Lies Of P Door Guardian Boss Guide 

The Door Guardian is a hulk of a boss in Lies of P that can tank extraordinary amounts of damage.

The Door Guardian is one of the optional bosses you will encounter in Lies of P. You will encounter this hulk of a boss right after you defeat the Black Rabbit Brotherhood. The long fight involves proper usage of your strongest weapon, as you will have to take out a massive-sized creature with ample HP.  

This guide will review the best tips and tricks to defeat the Door Guardian boss and the rewards you get in Lies of P. 

Lies of P Door Guardian location 

The Door Guardian can be encountered at Arche Abby. The fight place is near the Arch Abby outer wall, where you fight (or befriend) the Black Cat 

How to Defeat Door Guardian in Lies of P 

Before moving on to the attack types Door Guardian does, we have provided some general tips to improve your whole fight experience. 

  • At the start, you will see little to no reduction in the boss’s HP, no matter how strong the weapon or attack is used against it. But things take a turn shortly after you whittle his health past 80%.
  • The left hand of the Door Guardian is covered with a giant spiky glove. He often smashes this on the ground or sweeps at your position.
  • Stay as close to the boss as possible when it is doing slow movement attacks such as hand sweeps. This way, the large arms of the boss will not touch your character, and the attack will go in vain. 
  • Make sure you have upgraded Pulse Cells before entering the battlefield. They will be much needed in later parts of the fight. 

Cannonbolt and Full-body Attacks 

After some time into the fight, the boss will enter red fury mode and do a WrestleMania-type attack. In this attack, it folds its right arm and smashes all of its body on the ground. If you are still on your rotating move, this smash will pose no threat to you as you will be already out of its reach. 

While lying on the ground, the Door Guardian does a Cannonbolt attack. Move out of the way to save yourself from being crushed down. After this attack, the boss will take a moment to balance its body and face you in the fight. This will be your opportunity to land a couple of Legion arm strikes. 


Hand Sweeps and Foot Smashes 

In the middle of the fight, you will witness the boss using some new fight techniques. At first, it does some hand sweeps at a ranged distance, which you can dodge easily by timing your moves.  

Afterward, the Guardian takes both hands in the air and violently smashes them onto the ground at your position. Leave the area of impact immediately, or you will be torn apart, just like the ground. 

The boss will follow these hand attacks with some leg movements and foot smashes. The giant foot is completely capable of crushing and killing you in a couple of hits. You can roll on the ground to avoid taking damage and running away. 

When the boss’s HP is close to 80%, it will suddenly fall to the ground, seemingly unconscious. This is your chance to take revenge for a desperate fight. Stand on the red glowing area and start doing a fatal strike with your weapon. Only two to three of your strikes will cause the HP of your enemy to come down to 50% in no time. 

Second Part of the Fight 

The second half of this fight will feature some of the Guardian’s new moves. It will start using the hand and foot attacks in conjunction, making it hard for you to dodge. It will also do the Cannonbolt rolls more often now. Additionally, it will try to throw you like a football with its foot in this part of the fight. 

Soon, the game will give you another fatal strike chance. After this, you will deplete the enemy’s HP to nearly 10%. It will take seconds for you to kill the Door Guardian once and for all. 

Lies of P Door Guardian Rewards 

As the Door Guardian himself is a High-level Alchemist, you will receive the High-Level Alchemist Badge after defeating it. It is a Key Item that can unlock a mysterious door.  

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