Starfield Endings Guide

Would you give up everything for a new life in a new universe or go back to your old one? Which ending would you choose in Starfield.

All things must come to an end but we should have the power to pick our own conclusion. Starfield understands that and lets us pick our own ending.

Starfield being this massive game allows the player to make several choices throughout the game. Not always but the choice affects how the rest of the story unfolds.

To figure out how the choices we make affect the ending in Starfield, we have put together this handy guide to help clear things out so you can understand the outcomes of every choice and pick the one that suits your version of the story.

How many endings does Starfield have?

Starfield only has one true ending. Though it might seem like there are multiple outcomes to a situation in Starfield, in reality, no matter the choices you make throughout the main or the side storyline, your will character will meet the same fate as everyone else.

The main campaign in Starfield revolves around collecting artifacts to complete the Armillary, a device used to activate the grav-drive. This device will take you to Unity. According to the game’s lore, it is considered the center of all creations and a gateway to another universe.

Who created it, who is responsible for everything, and the science behind how everything works, is a mystery for everyone. Maybe at some point, someone discovers a different ending where certain choices lead to a different ending, but as of right now, there is only one ending.

Starfield ending variants

In Revelation, the final campaign mission of Starfield, you have to make a choice. You can either side with the Starborn or go against him. Whatever choice you make, you are going to get the final artifact. Bring it back to your ship and complete the Armillary.

Now try to jump into any of the Star System, like you normally do but instead of that, you will activate Grav-Drive and reach infinity. Upon reaching there, you will see a ball of light, that is the Infinity. If you want to travel to the next universe, it is where you need to walk into.

Standing right before infinity is going to be a person. Get up close and you’ll see that it is actually you; another version of you from a parallel universe.

You will be able to have a quick chat with that person and they will tell you that once you enter infinity, an essence of you will become a part of this universe while the rest of you will travel to another one.

This is where things get interesting, now it is your choice to walk into infinity, right this moment, or you can choose to walk away. But the thing is that even if you walk away, you will have to come back at some point because that is the only way to end the storyline, at least for the first time.

Let’s look at what happens in both cases.

Walking Into Infinity

It says in the game’s lore, “When a star is born or dies, its existence beats through the heart of the Unity”. To put it simply, when you walk into infinity, you become a Starborn.

A being of higher status whose sole purpose is to travel between universes and explore the possibilities to one day meet the creator of everything.

Once you enter, you will trigger the ending of the current playthrough. A series of memories will be shown to you. All of these memories will be based on the decisions you made during your journey through the Settled Systems. This is the only part that differs for every person.

After the ending credits, you will start New Game Plus. You will wake up in a new universe as if you woke up from a sleep. None of your personal belongings or gear will be there, but you will retain all of the knowledge you gained in the previous universe, along with the skills.

You get to play the game again and maybe try different choices as you did in your previous attempt.

Walking Away From Infinity

You can choose to walk away from the Unity. All you have to do is walk in the opposite direction towards the edge. The screen will go black for a couple of seconds and you’ll find yourself back on your ship. Everything will be exactly the way you had left it.

All of the artifacts will be in your inventory. You can use them at any point to activate the Armillary again and enter infinity. In the end, no matter what you do, eventually, you will have to enter infinity at some point to become a Starborn.

Other endings

This section of the guide isn’t related to endings that affect you but this is about what happens to everyone you left behind in this universe.


The mission of the Constellation Faction remains the same. More people join the faction and they keep researching about the secrets of the universe, the artifacts, and how everything is linked together.


This is entirely subjective. If you had a romantic partner in your previous universe, they will continue to live the same life as they were and it will not affect them in any way.

Everything else will pan out differently for everyone and will be based on the choices that you make through the game.

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