Lies of P Green Monster Boss Guide 

The Green Monster is a grotesque looking challenging boss in Lies of P that will have you pulling your hair out. Here's how to take it out.

In Lies of P, you will encounter many grotesque creatures that test your might and vigor, such as the Green Monster. Found deep within the depths of the Barren Swamp, this boss is a double threat as it returns for another round when you defeat it.

Using the powers of both Puppets and Nature, defeating this boss is no easy task. It requires you to be quick on your feet and intelligent using healing items.  

In this guide, we will go over where the Green Monster is located in Lies of P and how you can defeat him in both phases effectively and quickly.

Lies of P Green Monster Location  

You will first need to get to the Barren Swamp to find the Green Monster in Lies of P. This area consists of many smaller sub-areas. The place where you need to be is the Barren Swamp Bridge. From the Stargazer within that area, head straight down the narrow pathway. Proceed until you come upon a wooden archway with a specter-summoning pool towards the left.

You will initiate the fight when you cross it. The Specter summoning pool can be used to your advantage here. If you feel overwhelmed with the boss, consider summoning a Specter to lend you a helping hand.  

How to Defeat Green Monster in Lies of P? 

The Green Monster has two phases in Lies of P, like many other bosses in the game. Each phase comes with its own set of moves and challenges. The second phase is considerably more challenging than the first one.  


Phase 1  

The Green Monster of the Swamp is very susceptible to fire damage. Equipping a weapon that inflicts fire damage will grant you a major advantage in this battle. In the first phase, the Green Monster has several attacks, including swipes, slams, and rushes.

The Green Monster can also burrow, then emerge from the ground and inflict the decay status effect on you using its tendrils. He will also be spewing a black sludge from its mouth. For swipes and slams, both parrying and dodging work best. The boss has a distinct attack pattern, and learning it is key to defeating it.

It will not unleash its attacks in any particular order, but understanding how each attack works is very important. Dodging is your only option for rushes and burrows, as you will take damage if you try to block these attacks. The same is the case for avoiding the Decay status effect, making timely dodges, and anticipating when each attack occurs.

Effective dodging and blocking coupled with an active effort to avoid Decay build-up will allow you to easily overcome this phase.  

Phase 2  

The second phase begins when the Green Monsters’ health depletes to zero in Lies of P. In this phase, the monster pulls the bodies of nearby puppets and fuses with them to become an even more menacing creature. Now called the Puppet Devouring Green Monster, it can now use a grab attack in addition to a new launch attack.

This can be devastating if you are not careful. Much of the tactics used in the first phase can be used here. Dodging and blocking, coupled with attacks, will help you chip away at its health. It is important to be extra careful of the Decay status effect during this phase as the tendrils move much faster.

For the launch attack, the Green Monster will jump a few times before it lands to deal damage; running and/or dodging are your best bets during this attack. He is also considerably faster and more agile, and oftentimes a little more unpredictable. To survive, ensure that you can heal multiple times and have a weapon that can deal fire damage.

Lies of P Green Monster Rewards  

Defeating the Green Monster nets you 12,489 Ergo along with Puppet Devouring Green Hunter’s Ergo and Golden Ergo. The Puppet Devouring Green Hunter’s Ergo can be used to gain an additional 10,000 Ergo or traded with Alidoro (found in St. Frangelico Cathedral Library). You can get the Two Dragons Sword boss weapon. Golden Ergo is a recollection item, and it shows up in your inventory.  

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