Starfield Crimson Fleet Questline And Rewards

Pirates of the Sea or more like Pirates of the Galaxy. Crimson Fleet Questline in Starfield is a treat for the gamers and we are here for it.

Crimson Fleet hails the title of Space Pirates in Starfield. They started off as a small group of bandits who later turned into one of the biggest threats recognized by both of the intergalactic governments.

Every faction in Starfield follows a unique plotline and stays true to it until the end. Crimson Fleet as we know are criminals, pirates, and bad guys, so everything you do during your time in the Fleet will be along those lines.

The foundation of the Fleet was laid by Jasper Kryx and currently is led by a competent man, Delgado. The faction’s questline mostly revolves around you proving yourself as a worthy member along with finding out the artifacts hidden by Jasper Kryx.

You will get involved in some pretty dark activities as the story unfolds. It is up to you whether to sell your soul to the devil or eradicate the evil from within.

Either way, the adventure is going to take you across the Settled Systems and push your abilities to the farthest limits.

How to join the Crimson Fleet in Starfield

The way to join the Crimson Fleet is rather thrilling compared to how you join every other faction in Starfield. Since this faction is a band of space pirates, you have to be on the opposite side of the law to get their attention.


The journey of becoming one of the members of the Crimson Fleet faction has more than one route. The easiest one of them all is to simply join the UC Vanguard, which is actually part of the main campaign.

Then you have to get caught doing something illegal on the planet Jemison which is the Earth in Starfield. Once you are caught by the UC Personnel, you will be thrown into jail. You will be given a choice to help them out or serve jail time. Choosing to help will send you to Crimson Fleet as a spy.

You can stay loyal to the Light aka UC Vanguard or you can become one with the dark side – Crimson Fleet. Either way, you are now officially a member of the Space Pirates.

Crimson Fleet questline in Starfield

There are a total of eight missions in the Crimson Fleet questline, at the end of which you must decide whether you want to remain loyal to either the UC Vanguard or the Crimson Fleet.

1. Deep Cover

Deep Cover is the first mission in Crimson Fleet’s Questline and serves as your entry point to the faction as well. The mission gets triggered if you are caught intentionally or unintentionally doing something illegal on the planet Jemison. It could be entering the planet with Contraband or as simple as pickpocketing.

Once you are caught, you will be taken in to get interrogated by Commander Ikande. You will be given a choice to serve time in jail or become a spy for the UC Vanguard. The obvious choice here would be to say yes to becoming a spy.

From that point onwards, you will be briefed about the target and everything you need to know in order to bring down the evil intergalactic pirates.

Head to Cydonia to find out more about them. Bribe, Persuade, or Kill. Do whatever it takes to meet the person who can get you into Crimson Fleet.

2. Rook Meets King

The previous quest also serves as the trigger for the Rook Meets King quest. During the last quest, you will find out that Naeva is your point of contact with Crimson Fleet.

She is cautious and won’t simply let you talk her into helping you join the gang. You will have to earn the favor. Your first task will be to take care of a Pirate – Austin Rake, who abandoned the Faction.

You can either destroy his ship Ragana on sight to kill Austin Rake, board the ship, and kill everyone, persuade the crew to surrender Austin to UC Vanguards, or lastly, fake Austin Rake’s death in front of Naeva. Your choice does not affect the outcome of the quest.

All that is left to do is take down a couple more ships and meet up with Naeva. She will give you a tour of The Key – Crimson Fleet headquarters. This will be your official joining.

3. Echoes of the Past

As an outsider, it will be hard for the Commander of the Crimson Fleet, Delgado to trust you immediately. You will have to prove your loyalty over and over again.

This time by finding out information about the founding father of Crimson Fleet – Jasper Kryx. This is the crux of Echoes of the Past quest in Starfield Crimson Fleet Questline.

Delgado will send you to The Lock, a prison on the planet Suvorov. This is where Kryx ran away from and started the faction. Your main task is to research the history of Jasper.

You will be paired up with Mathis to explore The Lock. Roam around and perform a couple of simple tasks such as opening doors and interacting with computers.

In the end, you will find Jasper Kryx’s cell and the audio hidden in the lamp. Now the whole plan is uncovered, locate the tunnel and escape the Lock while fighting enemies Report everything to the boss – Delgado, and earn some loyalty points.

4. Breaking The Bank

Your quest for solving the mystery of Jasper Kryx continues during the Breaking the Bank quest in Starfield. Previously, there was a mention of GalBank by Krxy. You need to obtain information from there but things are not going to be as simple.

The only person who can give you the credentials to access the information from Galbank is Larry Dumbrosky. You will find him on a cruise ship by the name of Siren of the Star Ship where you will need to find dirt on him to blackmail him. It will eventually fail and have to opt for the harder route of threatening.

Use the credentials given by him to gain information from Galbank Archies. Report every finding to Delgado first and then to Commander Ikanda. This will wrap things up.

5. The Best There Is

Previously, Naeva mentioned something about an experimental ship called the ComSpike. It is going to be used to follow the discoveries post-retrieval of information from GalBank.

The ComSpike is hidden away in a highly secure facility, SY-90. The Best There Is will take you inside steal the ship and return to The Key.

Before heading out, talk to Naeva and get all the details. Head to SY-90 and infiltrate with the help of Huan, Captain of the Jade Swan. Disguise yourself as a member of the security and find out where the key to the ComSpike is kept. Find out more about Dr. Vogel because he has access to the key.

You can either use Huan as bait and take off with the ship. Or you can persuade the Dr. to let you take it for a spin as a Test Pilot. Either way, run away with the ship and return to the key while avoiding the SysDef ships.

6. Absolute Power

Next up in the Crimson Fleet questline is Absolute Power. In a previous quest, we got information about Jasper Kryx’s ships containing a hefty amount of loot.

Now it is Crimson Fleet’s target to get their hands on it. The only thing stopping them from doing it is a Gas Giant blocking the way.

There is a way to deal with it and that is by using a special technology that is used by Generdyne a power company on Planet Neon.

Delgado will send you to get more information about the Power Grid. Estelle Vincent on Neon will help you and point you in the direction of how you can get the information.

You will first have to gain access to the pass key to get you inside from Ayumi Komiko. Head deep inside the facility, steal the Conduction Grid Data, and get help from Breyson Bayu to decrypt it.

7. Eye of the Storm

The hunt for Jasper Kryx’s legacy that started in Echoes of the Past quest will conclude in Eyes of the Storm. This is also the point where you have to decide to either side with UC Vanguard or Crimson Fleet.

Now that you have everything to deal with the environmental crisis, Delgado will send you to recover the artifacts from Legacy, Jasper’s Ship.

Head to Bannoc IV, where the ship is located. It will be in the midst of a space storm. Dock with the ship and you will able to board the Legacy Ship.

Deal with the robots and turrets to finally reach the Vault. You will have to use the Galbank Module to gain access to the vault.

As soon as you gather everything, all hell will break loose. The ship will start collapsing and you will have to get out of there as quickly as possible with all of the loot. Now either take the loot to UC Vanguard or Delgado.

8. Legacy’s End

Legacy’s End is where things settle down once and for all. After this Crimson Fleet’s Questline in Starfield, you will either be UC Vanguard or a Crimson Fleet Pirate forever.

Once you have Kryx’s Artifacts, you have two options. Set the Grav Drive to the Key (Crimson Fleet) or towards the UC Vigilante (UC Vanguard). Selecting either will disable the other option forever.

If you choose to side with UC Vanguard, you will give all of Jasper’s Loot to Commander Ikande and help them destroy the three batteries that power up Crimson Fleet. Lastly, destroy the Key and defeat Delgado. Things end with tons of bloodshed and tears of killing your supposed allies.

If you side with Crimson Fleet, you will have to help protect the three batteries. Then attack the UC Vigilante and kill everyone onboard. You can either Persuade Commander Ikanda to surrender or you can kill him and everyone else.

With this, Crimson Fleet’s Questline in Starfield will come to an end.

Crimson Fleet exclusive rewards

Aside from the hefty 250,000 Credits that are immediately transferred to your account upon successfully completing the questline, there are tons of other exclusive rewards as well to get in the Crimson Fleet questline.

During the second part of the questline, Rook Meets King, you will receive the Pirate Swashbuckler Gear. This is going to be your official Crimson Fleet uniform. The whole outfit goes well with the overall aesthetics of the Faction and follows the standard color scheme as well.

Echoes of the Past sends you to The Lock, the prison where Jasper Kryx was held. You will escape the planet in the UC Prison Shuttle. It is a small ship that was previously owned by UC Vanguard to carry the prisoners. You can use it to escape the planet.

Completing Echoes of the Past is also how you get your hands on the Keelhauler, one of the best legendary pistols that does a ton of damage to light-armored enemies or enemies with no armor at all. It also comes with a chance to stagger enemies.

Lastly, while you are retrieving Jasper’s CredSticks on the Legacy Ship, you will find the Revenant – A lightweight Ballistic Rifle, in the Control Room. The gun has high DPS and is made out of titanium. Making it solid and super lightweight.

The final exclusive reward that you can get during the Crimson Fleet’s questline is the US SySDef Uniform. If you choose to side with UC Vanguard during the Legacy’s End, you will receive it.

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