Starfield Missed Beyond Measure Walkthrough

"Missed Beyond Measure" is a short sub-quest that has you attending a funeral for a lost companion in Starfield.

Starfield Missed Beyond Measure is a short main mission in the game that requires you to attend a memorial service for a companion you have lost in the High Price to Pay mission.

This is a short segment of the main storyline with little happening. But this is a time-sensitive mission, and you must make sure not to miss it.

As you receive the mission, you’ll also be provided with the time and date of the memorial service. You’ll have to wait the days in between, but keep track of time, as missing out on the date will result in missing out on this mission.

Wait for 4 UT Days 

Suppose you don’t want to wait out the memorial service by doing missions or simply want to complete the mission as soon as possible. You can skip the 4-day waiting period by simply heading to your bed. There will be an option to skip to the day of the memorial service.  

Attend the Memorial Service

The service will take place in the main room of the Lodge. Wake up on the specific day of the service and find your way to the main room, where you’ll see members of the Constellation gathered up. You can also skip the service by sleeping out the next 24 hours.

As you enter, you’ll find Sarah Morgan saying a few words in memory of the dear companion. Once she’s done, you can climb to the podium and speak a few words. You’ll be able to choose different dialogues.

Talk to people at the funeral

You’ll find almost all your companions you’ve recruited up to that point in the story at the memorial and a host of other NPCs.  

This part of the mission is optional but is a great time to talk to everyone and reminisce about your departed companion. You can also increase your affinity with the companions and crew members you talk to during the memorial. 

Once you’ve done everything and are ready to end this mission, you can walk out of the Lodge. And that’s all you have to do to complete Missed Beyond Measure in Starfield. 

Starfield – Missed Beyond Measure mission rewards

For completing the Missed Beyond Measure mission in Starfield you get the following rewards 

  • 750XP 

Missed Beyond Measure Mission Bugs

In Missed Beyond Measure, there are two main bugs. The first bug occurs after you finish the mission, where the game assigns the deceased character as your main companion. Since they’re dead, you can’t really dismiss them or bring on another companion. To fix this, recruit Vasco as a companion. This will automatically remove the deceased character as your companion.  

The other bug boils down to your choice in the previous mission, ‘High Price to Pay’. If you defend the eye, Sarah Morgan meets her demise. When you return to the lodge and eventually get to her funeral, you’ll be stuck right before you speak to your companions. You need Sarah to finish her speech before you can start your speech.

To fix the Starfield Missed Beyond Measure memorial won’t start bug, exit the lodge, and the mission will end. You won’t be able to honor your fallen comrade, but the mission will end, allowing you to move on to other quests.  

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