Starfield Starborn Walkthrough

What is Helix doing in the Starborn mission in Starfield? and why are they in search of the Artifact?

Starborn is one of the most interesting missions in Starfield. It is short yet compelling with its story that brings you to the edge of your seats. The mission revolves around an unknown ship called Helix that prevents you from taking the Artifact back to the Lodge. It is now your task to save the Artifact and get rid of the threat.

How to complete Starborn in Starfield

You will unlock the Starborn mission in Starfield soon after completing the All That Money Can Buy mission. You will start the mission after leaving Neon. However, as you plan to leave the planet, you will be interrupted by another ship that orders you to surrender the Artifact in Starfield.

Here you have two choices, either you can surrender the Artifact or you can fight your fight your way out of the situation. However, with each choice you make, you will face some consequences.

Deal with Helix in Starfield

If you choose the first choice, then you must deal with Helix. This way, you will surrender the Artifact to the ship. Since you will not be able to leave the orbit without handing over the artifact, this is the only non-confronting option you have. Also, you will receive a mission reward nonetheless for your efforts.

However, this is not a preferred choice to make as it is not certain how Helix will react to you surrendering the Artifact. Giving the ship what it wants, doesn’t change its plans to be hostile against you in this encounter. Furthermore, if you do surrender the Artifact to Helix, then as a result, you will be hated by the Constellation¬†for handing over a prestigious item like that.

The other option is to use an offensive strategy. Start off by attacking the Helix ship and fighting your way out of the mission. However, despite your efforts, you will not damage Helix as it possesses a good amount of health due to the shields it equips in Starfield.

Furthermore, Helix is capable of turning invisible and then teleporting thus, fleeing from the scene. Therefore, it is not a recommended option as well. This leaves us with the last option which is using the Grav Drive. This is more of a defensive strategy that sees you fleeing from the battlefield.

Therefore, if you are looking to portray yourself as non-hostile, the best option is to dodge the upcoming missiles shot by the overpowered Helix ship and power up your Grav Drive to escape the scene.

Return to the Lodge

After escaping the fight and saving the Artifact from Helix in Starfield, you must return to the Lodge and talk to Noel. After talking to her, you will provide your data record and each member of the Constellation will witness what interrupted you from leaving Neon with the Artifact.

You can talk to Srah about what the Helix ship is and what is their motive in Starfield. This creates a lot of buzz around the Starborn mission and leaves you on a cliffhanger as to who was operating Helix and why do they want the Artifact.

Place the Artifact

Finally, after talking to Sarah about Helix, you must place the Artifact in your collection. You will find your collection at the central part of the Lodge on a table. Doing so will complete the Starborn mission in Starfield.

Startfield Starborn mission rewards

After completing the Starborn mission in Starfield, you will receive the following rewards:

  • 5000x Credits
  • 1x Calibrated constellation space helmet


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