Lies of P Simon Manus Boss Guide 

In Lies of P, Simon Manus is the one responsible for the curse affecting humans. He has destroyed Krat and now sets his sights on other worlds to destroy them too.

Life of P is the latest addition to the Souls-like gaming genre. This game features a great combat system, a dynamic world, and tough but amazing boss fights. Simon Manus is one such boss in the world of Life of P. Judging by his appearance, he looks like a disheveled hunchback with a god complex, and that is somewhat true. 

He is the leader of the Alchemists, the bad guys of this game. Simon Magus is very ambitious and plans to control the Ergo to overpower humans. He has discovered a gate that leads to another world and plans to escape and rule over it. Thus, together with his colleagues, he has created a machine that will let him achieve divinity. 

Now, he dreams of escaping this world and has set his eyes on another one. He wields a big round mace and uses a very mobile attack for someone his size. This guide will give you a complete walkthrough into defeating this crazy boss. 

Lies of P Simon Manus Location 

Simon Manus is one of the bosses of Lies of P. He was the reason the plague started to corrupt people and turn them into monsters. Now, with his group of Alchemists, they have discovered a secret gate to another world and plan to conquer it.  

Once in the later game stages, look for a giant colosseum; there, Simon Manus will be waiting for you in Lies of P. You must defeat him to save the other world and end his threat to humanity. 

How to Defeat Simon Manus in Lies of P 

This will be a tough boss battle, so make sure you have plenty of health tonics stocked. The Fight with Simon Manus in the Lies of P happens in 2 phases. This means you have to defeat him 2 times in a row to make sure he stays down for good. This is the case with many bosses, so this should be nothing new for you. Both of these phases come with their own set of challenges and strategies.  


Phase 1 

This battle phase is relatively slow, during which Simon Manus will use his mace to attack you in Lies of P. He will use 2 medium to long-range swinging melee attacks. Then, he will rest briefly by putting the mace on his shoulder. After that, he will either follow it up with a short-distance attack or a long-distance jump attack, after which he will rest the mace on his shoulder again. 

In this Phase, you have to fight him up close. Make sure to close the distance and stay near his back. First, wait for his 2 swinging attacks and dodge them. After this, you will get a short opportunity to attack him and do some damage before he strikes back.

Now, from here, he either does a very short-range mace attack directly in front of him. Or he will jump and attack you from the sky. He will glow red if he is about to use a jump attack.  

Whatever attack he uses, he will take a short rest of a few seconds before continuing with his second series of attacks, and this is your cue to attack. He always puts his mace on his shoulder before starting his next attack pattern. So, to get through this phase, you have to follow this strategy 

  • Dodge his 2 swinging attacks and wait for the cue.
  • Immediately attack him. Then, take a step back. 
  • If he glows red, step back and block, then attack him. This will be a long-range pounce attack. So block this if you can and wait for the cue. Then attack him. 
  • Alternatively, If he does a short-range attack, dodge it and attack him. The interval between these strikes is only a few seconds long, so you must make it count. 

Keep repeating this: wait for his swinging attacks and then dodge. As soon as he is about to put his mace on his shoulder, attack him. Then Dodge waits for the cue when he puts his mace on his shoulder and attacks again. This will take some time, but eventually, you will defeat him. 

Phase 2 

This is the awakened form of Simon Manus in Lies of P. In this, he is also able to do long-range spiritual attacks. He can follow these up by using small AOE attacks that appear randomly in the arena.  

In this phase, you must keep your distance from him and let him come to you. He will essentially follow the same attack pattern before with the addition of ranged attacks. Utilize a hit-and-run strategy for this phase. You have to first wait for his 2 swinging attacks as before, and after he does, put his mace on his shoulder, attack him, and create distance. 

Then, he will follow up with another ranged swing attack and start spamming you with spiritual attacks. The long-range attacks will follow you, so dodge them to avoid any damage. He also does an additional range attack, clawing up the earth in a straight pattern. After he does this, close your distance and attack him. 

 Then, he will once again start his melee swing attacks. He repeats this infrequently, but his last ranged attack will always be a claw attack. After that, he will start to repeat his cycle. So remember this pattern and attack in between each cycle. 

  • 2 swinging attack at the start, then he will rest his mace on his shoulder. Attack him and get some distance between you two. 
  • He follows up with a ranged swing attack, throwing himself straight across the arena. 
  • After this will use his new hand to start his ranged attack series, keep running and dodging them until he does the claw attack. 
  • Once he begins his claw motion, close your distance, get up close, and start to attack him. 
  • He will follow this pattern of close, ranged attacks, and sometime in between, he will also use the jump attack the same as before. 
  • If he uses his jump attack, he will rest for a few seconds after it, so this will be your window to deal large amounts of damage to his health. 

Take your time with this second phase, as it is quite difficult; don’t rush it, and have patience. You will eventually start to get his health bar down. This, in turn, will win you the boss fight. 

Lies of P Simon Manus Rewards 

After defeating Simon Manus in Lie of P during an exhausting battle and tiresome, you will earn yourself the following rewards 

Name Reward 
The Awakened God Trophy 
Arm of God  Collectible item 
Fallen One’s Ergo A treasured item that can give you +15,000 Ergo. If sold and given to Alidoro, he will give you Nobliss Oblige weapon. 
Simon Manus Boss Fight Rewards in Lies of P

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