Starfield Shortsighted Walkthrough

In the "Shortsighted" mission, all you have to do is help out three different NPCs to do simple tasks in Starfield.

Vladimir is going to ask you for your help once again as part of the “Shortsighted” mission in Starfield. This is a relatively easy mission to complete. You just need to help boost the Eye’s capabilities by helping out a few people nearby.

How to unlock the Shortsighted mission

You are going to automatically unlock “Short Sighted” after completing the Further Into the Unknown mission in Starfield. You can get further details about your objectives from The Lodge.

How to complete Shortsighted in Starfield

Believe it or not, some missions in Starfield are straightforward and require no blood drawn. To complete the Shortsighted mission, you simply need to have conversations with different characters and help them.

Help Sam Coe

When you find Sam Coe he will be working on welding inside the Eye. Start up a conversation with him and help him out. To help him out, pick up the welder located on his left side and start to join the pieces of metal back together

Help Barret

You will find Barret in the Main Part of the Eye. He will be working on his computer building software. Start up a conversation with him and agree with him. You can help him by testing his software by using the spare computer on his side.

Help Sarah Morgan

Sarah Morgan will be working on the Main Part of the Eye. She needs your help that requires you to first find some wrenches. Use the wrench to help her and that will take care of the final part of the Mission


Interact with Vladimir

After helping Around the Eye. Go back and interact with Vladimir. Your help will be appreciated but the ship’s repair will not go as planned.

Then Vladimir will tell you that while the Eye is being repaired you should find another Artifact. This will end the Shortsighted Quest and Start the Quest “No Sudden Moves”

Startfield – Shortsighted mission rewards

No. Rewards
1.Sentimental Wafer
2.Tau Grade Rheostat x(2)
3.Microsecond Regulator
4.700 XP

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