Starfield Job Gone Wrong Walkthrough

Negotiate with the hostage or become the grim reaper for them? The choice is yours while you complete Job Gone Wrong in Starfield.

“Job Gone Wrong” in Starfield is your standard hostage mission. It is where several goons are holed up inside a bank and are using the employees to negotiate their safe exit. You will find yourself in a situation where you get a chance to save the day.

Now you can either do it peacefully but if that doesn’t work, there is always a violent way to deal with threats. What you choose to do, how you can do it, and what will you get out of it. All of these questions are answered adequately in this Job Gone Wrong walkthrough.

How to unlock the Job Gone Wrong mission

Job Gone Wrong in Starfield is part of the questline that eventually leads you to successfully join the Freestar Collective Faction. Now there are a couple of ways to go about it and start this mission.

Start the Empty Nest mission

If you decide to take the most common route then you can follow the main storyline and start The Empty Nest mission. During that, you will be visiting Akila City with Sam, where Job Gone Wrong takes place, and then this sort of becomes a necessity because of the prior ongoing mission.

As you enter through the gates of the city, you will see commotion in front of the Galbank. Take to the marshal Daniel Blake to officially kick things off. He will explain to you the situation and you can take things from there.

Visit Akila City

If you are more of the nomadic type, and find yourself stumbling across the galaxies to visit Akila City. You will find Job Gone Wrong Mission as soon as you reach the city gates.

For this method, there are no pre-requites except that you must have followed through the main storyline up till the One Small Step mission.

You can enter the city and proceed to talk to Daniel Blake as per usual and the mission will start.

How to complete Job Gone Wrong in Starfield

Starting the mission wasn’t even half the job. This is where things get interesting. A Gang by the name of Shaw Gang is holding bank employees hostage.

The authorities have not been able to put an end to the situation so now it is up to you. There are two possibilities things can work. Let’s discuss both of them.

Persuade the robbers to let the hostages go

If you consider yourself a master negotiator and have put a decent amount of points towards Persuasion Skills then this situation might just work out for you.

After talking to Daniel Blake and gaining information about the whole situation, walk up to the intercom next to the bank’s front door, and engage in a conversation with the gang’s leader.

If you manage to persuade them, things will pan out smoothly the hostage will be released and the Job Gone Wrong mission in Starfield will conclude.

If your negotiation skills are rusty, they will refuse to comply and you will be forced to take the other route.

Eliminate all of the robbers

If the conversation doesn’t go well, go back to Blake and he will give you a key to the back entrance. Now you can either try to talk to the robbers again and ask them to show you the hostages. Then you can go in unarmed and beat them to death with your fists.

If you are not a fan of fistfights, you can head in through the back entrance and just rip everyone to shreds with your sharpshooters-like skills.

Make sure to not intentionally kill any of the hostages because that will cause problems for you and you will fail the mission.

If they die at the hands of a robber in some sort of crossfire, it will not affect the outcome of the mission. You will find three robbers on the upper floor. You will find three more on the lower floor near the vault.

Eliminate all of them. Talk to Danial Blake to get your reward and put everything to bed. Once and for all.

Starfield – Job Gone Wrong mission rewards

Here is what you will get in return for offering your services to the people of Akila City and the Freestar Collective Rangers.

  • Unlock Deputized Mission
  • Chance to Join Freestar Collective Rangers
  • 4800 Credits
  • 150 XP

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