Lies Of P Endings Guide

Lies of P offers multiple endings that can only be unlocked by fulfilling various requirements. So be prepared to be a good puppet or not and follow this guide to see how everything turns out in the end.

Lies of P is a role-playing game that has a lot of options that can alter how the game will end. At every critical point, Pinocchio is given the option to either Lie or answer truthfully. Whether you choose to lie or tell the truth will ultimately result in different endings in Lies of P. 

In this guide, we will look at all the endings that you can unlock in Lies of P. We will also briefly cover the major and bonus requirements for each ending in the game. Before you proceed, we recommend backing up your save after Simon Manus, Hand of God boss fight to save-scum and achieve at least two endings in one playthrough.

Lies of P Endings explained

There are three endings in Lies of P, all of which unlock different trophies/achievements. Depending on the nature of these endings, they can also be categorized as Bad, Neutral and Good endings.

Real Boy Ending: They all lived happily ever after (bad ending)

Contrary to its name, this is the worst ending in Lies of P. To achieve the Real Boy ending, all you need to do is reply with “Accept” when Geppetto asks for your heart after you defeat Simon Manus, Hand of the God. He will promise to convert you into a real boy, Carlo if you accept his offer. 

This will prompt a cutscene where Geppetto will rip out your heart and place it inside a new body he has sewn after killing all the residents of Hotel Krat. It is extremely depressing. In my opinion, you shouldn’t attempt this one as your first ending as it will also lock you out of a secret boss fight.

Rise of P ending (good/neutral ending)

This is the most basic conclusion and can be considered a sad/neutral ending in Lies of P. To unlock the Rise of P ending in Lies of P, what you need to do is lie through your nose during the whole playthrough and collect your portrait after defeating Eldest of Black Rabbit Brotherhood boss in the Malum District. This is not a compulsory requirement, but it will unlock a few bonus rewards at the end. The compulsory requirement involves refusing the offer from Geppetto. 


On the Ascension Bridge, when you meet Sophia for one last time, she will ask you to kill her. Make sure to select “Give Her Peace” option from the dialogue selection boss. After defeating Simon Manus, Hand of God, go talk to Geppetto. He will ask you to give him your heart so he can create a real boy out of you. Make sure you select “Refuse” here. 

This will make Geppetto angry, and he will call upon his first creation, the Nameless Puppet. Defeat this boss and Geppetto will sacrifice himself to save you. Seeing this last act of humanity, Pinocchio decides to revive Sophia by giving all his life energy and consequently dying in the process.

To obtain bonus rewards, don’t start New Game+ yet and go back to Hotel Krat. Go to Geppetto’s room and read his diary. Now listen to all soundtracks in the lobby, go back to Geppetto’s room, interact with your portrait, and collect the Golden Lie weapon. This also unlocks the Story of the Blue Butterfly achievement.

Free from the puppet string ending (best ending)

Arguably the best ending in Lies of P where both Pinocchio and Sophia survive in the end. To achieve Free from the Puppet String conclusion in Lies of P, you need to do some extremely specific things. Missing any of these will instantly lock you out of this ending. The first condition involves replying with truth to every single question. No matter how difficult it seems, you must not gain any humanity. Avoid listening to the tracks altogether. 

The next thing you need to do is to spare Sophia on Ascension Bridge. Select “Let her live” option. When you defeat Simon Manus, Hand of God, he will inquire about Sophia. Reply with “I liberated her from Arche Abbey”.

Once you confront Geppetto and he asks for your heart, Refuse him. Continue to defeat Nameless Puppet and Geppetto will openly disown you. This sounds a bit harsh, but it will at least ensure the safety of everyone in Hotel Krat and Pinocchio.

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