Lies Of P Owl Doctor Boss Guide

The Owl Doctor is a mask wearing optional boss intent on making you dead in Lies of P. Though not need to clear, you can get some XP from him

Lies of P is another addition to the world of souls-like games that retells the story of Pinocchio in a much more badass way. You will battle corrupted humans and puppets as you work to restore some form of order to the world of Krat. One of such enemies is the Owl Doctor.

He is an optional boss in the game you can fight. If you do not choose to do so, it will not affect your main story progress. But it pays to seek him out and defeat him as you can get some rewards out of this encounter.

Lies of P Owl Doctor location

The Owl Doctor resides in a little hut present in the Barren Swamp. The swamp is quite a dangerous place to be as it continuously inflicts you with the Corruption debuff. Keep healing items and Purification Ampoules by your side as you will need them. 

The Owl Doctor’s hut is on the farther left side of the swamp. Once you enter the swamp, hurry to the left along the sidelines while keeping away from the water. Ragdoll enemies will be coming in from all sides to get a piece of you. You can avoid them or fight them, it is completely up to you.

How to defeat the Owl Doctor in Lies of P

The Owl Doctor has a pretty limited moveset, but it can be devastating all the same. You will be facing a stalker boss, so keep on your toes. 

The fight starts with a dialogue. After it ends, the Owl Doctor wields a deadly combination of a Bone-Cutting Saw with a Dagger. The trick is to keep interrupting his moves. If you stand and let him complete his moveset, you will surely get backed up.

The most common move will be the Side Hook Slash, where the doctor starts swinging his axe side to side. This move can easily be parried or blocked. You can block most of his attacks but do keep an eye out for the Fury attack. During this attack, the doctor will glow red so that should be your cue to get away.

We recommend that you try to line up as many backstabs as you can since he is weak from the rear. He is not particularly agile, and will come to a standstill between his combos. You can move in to strike if you have adequate distance and get a backstab in. 

Lies of P Owl Doctor Rewards 

The Owl Doctor says a few words on his departure from the world, and then he will pass away. You will then be able to collect his signature mask; the Owl Doctor’s Mask. This mask provides no bonuses but is a good cosmetic item. However, you will gain a great deal of XP from this fight.  

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