Starfield Into The Unknown Walkthrough

"Into the Unknown" spawns two procedurally generated planets for you to investigate and find two more artifacts in Starfield.

Into the Unknown is the fifth main campaign mission in Starfield. In this quest, you are tasked to find two artifacts located on two randomly selected planets. Doing so will grant you a superpower.

You also must make an important story choice in this quest. The recommended level for completing this quest is Level 10. Visit the Alpha Centauri system to start this quest.  

How to unlock the “Into the Unknown” mission

“Into the Unknown” is going to be added to your mission log after completing The Old Neighborhood mission in Starfield. You need to speak with Jemison in The Eye space station which orbits New Atlantis in the Alpha Centauri System.

How to complete Into the Unknown in Starfield

After starting the mission, visit the Eye space station by docking. There you need to talk with Vladimir who will direct you to two plants where you can find more artifacts. Both of these planets are selected randomly. Hence, the planets you are assigned might differ in each playthrough.

Visit and investigate the first planet

You will find a dungeon nearby after landing on the first designated planet. The exact layout of this dungeon is also randomly generated. You can go through the entire dungeon relatively quickly as no enemies exist.

At the end, you will find a deposit of caelumite. So, you need to mine it using your laser cutter. Doing so will trigger a cutscene where you will experience a hallucination.

Visit and investigate the second planet

On the second planet, the waypoint will lead you to a cave. Also, as you enter the cave, you will see Andreja killing an enemy. After talking, they will agree to accompany you in your quest to find the artifact.

This is somewhat positive as you are going to take part in a cross-fire proceeding with this conversation. Make sure to bring a rifle while stocking up on ammo as the enemies here are quite difficult to kill with pistols and melee weapons.

At the end of the cave, you will find the artifact. You need to extract it similarly to the first artifact.

Should you support your Dreams or Science?

You need to return to New Atlantis and talk to Matteo about both Artifacts in your inventory. After an argument, you will receive two options. You can either support “your dreams” or support “Science”.

Both options have different implications for the story. Siding with science will improve your relationship with the Constellation members. However, if you side with your dreams, Matteo will respect you more.

Visit Procyon III

Now you need to Talk to Vladimir who is located in the Eye. He will direct you to Procyon III, a planet that contains an anomaly. Land on the designated point and scan the area with your scanner. Follow the distortions that you see.

Investigate the Gravitational Anomaly

You will find many anomalies during your search at the Procyon III planet in Starfield. These anomalies include the likes of a Gravitational Anomaly. When investigating this source, you must head over to the ETA Temple in Starfield.

The best way to track down Temple ETA is by using your hand scanner. Simply use your scanner to find the source of this gravitational anomaly til you have landed on a large dusty structure. Continue making your way towards it to find an entrance to it between the two large rock pillars as well.

You can use the entrance to head inside the Temple to initiate the side objectives. This area consists of a Zero-G Effect which allows you to float. Furthermore, you will come across a set of rings at the central part of the temple.

Your task is to power these rings. You can do that, by interacting with the bulky shimmering stars surrounding the rings on each point of the room. This will provide them with enough power to form a single ring.

Afterward, you must interact with the now unified ring. This will take you to the anti-gravity file. and thus, you will receive the anti-gravity power.

Return to Vladimir

Lastly, you must return to the Lodge and talk to Vladimir. Inform him about your newly found powers. He will ask you to demonstrate your powers. Furthermore, you can oblige him by lifting an object. Thus, concluding the mission.

Starfield – Into the Unknown mission rewards

After you have returned to the Lodge to show Vladimir your powers, you will complete the “Into the Unknown” mission in Starfield. Completing this mission grants the following rewards:

  • 400 XP
  • 9500 Credits

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