Lies of P The Atoned Boss Guide 

The Atoned is a very fast and agile boss that can outpace and outmaneuver you in Lies of P. Although she's easier than others, but still poses a challenge.

The Atoned is one of the early-game optional bosses in Lies of P. After experiencing brutal combat with the mighty King’s Flame, Fuoco, the fight against this one will be considerably easier. So, that is good news for you as you will not have to pull out your hair.

However, make no mistake, as she is one of the quickest bosses in the game. This is due to her small size and ability to deal damage through her fast-paced weapon attacks.  

Some years back, The Atoned could not save her people, leading them to a regretful death. Now, she tends to block every soul’s path who takes the Cable Railway to reach St. Frangelico Cathedral. She thinks this might atone for her accidental sins in the past. 

Lies of P The Atoned location 

The Atoned stands on Pilgrim’s Cable Railway path, leading to the Path of Misery. She will be recognizable by her favorite dog mask. The mask also indicates her being one of the Stalkers, a strong militant faction in the game. 

How to Defeat The Atoned in Lies of P 

As soon as you reach Cable Railway, The Atoned will ask whether you want to go up. She will try to convince you that the train is not working. She recommends that you not go to the cathedral as it is no longer the sanctuary it once was. When the boss asks about your identity, select the “Do Nothing” option to start the fight. 

Run and get to a safe distance  

At the beginning of the combat, the boss will start attacking you with her weapon. Run from the upper platform and get to a safe distance. This way, you will have a moment to understand the next moves of your enemy.


Do not let her get near you at any cost. She will attack you with her poison arm, which is quite powerful and comes with a surprise. 

Perform Backstabs in the boss’s Fury Mode 

The Atoned habitually dashes when she is near your position in Lies of P. This attack becomes even more dangerous when it’s done in red fury mode. However, this attack has a huge weakness you can utilize in your favor.

When The Atoned finishes her move in fury mode, immediately go behind her and do a few fatal strikes. This will take a chunk off her health bar. 

The attack patterns of this boss are quite similar to the Survivor mini-boss at Venigni’s factory. The only difference is that this one is a little more agile in dashing and attacking.  

There are no more surprise attacks in The Atoned’s arsenal in Lies of P. This means that it will be much easier to take her down if you keep your pace faster than her. Only two to three fatal strikes/ backstabs will be enough to end this exciting fight.  

Lies of P The Atoned Rewards 

After winning the fight against The Atoned, you will receive the Cable Railway Key as a drop. This key is crucial for moving the Cable Railway that allows you to access St. Frangelico Cathedral.  

Apart from that, you can also pick The Atoned’s Mask from her corpse. It indicates her regret for failing to save her loved ones. 

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