Lies Of P King Of Puppets Boss Guide

The King of Puppets is actually two boss fights packed into one in Lies of P. Once you clear one phase, the other begins with the second boss

Lies of P is all about defeating corrupted puppets and some humans. You play as Pinnochio from the children’s story and work to restore order in the world of Krat. On your quest to do so, you will face all manner of enemies and bosses. One of these is the King of Puppets boss in Lies of P.

This boss has a spectacular moveset and uses its gigantic body in perfect harmony. He lands quite painful blows which can turn your day very bad. To defeat him, you will need proper strategy. It is highly recommended that you do no try to wing this fight.

Lies of P King of Puppets location

The King of Puppets is found on the first floor of the Estella Opera House. Go up through the Grand Staircase and go towards the burning swinging chandeliers. Cross the plank and open the opera house to start the show. 

How to defeat King of Puppets in Lies of P

The King of Puppets boss fight in Lies of P is divided up into two stages. At first, you will be fighting the King, a chunky puppet. Next, you will face off against Romeo, the real King of Puppets. 

Phase 1

The King of Puppets has a pretty long list of moves. We recommend taking a high damage-dealing weapon that does not have a high wind-up time. You want to hit him hard quickly. Every millisecond needed to wind your weapon is an opportunity for the boss to hit you.

The initial move of the King will be the Wind Up Smash. This move is pretty easy to block so if you see it coming, dodge or block. He will also unleash a move where he summons up an electricity storm around him. If you want to play it safe, then back up as far away as you can. If you want to play more aggressively, get inside the storm until you are hugging the King’s legs.


You can attack at this opportunity as the King will be too focused on the storm. The King is quite an agile enemy and can outpace and outmaneuver you if you are careless. Dodge, block, and attack and he will eventually go down.

Phase 2

After defeating the chunky puppet, a short cutscene will play out. You will see that he was being controlled the entire time by another puppet placed in his chest. Out comes Romeo, the real king. Romeo is a pretty slim puppet, meaning he will be much more agile than the last one.

He wields a scythe almost the length of a spear and cuts deep. Romeo will be moving around the entire theater, and you will have quite a hard time blocking his moves. Do keep an eye out for when he imbues his scythe with fire.

His attacks will likely be coming from all sides. You will need to be constantly evading and blocking to not get hurt. You can interrupt his fire-imbuing attack by using a heavy attack against him as he winds up. That should reduce some of your worries, but you must time it right.

Reposition yourself with the timing of his attacks so you have better chances of parrying, attacking, and dodging. 

Lies of P King of Puppets Reward

As this fight is split into two stages, you must clear both before you get the rewards. Once the fight is complete, you can get the following items: 

  • Burnt-White King’s Ergo 
  • Puppet Prince’s Formal Dress 
  • Someone’s Necklace 

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