Lies of P Nameless Puppet Boss Guide 

The Nameless Puppet is the final boss of Lies of P. As such, prepare for the fight of your life as this boss has a singular purpose: To destroy Pinocchio.

Every souls-like saves its best boss battles for last, and Lies of P is no different. The game’s true final boss, The Nameless Puppet, is another of Gepetto’s creations. An eerie and strong marionette, this boss is the exact opposite of what Pinocchio is. Defeating The Nameless Puppet unlocks one of three endings in Lies of P.  

In this guide, we will be going over where exactly you can find The Nameless Puppet in Lies of P. What you need to do to trigger the final confrontation. And how you can defeat him in both phases.  

Lies of P Nameless Puppet Location  

Reaching the Nameless Puppet is quite straightforward. To do so, you will first defeat Simon Manus in Lies of P, in the Cradle of the Gods location in Arche Abby. After you defeat him, you will be granted access to an elevator that will take you down to the Abyss.

Here you will encounter Geppetto. Talk to him and refuse to give him your heart and the fight will start.  

How to Defeat Nameless Puppet in Lies of P? 

The Nameless Puppet boss fight comes in two phases. Since this is the true final boss of the game, this will be quite challenging. In the second phase, he breaks free of Geppetto’s control and gets a second sword.

Phase 1 

Phase 1 is rather tame as compared to the second one, but you will still need to be on your toes for blocking and stamina management. Its basic attack includes the cross-slash where he performs a combo with his sword.


His other two attacks allow him to transform his sword into a great sword, and he will rush you and do an attack combo similar to that of the cross-slash. During this phase, you want to focus on blocking against the Namless Puppet in Lies of P. Most of his attacks follow one after another and are extremely fast. Use a weapon that is agile and matches the Nameless Puppet’s speed.  

We recommend using a rapier. These weapons allow you to get quick combos every time you see a window. The best time for this will be right after he finishes a combo. Block all his incoming attacks, strafe him to recover some ammo, and then go in for the kill.   

Phase 2 

Phase 2 ups the ante considerably. Not only does the Nameless Puppet acquire a second sword, but this around he is also much faster. He has broken free from Geppetto’s strings after Pinocchio decapitates him. The puppet is now more agile, and his attacks reflect this.

During this phase, his attack set sees a massive increase. For starters, he uses his dual blades to zip back and forth between the arena and land a devastating drop attack. This deals a considerable amount of damage. Furthermore, he can also rush and grab you in addition to firing projectiles.

The grab attack during this phase is extremely deadly and must be avoided. You can tell pretty much straight away when that attack is about to happen. The best course of action here is to dodge. Ground slam moves and projectiles also deal a lot of damage. The latter can be avoided by dodging, but for the former, you will need to move away from the area of effect.

The increased damage and speed make fighting him during this a tricky proposition. But as with all bosses in the game, you need to figure out his pattern. Look for cues in his movement to anticipate the next combo. Move away when he is about to launch an attack and stay on the defensive.  

A Greatsword is your best bet during this fight. The Puppet String legion arm can quickly get you back in action after the many attacks in this phase that require you to move away.  

Lies of P Nameless Puppet Rewards 

After you defeat the Nameless Puppet, the true final boss of Lies of P, you will gain a great amount of Ergo. You will also get the Nameless Puppet’s Ergo which can be converted into 20,000 Ergo. It can also be traded with Alidoro in St. Frangelico Cathedral Library to acquire Proof of Humanity, a boss weapon.  

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