crew died. People of Nishina Facility in the normal timeline are alive while Rafael perished trying to save them. The danger is still far from over as the Artifact in the facility is going to explode, destroying both realities. 

At this point, you get a device to move between both realities freely. However, you can only save one reality by turning off 7 terminals supplying power to the machine. The reality in which you turn off the 7 switches survives, be it normal or dark. 

If you decide to save Nishina and its crew, Rafael dies in the dark reality. You will get a Reactive Advanced Experimental Nishina Helmet (legendary) and an Incendiary Advanced Experimental Nishina Spacesuit (legendary) from the Nishina Facility’s crew. However, if you decide to save Rafael in Starfield, you will get some random rewards and a crew member. Raphael joins your crew once you talk to him at Viewport bar in New Atlantis. He has the following skills to offer. 

  • Outpost Management 1 
  • Outpost Engineering 1 
  • Starship Engineering 2 

Final decision

First of all, you can’t save both realities. This is a given. So, the big question remains. What will you do? Save Rafael or Nishina crew in Starfield? Honestly, we can’t answer that question for you. As Starfield is an RPG, it is now up to you to play the role of a god.  

If you are a completionist and want to recruit all crew members, go ahead and save Rafael. If you are a hoarder for legendary gear and weapons, saving Nishina’s crew is your best bet. There is no wrong answer here. There is only you and your morals guiding you to choose the option that best suits your agenda.

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