Lies of P The White Lady Boss Guide

From dreaming about being an opera singer, the White Lady has become a stalker in grief of the loss of her sister in Lies of P

The White Lady is a Stalker in Lies of P. She dreamt of becoming a highly respected opera singer under the stage name of Patricia. She was accompanied by her sister, Adelina. However, due to the puppets, she couldn’t chase her dreams as her sister was taken away by them thus breaking the duo. Therefore, she is now hunting for each puppet to take revenge for her sister’s abduction, making her a Stalker.

 Lies of P The White Lady location

After reaching Rosa Isabelle Street, you will find the White Lady in Lies of P. Once you head into the Rosa Isabelle Street Entrance, you will find the Estella Opera House Stargazer north of the area. You can activate it first before jumping down to the area below. Before finding the White Lady, you must also complete a few additional objectives.

The old lady at the window side quest

Start by heading west of the area to find a house with an open window. Here, you will come across an Old Lady at the Window. She asks you to visit the wiser cellar at the Lorenzini Arcade for a La Bleiwies Wine.

This will kick start the Old Lady at the Window side quest in Lies of P. You must complete this quest to proceed with finding the White Lady.

Find the white lady

After completing the quest, head east of the area to find a bridge. This wooden bridge leads you inside a house ahead. Kill the puppets inside and make your to the first floor to find a safe that holds the Legion Plug. You can use it to craft the Legion Arm with the help of the Venigni Craft Machine found at the hotel.

Exit the building and pass through the wave of puppets wielding shotguns. Head to the eastern part of the street. Continue moving forward till you come across a live theatre. This is where you will find the White Lady in Lies of P. Talk to her to initiate the boss fight.


How to defeat the white lady in Lies of P?

Defeating the White Lady can be proven to be difficult. Since she is a Stalker and wields a sharp sword. She can damage anyone caught in the range of her melee attacks. Therefore, you must have a proper strategy in this fight.

Phase 1

During the first stage of the fight, the White Lady will be protected by her enormous health bar in Lies of P. Your main task is to drop her health down to half before you start the second stage of the fight. The White Lady’s arsenal consists of simple lunges and slash attacks. However, each attack deals tons of damage on contact.

Her attacks include a lunging stab followed by a combo slash attack at close range. During the Lunge stab, she moves backward to her original position while focusing on taking chunks out of her body during the combo.

The boss will not give you any space to move freely. She is fast and agile, so keeping a safe distance from her is best. Use a special grindstone to fire up your weapon and deal some damage. Attack her from behind to blind her, and continue until you drop her health to half.

Phase 2

After you have reached the second stage of the fight, the White Lady will have lost half of her health in Lies of P. However, she will gain new attacks in her move-sets. These attacks include a charge attack and a running stab attack.

During the charge attacks, she stretches her sword behind and lunges forward to attack. On the other hand, the running stab attack is basic. The charge attack gives you enough time to sprint to the opposite side of the attack.

The running stab attack is unpredictable and can only be dodged with proper timing. Continue attacking her from the back, and eventually, you will defeat the White Lady.

Lies of P The White Lady rewards

After defeating the white lady in Lies of P, she will drop the following items:

  • The White Lady’s Locket
  • The White Lady’s Mask

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