How To Recruit Sarah In Starfield

Sarah is a unique companion in Starfield you can recruit by completing her companion quest "The Old Neighborhood".

Starfield offers you about 20 unique NPC recruitment options as your companions and crew members including Sarah Morgan. She is an upstanding and law-abiding member of Constellation in the game. Being one of the leaders of the Constellation faction, Sarah holds extra importance in Starfield and can be romanced. Sarah is among the 5 active companions you can recruit in Starfield to provide you aid in and out of combat.

In this guide, we will briefly look at how you can recruit Sarah Morgan in Starfield. This involves completing her quest and a brief explanation of the perks/skills she offers to you in the game. You can also check our guide on how to swap your active party members in Starfield.

How to recruit Sarah Morgan in Starfield

Sarah becomes available during the early sections of the game as she accompanies you on a lot of missions. However, you can only recruit Sarah once you complete a specific quest in Starfield known as “The Old Neighborhood”. 

To start The Old Neighborhood quest, you first need to talk to Sarah who will let you know one of her contacts who can provide you with more information about the artifacts. This will prompt you to travel to Sol system to find Vanguard Moara and talk to him. 

Follow the instructions given to you by the quest and travel to planet Mars in the Sol star system. Once on Mars, make your way to Cydonia and talk to Jack. You can either pay Jack or use persuasion check to extract Moara’s location from him.

Jack will mention that Moara went towards Venus. Now you can go to Venus and look for him there but let us tell you it is a waste of time. Moara isn’t on Venus. Instead, you can skip all this and make your way to Nova Galactic Shipyard near Luna, Earth’s moon.


Clear the Nova Galactic Shipyard of the Ecliptic forces and make your way to the central portion of the shipyard. Make sure you loot every dead body if you wish to earn legendary armor through the Mantis quest.

In the central portion of the shipyard, you will see the fuselage of a ship that seems to be undergoing some repairs. Head inside it and on a table you will find Vanguard Moara’s data slate. Pick it up and read it. This will tell you that Moara actually went towards Neptune.

Starfield recruit Sarah

Fly to Neptune’s orbit and you will see Moara’s ship flying around until it eventually starts attacking you. Turns out it has been hijacked. Disable the ship and dock with it. Kill the pirates onboard to rescue Moara. Take the artifact from him and return to The Lodge.

Once you deliver the artifact, talk to Sarah again and she will join your crew in Starfield as a permanent companion.

Stats and bonuses

A former adventurer turned into a constellation leader; Sarah Morgan has a lot to offer as a recruit in Starfield. Sarah has Rank 4 in Aerodynamics, Rank 3 in Laser weapons, Rank 2 in Leadership and Rank 1 in Botany. She is suitable as a companion during exploration and combat, and you can propose her for marriage to unlock Starcrossed achievement in the game.

When you recruit Sarah in Starfield, you can also assign her to the ship, and she will end up improving your ship’s gravity drive for longer grav jumps.

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