Lies of P Fallen Archbishop Andreus Boss Guide 

The Fallen Archbishop Andreus is a nightmare in Lies of P since he can split into two bosses increasing your headaches.

Every boss in Lies of P comes with a new challenge and tests the battle prowess of players. Some bosses are optional and just there for adventure or reward purposes. Others must be encountered to progress the storyline. Fallen Archbishop Andreus falls in the latter category in Lies of P and is one of the strongest early-game main bosses.  

The battle is long, in which the enemy dies at first and then resurrects himself to transition into the next phases. Fighting the Fallen Archbishop Andreus without proper combat strategy and equipment is a nightmare. This guide will give tips and tricks to win this brutal fight against the faceless boss. 

Lies of P Fallen Archbishop Andreus location 

Fallen Archbishop Andreus resides at the St. Frangelico Cathedral, specifically in its library. St. Frangelico Cathedral is the first place you can access after pursuing the Path of Misery. Having reached the library, move a few steps from the Stargazer and take the first right.

Continue walking in the hallway until you reach its end. The door will open, allowing you to enter the boss room. 

How to Defeat Fallen Archbishop Andreus in Lies of P 

Before moving on to the fight phases against the crawling monster, we have provided some general tips that will work for you throughout the combat. 

Phase 1  

As soon as you enter the arena, the boss greets you with his actual form for a moment. After that, he turns into a monster and falls onto the ground. Be on guard now, as the boss immediately attacks once the animation ends. 


Archbishop Andreus makes his initial moves by smashing his left leg on the ground and sweeping the other at your position. Dodge this attack and move out of the way to prevent taking damage.  

After that, the enemy takes both its legs in the air and smashes them at your position to crush you down. Leave the point of attack straightaway as you see him doing this powerful yet slow move. 

If you have brought a spirit, use it to engage the boss. While Archbishop Andreus is engaged in Lies of P, go behind him and strike his body with your Legion Arm. This will do substantial damage to the boss. 

The Archbishop will use his tongue attack most frequently in this battle. These attacks provide the enemy with a ranged edge over you. Make sure to time your Dodge or Parry to escape from the decay effect. 

Phase 2 

The Fallen Archbishop Andreus in Lies of P will come out of the body as soon as the first phase is cleared. However, it will still be attached to the carcass, making a two-sided monster. The front side is still the same as the first phase, while the back side has Andreus in its faceless form. 

This phase allows the boss to reach even more combat areas as he has two bodies. The front side of the boss is more dangerous, as it puts you against the agile, faceless Archbishop. So, try to stay at the monster’s backside as much as possible and chip away at its HP from there. 

When the boss tends to stand on his two legs, leave the area and do not fight back until his legs reach the ground.  

After losing more than 50% of his power, the bigger boss will launch a laser attack after charging, followed by a shockwave that comes from the faceless boss. Stay at the boss’s side to avoid the laser attack, then run immediately to escape the shockwave effect.  

At this point, there will not be any surprise attacks from the boss’s side. You can return to the Legion arm strikes to deplete Andreus’ remaining HP. 

Lies of P Fallen Archbishop Andreus Rewards 

After beating Fallen Archbishop Andreus in Lies of P, you will receive 8778 Ergo and the Twisted Angel’s Ergo. This item is used for many purposes, such as to gain Trident of the Covenant or to convert it into +5000 Ergo Currency. 

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