Lies of P Robber Weasel Boss Guide 

The Robber Weasel is a peculiar boss in Lies of P as in that he is very easy to take down. This one will be a test of restraint.

Not every boss battle you come across in Lies of P will be a tough challenge. Some just portray the desperation of the people of Krat. The Robber Weasel is a prime example of this. Found within a corpse-ridden room of Krat Central Station, this Weasel costume-adorned Robin Hood seeks to change the status quo of the city.

Getting to Robber Weasel is more of a challenge than the boss fight itself. The boss fight is rather easy to do and will go by with minimal effort. You can get a nice outfit for this encounter but other than that, there are not many rewards here.

Lies of P Robber Weasel Location  

Robber Weasel is found within the Krat Central Station in Lies of P. To get there, start at the Barren Swamp Nest Stargazer. Head into the tunnel directly in front of it, and keep going straight until you come upon a ladder. Go down from here, and continue straight until you reach the end. Toward the right side, there will be a green metallic door.

Enter it and follow the path until you find another ladder. Go up and take a right, and you will find yourself in the Krat Central Station, right on the train terminal.  

There is a stationary train in the middle of the room with an open door leading to the opposite side. Go through it and enter the room on the left. Next, take the stairs in that room that leads up, and you will find another stargazer.

From the Stargazer, head straight. At the end of the room, you will find a bunch of boxes. Breaking them will reveal a beam across an otherwise destroyed floor. Cross the beam and follow the hallway to the end, where you will find another ladder to go down.  

Once you are down, make your way to the platform and enter the room right next to it. In that room, go up the stairs until you find yourself in a narrow corridor. The corridor leads to a bigger room with a caved-in ceiling. You will find the Robber Weasel in the room in front of the caved-in ceiling.

How to Defeat Robber Weasel in Lies of P 

Robber Weasel is a fairly straightforward fight. This boss wields a basic axe with a simplistic move set that has a double slash combo, and a downward and upward strike. There is also a lunging attack in his arsenal as you may expect. He will also occasionally throw knives at you.

Since he is a humanoid foe, fatal blows will deal the most damage to him. He is weak towards the back so ensure that you target him from there for maximum effectiveness.

His simplistic combos mean that he will not deal too much damage. But getting cocky and playing too aggressively will get you killed. Parry and Dodge, and then follow up with a quick combo. If you choose not to stay close to him, then ensure that you are strafing him at all times.

Strafing gives you the edge because Robber Weasel does move rather quickly and unpredictably. Play defensively for a while and try to memorize the Robber Weasel’s attack pattern in Lies of P. Using a quick weapon like a rapier coupled with the Patience Amulet is a very good combo for this fight.

Status effect build-up may also come in handy.  

Lies of P Robber Weasel Rewards  

Defeating Robber Weasel gives you 3351 Ergo, along with access to his outfit. This set includes Robber Weasel’s Mask and Robber Weasel’s Hunting Apparel.  

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