Lies of P Walker of Illusions Boss Guide

With the right attacks, you can easily slay the Walker of Illusions boss in Lies of P

Walker of Illusions is a fast-paced boss in Lies of P. She wields a Cleaver, which she uses to deal tremendous amounts of damage to her opponents. She also possesses the ability to clone herself to double the threat.

Although her arsenal lacks attacks, they are enough to drain your health to the bottom if connected properly. Therefore, you must have a strategy before fighting with her in Lies of P.

Lies of P Walker of Illusions location

You will find Walker of Illusions in Lies of P when wandering around the Abandoned Apartment. However, you can only unlock this location after reaching level 9 in Lies of P. Therefore, it is best that you level up fast to reach your required destination.

This is the same apartment where you will find the Memory of Beach (Golden) record. You can use this record to increase your humanity.

To reach the Abandoned Apartment, you must head to the Collapsed Street. This is where the Kral Central Station Stargazer is discovered in Lies of P. Once at the location, head west to find a ladder on the corner. Climb up to head inside the apartment corridor.

Enter through the door on the right and follow the path into the room in the eastern part of the apartment. You will come across another ladder on the wall next to the wooden pillar. Climb up to find Walker of Illusions in the attic above. She is at the central part of the room waiting for your arrival.


How to defeat Walker of Illusions in Lies of P?

Your fight with Walker of Illusions in Lies of P is fairly simple. But before you start the fight, recover the Lost Ergo near the boss. Start with an offensive attack on the upper body of the boss. This will stun her before she uses her cleaver to attack you.

Phase 1

The Walker of Illusions has three main attacks in her arsenal. Each attack involves the use of the cleaver. During the initial stages of the fight, she will perform a combo of slash attacks. However, these can easily be parried if you move in the opposite direction of the attack.

Furthermore, she will use a dash attack with her cleaver, where she sprints towards you to perform a slash attack. This can result in a fatality as it is a quick attack that leaves no room for escape. Therefore, maintaining a safe distance from the boss is the best way to avoid it. Your cue should be when she takes a few steps back to prepare for the attack.

Lastly, she uses a spinning slash attack, which requires her to move in a circular position before shoving the cleaver into her body. This is a close-range attack, so you will have enough room to dodge it and avoid the damage.

You can damage the boss by performing your attacks on her back. Doing so will help you prevent the attacks she throws at you. Plus, you can easily drop half of her health with this method of attack.

Phase 2

Once you have taken down half of the boss’s health, she will summon a clone of herself with a relatively good amount of health. However, the clone possesses all the moves in the boss’s arsenal at the expense of her health.

Therefore, focus on caring for the clone before attacking Walker of Illusions. Continue dealing damage to the boss when she has her back turned on you to end the second stage of the boss fight. Thus defeating Walker of Illusions in Lies of P.

Lies of P Walker of Illusions rewards

After defeating Walker of Illusions in Lies of P she will drop the following items as rewards for you to collect:

  • Legion Caliber
  • Dark moon Moonstone of the Covenant

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