Diablo Immortal Leveling Guide

It is important to recognize the specific quests or activities (or routes) that you can pursue to level up quickly...

It is important to recognize the specific quests or activities (or routes) that you can pursue to level up quickly and efficiently in Diablo Immortal.

Your goal is to max out a character at level 60 to start with the endgame activities. However, exploring and wandering about can and will waste time. That is time you can better spend running dungeons and rifts in the endgame to farm legendary gems and gear.

Something else to note is that each zone has a level requirement, meaning that there is a specific amount of levels that you can earn from each zone before progression slows down.

Unfortunately, Diablo Immortal has a progression wall after level 30 where you will be forced to grind your way forward.

The following leveling guide will walk you through each zone and point out how quickly you can level up from level 1 – 60 in Diablo Immortal.

Diablo Immortal Leveling Tips (Level 1 – 15)

Choosing a class at the beginning becomes important if you want to level up quickly. Each class has its strengths and weaknesses and if you want to pick the best, check out our Class Tier List. Since your goal is to level up quickly, the best class for you is the one with the highest potential DPS, so you can farm mobs as quickly as possible.

Once you’ve created your character, you will be spawned in the tutorial zone of the game. After leaving the boat, go into the abandoned house up north and kill the monster. Go down the path to the northeast and kill the Putrid Desecrator boss to get Experience Orbs. You need to pick up all of the Experience Orbs every time you kill an enemy, as these contain loads of XP inside them.

Go north after killing the boss and talk to the guard. You will then be led to another boss called Acolyte of Damnation. Kill him and rescue Korrin the Blacksmith before going to Wortham, the first zone of the game, through the portal.

Talk to Deckard Cain inside the Chapel and use the upgrade items in your inventory. Salvage unused items at the Blacksmith for extra XP.

Your next objective is to kill Eskara in the Unseen Lair. After killing Eskara, defeat Ifriss the Destroyer. Afterward, return to Deckard Cain and talk to him before leaving the zone. There’s nothing more to do in Wortham as it is only the tutorial zone that gets you up to speed with the mechanics of the game.

However, there is an in-game feature you need to understand now to be able to use it later. This feature is called the Codex. To open up the Codex, open the main menu and click on its icon in the top-right corner.

The Codex has several objectives for each zone. Every time you complete one of the objectives, you’ll be rewarded with some loot and XP.

An extremely important thing to note is that instead of collecting the rewards from the objectives right after completing them, you need to leave them as they are for now.

You won’t have trouble leveling up at this point in the game, but when you reach the mid-game and end-game content, leveling up will become a very hard. So to make leveling up easier for your future self, let the rewards from the Codex sit in there until you need to level up. This will be a lifesaver.

At this point, you will automatically be around level 10 as it is the level requirement of Ashwold Cemetery, the next zone. The best thing about Ashwold Cemetery is the monster population in the area. You will find large groups of monsters everywhere you look, so you’ll be able to farm loads of XP while you’re here. Make sure to kill every monster you encounter while exploring Ashwold Cemetery.

In this zone, you’ll also find areas with blue exclamation marks. If you see a blue exclamation mark, there is a side quest available in the area. Side quests will be present in every game zone from here on out. You should try doing as many side quests as possible because they are a good source of XP and take very little time to complete.

For the main story quest, your first objective in this zone will be to defend Samina. After that, talk to Ulric in the Groundskeeper’s Home. Go to the Crypt of the Honored Dead from there and kill the undead monsters before speaking with Xul.

Head to the Guard’s Watch outpost from there and kill the waves of monsters to farm XP. You can then salvage unwanted gear at the blacksmith. To decide which item to use and which to salvage, look for a green arrow on the item.

This arrow signifies that the item is more powerful than the one you’re currently using. Do note that this green arrow will not be a reliable way to tell which item is more powerful when you reach the end-game content.

Once you’re done with your business at the blacksmith, head to the Handmaiden’s Cottage and farm all the mobs there. Talk to Xul and the Handmaiden after.

You’ll have to go to the Queen’s Tomb next. Go into the main room and defeat the Skeletal Mage before leaving through the portal to go to Ashwold Manor.

Talk to Xul and kill the golems before destroying all three Death Rituals. Head to the center of Ashwold Manor after defeating Lethes. Grab the Ashwold Waypoint before heading into the Mad King’s Breach dungeon.

At this point, you should be at least level 15. The required level to access Mad King’s Breach is level 17. If you’ve been following this guide, you will probably already be at this level. If not, roam around Ashwold Cemetery and kill any mobs you can find to get to the required level.

Diablo Immortal Leveling Tips (Level 15 – 30)

The Mad King’s Breach is the first dungeon of Diablo Immortal. Go inside the dungeon and kill all the ghosts in the main room. Once you’ve done that, the first boss, Sir Gorash will spawn.

After killing Sir Gorash, grab the XP and loot before heading into the Grand Hall. Kill all of the enemies in the hall to spawn the next boss, Manoruk.

After killing Manoruk, head into the Throne Room and deal damage to the Gargoyles standing on the stairs. This will prevent them from refreshing. You can then go into the next room and clear it out.

Head up the next staircase and clear the area before going to the final area. Defeat the 4 waves of skeletons to spawn the final boss, the Skeleton King. Once you’ve defeated the Skeleton King, the Mad King’s Breach dungeon will be completed.

Exit the dungeon and speak with Xul before heading to the Lord’s Rest. Once there, defeat Lethes and then talk to Xul. This will mark the end of the Ashwold Cemetery zone content. You can now take the portal to head to the next zone in Diablo Immortal.

The next zone you’ll travel to is Westmarch, which has a level requirement of 20. This zone is the hub of the entire game. Even if you reach the end-game content, you will return to this zone for certain activities.

Westmarch is divided into upper and lower sections. The upper section has an area called the Palace Courtyard, where you’ll be able to participate in some of the game’s most important activities, including Challenge Rifts, Elder Rifts, and Bounties. The lower section has an area called Rakkis Plaza, where you’ll find all kinds of vendors, such as a Blacksmith, Charms Craftsman, Jeweler, etc.

If you’ve followed this guide up till now, you will be at least level 20 while you’re in Westmarch. And when you reach level 20, you will unlock the Clan feature of Diablo Immortal. Clan activities are a great way to earn XP, so make sure to check out the Clan system.

Before you do the Deckard Cain and Charsi quest and leave Westmarch, you need to pick up the introductory bounty from the Bounty Board and get familiar with Elder Rifts.

Elder Rifts are mini-dungeons that yield insanely good rewards. They are your only source of farming Runes, and you’ll also be able to farm loads of XP doing them.

Elder Rifts usually take 3-5 minutes to complete and reward you with amazing loot and XP, so whenever you’re stuck at a level and need to quickly level up, Elder Rifts are the way to go.

The next zone you will visit in Diablo Immortal is called Dark Wood. This is another zone with a great monster population, so you’ll be able to farm XP very conveniently here. Make sure to specifically target the Elite monsters while you’re farming in these types of zones to get the most XP.

After arriving in the Dark Wood Zone, talk to Lucian in the Blackstone Village. He will give you a letter. After obtaining the letter, you need to look for Alyssa. You can do so by following the navigation.

Take Alyssa to Kashya and then go into the Bloodsworn Den. Kill Kayla the Nightshade before rescuing Hemlir, then kill Lakrii to conquer the den. Return to Dark Wood and speak with Flavie. Go into the Rogue Battlecamp and finish the Horadric Bestiary quest.

The Bestiary is an easy and fun way to gain XP in Diablo Immoral. The Bestiary is supposed to be filled with lore about the game’s monsters, but you’ll find that its pages are missing.

To unlock the pages, you need to gather Monstrous Essence. It can be gathered by simply killing monsters in the wild (not in dungeons). Once you’ve collected 10 Monstrous Essence, you can unlock a page in the Bestiary by visiting the Horadric Altar.

Unlocking the Bestiary pages is an extremely simple process and it rewards you with quite a bit of XP, so make sure to cash in your Monstrous Essence whenever the counter in the top-right corner of your screen reaches 10.

After completing the Horadric Bestiary quest, kill the Crimson Arach boss up north and loot the Crimson Arach’s Eye from its body. You then need to defeat Priestess Vassarici in the Field Swamp.

Afterward, head to the Fallen Village and take down the Fallen Matriarch. Loot the Blackened Branch from the area before returning to the Rogue Battlecamp and speaking with Hemlir. While in the Battle camp, you can salvage your unwanted items to get more XP.

The next place you must go to is the Cult of Damnation’s Camp. While in there, kill the Cultists and loot the Ember of Dark Magic. Head to the Inifuss Tree up north and speak with Hemlir.

An evil clone of Hemlir will spawn. Take him down and then speak with Hemlir. You need to then travel to the Sanguine Ruins and look for Liene.

After finding Liene, kill the Blood Rose and talk to Akara. Your next destination in the game is the Forgotten Tower dungeon. The recommended level for this dungeon is 20, but you should be way past that. In this dungeon, you’ll have to fight two bosses, including the Countess.

After completing the Forgotten Tower dungeon, you can talk to Kashya and start walking back to Westmarch to finish the quest. But before you leave the Dark Wood Zone, make sure to find Bloodsworn to complete your introductory Bounty. Bounties will play a big role in leveling later, so don’t miss out on completing the first one while you’re here.

Once you’re back in Westmarch, you should be around level 25. Talk to Cain in his workshop and hand over the Worldstone Shard. This will trigger an event where you’ll have to kill several demons and Ventar the Unholy. This will be a great opportunity to farm some XP.

After that, collect the notes and look for Jondo Mouren, the Crest Merchant in the Palace Courtyard. This merchant will gift you a Legendary Crest, which is a very rare and valuable item in the game.

Crests are used to modify Elder Rifts so you can obtain more rewards for them. To get a quick boost in XP and a Legendary Gem, load up an Elder Rift and use this Legendary Crest before doing it.
After doing the Elder Rift, talk to Charsi and then rescue Vic. Head to Rakkis Plaza afterward and talk to Seril, the Apprentice Jewelers. Complete Charsi’s quest and then go into the Wolf City Tavern.

In this area, you’ll find an NPC named Bartender Bailey. When you interact with him, the place will be ambushed by pirates. Kill the pirates and then talk to Captain Rehm.

Before you proceed to the next zone in Diablo Immortal, go to the north-eastern edge of Westmarch to find a trader named Lieutenant Fizriah, the Hilts Trader. This trades Hilts in exchange for valuable items such as Legendary and Rare Crests.

These Crests serve a crucial role in leveling as they allow you to gain more rewards from Elder Rifts. So make sure to give Fizriah a visit any time you’ve collected some Hilts.

The next zone in Diablo Immortal is called Shassar Sea, with a level requirement of 28. Your objective in this zone is to find scepter pieces for Tabri. If you manage to find all the pieces for her, she will reward you by showing you the location of the next zone, called the Library of Zoltun Kulle.

The best part about Shassar Sea is the Tomb of Fahir dungeon. This is one of the bigger dungeons in the game, having five bosses in total. This means that you can use this dungeon to farm loads of XP. The quests in this zone are very straightforward, but they have a few puzzles that can get confusing.

Diablo Immortal Leveling Tips (Level 30 – 40)

After you complete the Shassar Sea zone, the Library of Zoltun Kulle zone is up next. However, the level requirement of this zone is 35, but you will be around level 30 if you’ve been following this guide.

There’s no need to worry as this isn’t your fault. Every time a new zone is unlocked, you will be below its level requirements. This means you will have to do side activities to level up before entering the next zone.

Diablo Immortal Best XP Farming Locations (Level 30 – 40)

To farm XP at level 30, you first need to open up the Codex. Hopefully, you have followed the instructions mentioned at the start of the guide and have not collected the rewards from your Codex.

Since you need the experience now, go ahead and collect all of the Codex rewards you’ve accumulated up till now. This will give you a very large amount of experience.

Unfortunately, you will still fall short of the level requirement of the next zone. To get the rest of the XP, head back into the Mad King’s Breach dungeon and start farming away. If you do this in a group, it will be much more efficient as you will get extra gems.

Once you’re at level 35, you can proceed to the Library of Zoltun Kulle. Speak with the Curator to start the quest of this zone.

Follow the quest trail and kill all of the monsters in your path. The path will lead you to three Runes which you need to activate. Before you can do that, you will need to solve a puzzle with 9 lamps.

All you need to do to solve the puzzle is to activate every corner one time and then activate the one in the center. Once you’ve done that, but the runes in their respective statues and then to the Central Core.

Defeat the Guardians and then kill the Arcane Thralls to the west. Grab the Master’s Journal and give it to the Curator at the Central Core.

Head to the Hidden Alcove outpost and speak with the NPCs. From there, kill the Eternal Guardian present at the northern edge of the zone and then take the portal to the Chaos Engine.

Put the Guardian’s Remains inside the engine and kill the Burning Dead and Vulkrek the Chaos Smith. Grab the Spark of Life and give it to the Curator at the Central Core.

Head to the Archive of Secrets and finish the zone event. The Curator will then take you to the alcove where you’ll find the dungeon of this zone, called Destruction’s End.

This is a very straightforward dungeon. You’ll have to go down a single, linear path while waves of enemies ambush you.

Once you’re past the mobs, you’ll have to fight the bosses named Baal and Tal Rasha. Try to kill them before the timer ends to get bonus rewards.

After finishing the dungeon, talk to the Curator to be teleported to the Terminus. This place will take you to the next zone in Diablo Immortal, called Bilefen.

The level requirement of Bilefen is 40. You should be a few levels shy of 40 at this point in the playthrough, so you’ll need to do some more grinding in the Mad King’s Breach dungeon to get there.

Diablo Immortal Leveling Tips (Level 40 – 50)

Once you’ve reached level 40, enter Bilefen and head to Port Justinian. Go inside the Temple of Namari dungeon from there and kill the Guardians.

Speak with Namari and Jin before heading back to Port Justinian. Defeat Soul Killer Shaman and then rescue Cadeus.

Find the Bloated Corpse and then follow the corpse trail from there to find the Maggot Brood. Kill this monster and then talk to Cadeus before going into the Abandoned Village.

Look for Elder Owens inside the village. After finding him, take him down and loot the Nephalem Beacon. Talk to Cadeus to finish this quest.

Your next objective is to find the dungeon of this zone. For that, head to Fetish Village and speak with Watts. Save the survivors and then talk to Geli to acquire the dungeon quest.

The second dungeon of Bilefen is named Kikuras Rapids. There’s not much to this dungeon. It has one linear path which will lead you to a raft. The raft will then take you to the final boss of the dungeon, named Ongori. Do note that while you’re traveling on the raft, you will be ambushed from all directions, so be prepared.

After finishing the Kikuras Rapids dungeon, look for Jin in the Crimsonblade Haven area. He will take you to Rhodri’s Ship. Take down Rhodri the Red before unlocking the cage in the room to get a beacon.

Go back to the Temple of Namari and put the beacon down to spawn Namari. You’ll now be able to finish the Temple of Namari dungeon by killing the enemies in all four rooms.

Exit the dungeon and talk to Jin once more. Return to Port Justinian and talk to Sandro the Mouth to obtain the Timeworm Letter.

Fast Travel to the Kikuras Rapids dungeon and then go to the Ancient Arena from there. Kill the undead enemies and talk to The Unspoken to learn about the faction system and the Cycle of Strife in Diablo Immortal.

You have now fully explored Bilefen. The next step is to return to Westmarch. Once there, talk to Deckard Cain and subsequently Rayoc to learn about the Helliquary.

To unlock the Helliquary, you will need to successfully clear a level 6 Challenge Rift. Upon doing that, you’ll be able to activate the Helliquary.

After that, visit Derek, the Bounty Quartermaster, and clear a level 9 Challenge Rift. Then, talk to the Quartermaster to be rewarded with Scoria and a treasure chest. You have to then bring the Scoria to Charsi so she can transform it into Hellfire Scoria.

Now that the Helliquary is unlocked, you’ll receive a great boost to your Combat Rating, which will allow you to progress significantly quicker in Diablo Immortal.

The next zone you need to travel to is called Mount Zavain. The level requirement for this zone is 46, but you’ll be a few levels below that.

Diablo Immortal Best XP Farming Locations (Level 40 – 50)

To get to level 46 so you can access Mount Zavain, you need to first start grinding dungeons again. This includes Elder Rifts and zone dungeons. These dungeons are the quickest and most efficient way to farm XP in Diablo Immortal. Coupled with dungeons, you can also complete your Battle Pass Objectives from your Codex and farm Zone Events.

Once you reach level 43, faction activities will be unlocked. These activities are another great way to farm XP in the game.

After reaching level 46, go to the Docks in Westmarch and talk to Captain Rehm to be taken to the Mount Zavain Zone. After arriving in this zone, head to Sentinel’s Watch and talk to Captain Vereks. He will lead you to a boss named Khazra. Defeat the boss before talking to Guard Parker.

Head into the Razed Village and save Guard Krynn and Guard Weirr and take them back to Captain Vereks. Talk to Oza and go inside the Khazra Den. Speak with the Mysterious Stranger at the end of the game and then defeat the Roiling Horror boss. Activate the altar and then kill the waves of enemies.

Follow the Spirit Orb to be taken into a cave. After finding clues inside the cave, go to the Zakarum Chapel and kill the Cultist Flamebearer. Look for more clues inside the chapel before talking to Oza.

Head to the Eastern Shrine to finish Oza’s vision and then kill the High Priest of Damnation at the Cultist Shrine. Go to the Profane Ritual and save the hostages there.

Travel to the Sanctified Earth Monastery next and talk to Oza once more. Defeat Dravec’s demons and then kill Agronix. Finally, head to the Summit up north and simply watch the fight between Oza and Dravec to finish off this zone.

Diablo Immortal Leveling Tips (Level 50 – 60)

For the next zone in Diablo Immortal, you need to reach level 51. You’ll be a few levels below that at this point in your playthrough, so follow the short guide below to level up for the next zone.

Diablo Immortal Best XP Farming Locations (Level 50 – 60)

Whenever you’re trying to farm XP, dungeons will be your best friend. This time around, you’ll also be able to complete very special dungeons called Hidden Lairs. These are mini-dungeons that spawn in specific spots but only at certain time intervals.

Whenever a Hidden Lair is active, it will show up as a portal icon on your radar. These dungeons will reward you with Gems and a ton of XP. They only take a few minutes to do, so make sure to keep an eye out for their icons on the map.

Other than that, grind Elder Rift, Challenge Rifts, Zone Events, and Zone Dungeons as much as you can. You’ll probably still have some Battle Pass Objectives left in your Codex, so now’s a good time to finish them all.

If you’re still shy on XP, try doing some more bounties in Westmarch. Bounties are a quick and easy way to farm XP.

Once you’re at level 51, you’ll be able to access the next zone in Diablo Immortal, called Frozen Tundra. Head north from the Frozen Descent Waypoint in Mount Zavain to access this zone.

After arriving in the zone, talk to Ull and then head to the Ruins of Sescheron. Clear out the area before talking to Devra.

Devra will lead you to a portal to Bitter Hearth. Take the portal and then talk to Chief Kientarc, Tassi, and Devra, respectively. Before continuing with the quest, you need to complete the dungeon of the zone named Cavern of Echoes. There are two bosses in the dungeon: Bloodrime and Glacial Colossus. These bosses are extremely powerful, so be prepared.

After finishing the dungeon, talk to Tassi and then defeat Zagraal in the Ice Clan Village. Smash the Khazra Shrine and loot the area before going to the Ancient Grave. Place the loot you obtained in the grave and then talk to Ronkosh and Devra. After that, travel to the Plains of Blood using the portal.

Bury the three Barbarians and then speak with the Clan Elder. Kill the Feram Icejaw boss and then bury Torr’s corpse. Give the Sigil of the Ancients to him and then go back to the Ruins of Sescheron. Inspect Devra’s dead body and then speak with Chief Kientarc and Tassi.

Defeat Dracev and Tayev in the Spirit Realm and then go back to the living world using the Iceburn Tear. You can then end the zones questline by talking to Tassi and Chief Kientarc.