Starfield Unity Walkthrough

The "Unity" mission reveals important information about the Starborn and their Artifacts and, of course, Unity in Starfield.

Starfield Unity is a main mission in Starfield where players must go on a pursuit to discover the roots of the Starborn. This religious quest required players to interact with different characters, travel planets, and solve mind-boggling puzzles.

This mission reveals important information about the Starborn and their Artifacts and, of course, Unity. These crucial clues will be the epitome of the quests you’ll be encountering further in the game.

As you journey through this mission, you’ll unlock different mysteries and valuable items that will come to great use in your endeavors.

This guide will provide you with a comprehensive overview of how you can complete Unity and its perplexing puzzles.

How to unlock the Unity mission

The Unity mission in Starfield can be unlocked by completing the High Price to Pay quest. You’ll have The Lodge as the starting point of this mission.

How to complete Unity in Starfield

Once the Unity mission begins, you need to find and speak with Matteo in Starfield. He’ll show his desire to take you to the Church, where you’ll unveil various mysteries.


Go to the Church

As you leave The Lodge, you’ll find Matteo in a group of religious people. He’ll be accompanied by Keeper Aquilus, who is an important figure in this quest. Ask Matteo about Unity, and you’ll be invited to the Church, the Sanctum Universum, by Aquilus.

As you enter the Sanctum Universum, find your way to Keeper Aquilus’s office and tell him about Unity, the Starborn, and the Artifacts. He’ll share a story about the Pilgrim who met the Founders of Va’ruun and the House of Enlightenment. The stories you’ll here will help you unveil this Pilgrim’s final resting place.

After the story is over, he’ll send you off to speak with the House of Enlightenment. After you’re done with that, you’ll have to find the Va’ruun prisoner and speak to him.

You can find the House of Enlightenment by traveling to The Well. Using the train in the Spaceport is a convenient way to get there.

After entering the building, you’ll come across a character named Andy Singh. Tell him about the Pilgrim, Unity, and stuff you told Keep Aquilus.

After gathering information from Singh, leave the area and head over to the UC Security Office across the street.

Make your way to the cells, where you’ll find Mir’za, a Va’ruun prisoner. Converse with her about the Pilgrim, and she’ll tell you a story.

Once you’ve gathered your information, you must return to Keeper Aquilus and let him know everything you learned in your encounters. Keeper Aquilus will send you out into the Stars to find the Pilgrim’s final resting place and gather real evidence.

Travel to Space

Now that everything is done, you must head into the universe and go to Indum II, where you’ll land at an outpost called Pilgrim’s Rest. Once you land in this area, follow the way led by the marker, and you’ll arrive at a shed.

Your mission here is to find clues related to Unity, and these clues can be found through the Pilgrim’s Notes. There are four of them, and you’ll have to read them to find answers for your next move.

Near the door of the cabin, you’ll find some boxes with a journal on top. This is Pilgrim’s Writing 1, and you must read it to gather clues. You must find the rest of the writings to gather different clues.

As you head inside the shed, you’ll find a computer. Open the computer and click on Unlock Personal Room. You’ll be asked some security questions you’ll have to answer to gain access to the personal room. We’ve provided the answers to the questions in the following table:

If you came seeking the right answers, you will know what question to askWhat is the Unity
I return your question with a question. If you have read my writings, what is the burden of the people?People are necessary. But people are madness.
Who is your most formidable opponent?Myself
Where does enduring contentment come from?In stopping. In embracing compassion.

After you have answered all the questions correctly on the computer, you’ll gain access to the personal room with the Pilgrim’s stuff.

Find the book named Pilgrim’s Final Writing on a desk in the room. This will let you know that the truth can be found inside the Scorpion’s Sting on Hyla II.  

Find the Scorpion’s Sting on Hyla II

The Pilgrim’s Final Writing will give you the coordinates to Hyla II, where you’ll have to continue the rest of the mission.

Head over to your ship and jump to the Hyla System. Find the Ancient Ruins in Hyla II and make a landing on this world. Life over here is deadly, and you’ll have to be very careful with every step you take.

Your main objective at this location is to search for the Scorpion’s Sting. You can find this on an island in the center of a poisonous lake. This can be identified by a beacon of light beaming from a scorpion tail.

You can cross the lake using two methods. Either use your Boost Pack to make one giant leap or swim across the lake. You’ll have to endure damage as you swim, but you can always heal where you get to the island.

Solve the Unity light puzzle

How to solve the Unity light puzzle in Starfield.

Near the beacon of light, you’ll find a Glyph which you’ll use to solve the Unity Light Puzzle in Starfield. The Glyph resembles the d-pad on a controller, and you’ll be using it to move the light around.

Notice that the structure of the light puzzle on the ground resembles a constellation. You’re going to move the light using the Glyph so that it shines upon the stars in the constellation.

It may be a bit difficult to control the Glyph, but you’ll get a hang of it. The star on the far left will light up as you move the light around.

As soon as this happens, you’ll get the coordinates of this planet, so find your way to your ship and get ready to leave.

You must now take your ship to Oborum Prime, the last star in the Scorpius Constellation. You’ll come across The Hunter’s ship as you reach the orbit. This is where you finally get to complete Unity and unlock your next mission in the storyline, In Their Footsteps.

Starfield – Unity mission rewards

After you complete Unity in Starfield, you will be rewarded with 800 XP.

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