Starfield No Sudden Moves Walkthrough

You must steal the artifact from Captain Petrov in the "No Sudden Moves" mission which is easier said than done in Starfield.

“No Sudden Moves” is a mainline campaign mission in Starfield that you are bound to run in sooner or later. You will meet Vladimir Sall, the competitor of Captain Petrov who owns the Scow. Vladimir is not too happy that Petrov refused to give him the rare Artifact.

Lucky for him, you are available to undertake the task. Steal the Artifact from the Captain and bring it back to Vladimir to complete the No Sudden Moves mission.

How to unlock the “No Sudden Moves” mission

The Eye location in Starfield

You will unlock the No Sudden Moves main mission in Starfield after completing the Short-Sighted mission. You must talk to the Ex-Crimson Fleet pirate Vladimir Sall at the Eye in Alpha Centauri System.

How to complete “No Sudden Moves” in Starfield

You will complete No Sudden Moves in Starfield after stealing the Artifact from Captain Petrov at the Scow and add it to your collection. Below we have arranged all the objectives you must complete to end the No Sudden Moves main mission:

Talk to Vladimir

After reaching the Eye, you will encounter Vladimir Sall in the operating room. Talk to him and choose the following dialogue options to unlock No Sudden Moves in Starfield:

  • Guessing he won’t hand it over easily.
  • You’re saying we need to steal it from him.
  • I’m ready. We’ll head out now.

Choose your dialogues wisely as the outcome depends upon them. Furthermore, you will be assigned Barrett as your team member after receiving the No Sudden Moves mission in Starfield. Barrett is an Engineering who will help you during your journey to steal the Artifact from Captain Petrov.


Travel to the Scow

After talking to Shall, your next stop is at the Scow. It is a ship owned by Captain Petrov in Starfield. You will find the Artifact on this ship. To find the Scow, you must travel east of the Startmap and find it near the Procyon V-b which is a moon of Procyon V.

Board the Scow

As you find the Scow, interact with it. However, the team in charge of the ship is not keen on accepting your visit. Therefore, you must choose the following dialogue options to convince them to let you board the Scow in Starfield.

  • Tell Petrov his buddy Barrett is here to see him.
  • I have business with Petrov. It’s important.
  • We’re just here to trade. Nothing else.

Find Captain Petrov

Once you have boarded the Scow, you must find Captain Petrov with Barret by your side. There is a switch on the left of the ship. Interact with it activate it and unlock the door leading you to the staircase ahead. However, before entering, make sure to equip yourself with explosives and a ranged weapon.

Following, use the staircase you reach the upper level of the Scow and find Tao Xun in the western compartment. He suspects that you are here to steal something from the Petrov’s collection. Therefore, choose the following dialogue options:

  • There’s a special rock Petrov acquired recently.
  • What else are you hauling besides salvage?

Head past Tao Xun and go to the end of the compartment. Move up the stairs, and unlock the door ahead. Furthermore, make your way east from the living room and use the two sets of stairs to the left to reach a massive hallway.

Lastly, you will find Captain Petrov in his cabin behind the hallway resting on his sofa. Choose the following sofa to gain information about the Artifact which is the key point of the No Sudden Moves mission in Starfield.

  • I’m here about the Artifact in your collection.
  • Petroooooov! It’s me!

Follow Petrov

You will be using Barret for the conversation with Captain Petrov. Barret once blew up the Engine of Petrov’s ship. Therefore, has a connection with him. After Barret convinces Petrov to reveal the Artifact, the Captain will lead you to the safe that holds the Artifact in it.

Steal the Artifact

After reaching the safe, Petrov reveals all the loot he possesses which includes the Artifact you came here for.

He reveals that the person from whom he acquired the rock fro informed about the strange behavior of the Artifact. Moreover, touching it means that you are drowning in your own soul.

This is the best time to attack Petrov and make him your hostage. This will result in him allowing you to steal anything Artifact of your choice. Your obvious choice is the Rock.

Leave the Scow

After stealing the Aritfact and shooting Petrov, it is time to leave the Scow. Therefore, as a last resort, you must escape from the ship. Simply follow the path you came from and reach the Main entrance to the Scow. Unlock the door and hop on to your ship.

Add the artifact to the collection

Furthermore, you must add the artifact to your collection. Therefore, travel to the Lodge and place the Artifact in your collection to complete the No Sudden Moves main mission in Starfield.

Starfield – No Sudden Moves rewards

As a result of completing the No Sudden Moves mission, you will receive 750 XP as a reward and will unlock the High Price to Pay mission in Starfield.

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