Should You Choose The Emissary Or The Hunter in Starfield?

Choosing between a killer and a noble person was never that difficult as it is in Starfield. However, we will help you overcome this moral dilemma with logical reasoning and a bit of greed in the mix.

Starfield is full of narrative choices and moral dilemmas. One such situation arises when you reach the mission Unearthed. During this mission, you must visit the Sol system and solve the mystery of Earth and its moon, Luna. Once you are almost done with the mission, you will come across two starborns and must decide to choose one of them or none. It is a very difficult choice that can lead to various outcomes. But fret not, we are here to help you guide you to choose between either the Emissary or the Hunter in Starfield.

Starfield Emissary or Hunter choice

Once you solve the Unity ancient ruins puzzle, you will gain access to the Unearthed main quest. This allows you to learn the real origin of Starborn. They are basically humans who have managed to reach the Unity. In your quest to become one, you will be encountered by not one but two of them. 

The Hunter and the Emissary will confront you and force you to make a choice between them. The Hunter represents chaos as he believes in might is right. If you are powerful enough and hold all the artifacts, you can go to the Unity according to his beliefs. It doesn’t matter if you are good or evil, you just need to be powerful. 

Contrary to the Hunter’s beliefs, The Emissary believes in what is right. Only the wisest and purest have the right to set foot inside unity according to his ideals. At this point, you will get three options. 

  • Side with the Emissary 
  • Side with the Hunter 
  • Don’t side with anyone 

Choosing between either Hunter or the Emissary in Starfield doesn’t change the outcome of the quest. It only changes how the final sequence of the game “Revelation” will play out. If you decide to go with the Hunter, he will help you through the Buried Temple and help you kill Emissary in the final boss battle. 

However, if you choose the Emissary over Hunter in Starfield, you must take down the Hunter with the help of Emissary in the end.


Feeling confident in yourself? You can always go with the third option. However, this will make your life a lot more difficult. Not only do you have to complete the Buried Temple alone, but you will also face both Starborns as your final opponents. Defeating one is difficult but facing both is a nightmare.

Should you choose The Hunter or The Emissary?

It all depends on your narrative choice to select what you want to do. There is no wrong choice between the Hunter and the Emissary in Starfield. The only difference is the rewards.

Siding with Hunter allows you to access an additional mission Infinity’s End. This mission rewards players with The Last Priest, a rare melee weapon. You also get Starborn Spacesuit Gravitas (spacesuit) and Eternity’s Gate (long rifle) after killing the Emissary. 

Killing Hunter only yields Unmitigated Violence (a legendary laser rifle). Killing both lets you obtain their rewards, but you will miss out on Infinity’s End side quest and its reward.

You can also choose to not side with either the Emissary or the Hunter in Starfield and then use the Persuasion option to avoid the battle altogether. This is the worst-case scenario in our opinion as you will lock yourself out of all rare and legendary rewards. 

In the end, we recommend that you choose the Hunter over the Emissary in Starfield to have some more context and some sweet rewards.

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