Starfield Revelation Walkthrough

Revelation is the final campaign mission of Starfield where you have to fight your way through several Starborn mini-bosses.

Revelation is the final main mission and Starfield’s big climatic finish. This showdown mission requires you to go through several events and fight the Starborns to reach the end.

In the final moments, you’ll come up front with The Emissary and The Hunter, and the ultimate storylines will be based on decisions made in the past.

This guide will walk you through the Revelation mission in Starfield, simplifying each step along the way. Follow through to learn how you can ace this mission.

How to unlock the Revelation Mission

The Revelation mission in Starfield is unlocked in the Freya System at Freya III. You will have to complete missions like Unearthed, Final Glimpses, Entangled, and Missed Beyond Measures to be able to play Revelation. This is the game’s final mission and has much to offer.

Do note that although Revelation is Starfield’s final mission, you will have another epilogue to complete called One Giant Leap.

How to complete Revelation in Starfield

Revelation is based on the conflict between you and the two rivals: the Emissary and the Hunter. This mission concludes differently based on your choices in the Unearthed mission where you can choose to side with either rival or side with none.


Revelation begins when you’re sent to Massada III, where you’ll land at the Buried Temple. Based on your choice in Unearthed, you’ll face different scenarios.

If you sided with The Emissary or The Hunter, you’ll have the other enemy waiting there for you. If you refused to side with either of them, you’ll find them both awaiting you, resulting in a more challenging encounter.

Go to Masada III and Hail the Scorpius or Helix

To initiate the mission, you’ll have to travel to Masada III, where you’ll encounter a Starborn ship. This will result in a major battle among the spaceships.

Depending on who you have sided with, you’ll have to battle one enemy, while the other rival will be your ally. Things could be a bit more difficult if you didn’t side with either.

Powerful engines with good maneuverability go a long way in this battle, so make sure you’re fully equipped before entering combat.

You’ll also face sidekicks as you try to take the Starborn ship out. Make sure to use a shield and keep repairing the damage whenever required.

Sooner or later, your ally will show up and help you in battle. After dealing enough damage to the ship, your enemy will disappear.

You and your ally will now have to make it to the Buried Temple. Before you head over there, you’ll have an encounter with your ally, who’ll also give you advice on the battle plan.

Land at the Buried Temple

You must travel to the Buried Temple in Masada III, where you’ll follow a trail of dead bodies of Ecliptic mercenaries. As you travel to the temple, you and your ally will discuss what’s coming for you.

You’ll have to fight multiple Starborn mini-bosses one after the other.

Defeat Guardian Musa

As you travel forward in the temple, you’ll reach a bridge where you’ll encounter Guardian Musa. This is a nasty boss with the abilities of teleportation and duplicating himself. You’ll have to take all of his clones down along with him to defeat him in battle.

To have an edge in combat, keep moving from one place to another to avoid the grenades that will be launched at you.

Moreover, the place is loaded with explosive containers, and you can use them to your advantage in taking out the clones by luring them close to the explosives.

Once you have defeated Guardian Musa, you’ll get Quantum Essence.

Defeat Guardian Athaliah

As you head through the tunnel into the temple, you’ll soon find yourself at a construction site. You’ll encounter another Starborn called Guardian Athaliah.

This boss will possess the ability to resurrect the dead mercenaries and you’ll have to deal with Guardian Athalia and her Ecliptic minions to defeat her.

Take Athaliah down as soon as possible, as she’ll keep spawning zombies to attack you. Give her little room to breathe and deal as much damage as possible while dealing with the Ecliptic soldiers.

Once you defeat Guardian Athaliah, you’ll have to kill the zombified soldiers until one of them drops the Ecliptic Base ID Card. You’ll need this to access the door to the Ecliptic base.

The Anomaly

As you progress further, you’ll come across the Anomaly. After entering it, you’ll be flashed into a different universe where you’ll have an encounter with Lin and Heller.

After progressing in the Anomaly, you’ll reach a cave where you’ll find a distortion. Use it to exit the Anomaly and head into the next room, where you’ll have to fight Guardian Teutra and Guardian Rinn.

Defeat Guardian Teuta and Guardian Rinn

As you enter the room after exiting the Anomaly, you’ll come face to face with Guardian Teuta and Guardian Rinn. These Starborns will have an army of robots and turrets at their disposal.

The Guardians will use throwables to attack you. These throwables will drain your life, and you’ll have to be on the move to avoid getting hit.

Guardian Teuta will be the one causing more problems, so make sure to take her out first. Once you’re done with her, focus on Guardian Rinn.

You’ll have to battle them both while taking down their robots and turrets. Once you’re done with both, head to the control room, where you’ll find a key.

Use the key to gain entrance into the security room and turn off security to rid yourself of the robotic enemies.

After that, move forward until you come across a yellow door that can be opened with the Ecliptic Base Key.

More Anomalies

As you progress on from here, you’ll come across another Anomaly. This time, you’ll have an encounter with Captain Petrov. Talking to him will result in battle, and you’ll have to destroy him along with his assailants.

Once you defeat Petrov, you’ll be able to collect the Private Quarter Key from him, which can be used to unlock a door behind his throne, allowing you to exit the Anomaly.

Take the elevator down to the cavern, where you’ll enter another Anomaly. This time, you’ll encounter Vladimir, who will be clasping your dead body as you come across him.

You can either speak to him or attack him. Once you’re done with that, leave the Anomaly to head back to the Buried Temple.

Defeat Guardian Fionn

After the elevator ride is over, you’ll be able to find loads of weapons and ammo, so be sure to collect it. Next, you’ll head towards a wide cavern where you’ll battle against Guardian Fionn in the most loathsome fight of the Revelation quest.

Guardian Fionn will summon duplicates of you and your allies, which will make it super confusing for you to select who to take down.

At times, Guardian Fionn will teleport right next to you and attack you at close range. Stay aware all the time and use a close-range weapon in these instances to deal damage to the Starborn.

Once you’ve defeated him and his clones, head towards the back of the cavern, where you’ll encounter the Starborn you did not ally with.

Gather the Artifacts

You have now reached the final showdown where you’ll battle against the Starborn you did not ally with. This may either be The Hunter, The Emissary, or both, depending on your past choice.

As you head into the room and come across the Starborn, you’ll have two alternate options. You can either battle them for the Artifact or use your Persuasion Skill to get them to give you the Artifact.

Remember that this persuasion requires a high-level upgrade of the skill, so if your persuasion skills are strong, you can use them over here.

If you would rather have a battle instead of a peaceful ending, you can go ahead and attack the Starborn, which will result in a battle to the death.

After defeating whichever Starborn you face, you’ll be able to collect the Artifacts left behind them. During this battle, you’ll be teleported through different locations such as The Lodge, NASA, and many other places you’ve encountered over your journey.

To get the other Artifact, you can talk to your ally and persuade them to give you their Artifact. Doing so will complete the set; you’ll just need one more Artifact.

This one can be found in the Spinning Circles at the center of the Buried Temple. This will conclude your mission, and you’ll be teleported back to your ship, where you’ll be able to complete the Armillary.

Starfield – Revelation mission rewards

Revelation in Starfield will reward players with 5000 XP. Moreover, you’ll also be able to collect multiple cool weapons along the way.

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