Diablo Immortal Cycle of Strife Guide

The Cycle of Strife is an endgame PVP System in Diablo Immortal. In this Diablo Immortal Cycle of Strife guide,...

The Cycle of Strife is an endgame PVP System in Diablo Immortal. In this Diablo Immortal Cycle of Strife guide, we will explain all the details related to the Cycle of Strife PvP including its walkthrough and Factions.

What is the Cycle of Strife in Diablo Immortal?

The Cycle of Strife is a PvP system in Diablo Immortal that sets the Immortals against the Shadows, thanks to Daedessa the Builder, who gave the Eternal Crown to her son Kion. This granted him the ability to form the Immortals, a group of the world’s most powerful heroes who would protect Sanctuary from the Burning Hells.

Knowing that enormous power comes with the risk of corruption, Daedessa assigned her daughter Akeba to form the Shadows, a second organization tasked with determining the Immortals’ suitability to carry out this duty.

The Shadows take the Immortals’ position as the new Immortals if the Immortals are vanquished by the Shadows, indicating they no longer deserve the power they possess.

The Cycle of Strife lasts 1-3 months and concludes with the existing Immortals remaining in power or the top Shadows overthrowing them and becoming Immortals.

The Rite of Exile and the Challenge of the Immortal are the last events of the Cycle of Strife, and everything that happens during it is oriented at preparing the two factions, the Immortals and the Shadows, for this final clash.

 The Rite of Exile

Rite of Exile is the last fight in the Cycle of Strife, which is initiated by a system that monitors the overall growth of the top Dark Houses of the Shadows to determine when this combat will take place. Rite of Exile is an 8v8 PvP tournament taking place in 10 battlegrounds at the same time.

The Challenge of the Immortal

The Challenge of the Immortal transforms The Immortal into a raid monster that must be defeated by 30 of the strongest Shadows. The top Dark House of the Shadows becomes the next Immortals if the Immortals are defeated. The cycle will still finish if the Immortals win, but the Immortals will stay in power.

Diablo Immortal Cycle of Strife Questline Walkthrough

To unluck the Cycle of Strife, players need to first finish a questline. This quest begins immediately after killing Sargoth in the Temple of Namari, after finishing the line The Final Summoning in Bilefen.

Jin sends you to Port Justinian to speak with Sandro the Mouth once you complete the last objective. Sandro the Mouth hands you a Timeworn Letter, which you place in the third tab of your inventory. Players will receive the following quest line after closing the letter.

Then a Mysterious Voice will speak, with whom you will have a conversation. Take the Timeworn Scroll from the ground and place it in your inventory.

The contents of the Timeworn Scroll will disclose knowledge about the Cycle of Strife, the Immortals, and the Shadows will be shown in animation. This scroll will remain on your third inventory tab indefinitely.

You will be given the quest “A Note In Your Pocket” at this moment. When you click it, it will direct you to Westmarch Cathedral. You need to be at least level 43 to proceed ahead with this quest.

Now the Cycle of Strife will start. Head to Westmarch Cathedral. Place the Timeworn Scroll on the cathedral’s platform. Talk to The Unspoken in the Immortal region of Westmarch, east of the Elder Rifts.

Click the table adjacent to the Wall of Honor to the east of the Unspoken. Speak with Kion and provide the Timeworn Scroll to him. Enter Kion’s Memory and battle in a mock Challenge of the Immortal, where you take on the role of The Immortal. Immortal skills take the place of your usual talents.

Speak with the Unspoken in the Assembly Hall of the Court of Whispers. Meet with Akeba and provide her with the Timeworn Scroll. Play the same Challenge of the Immortal from the perspective of a Shadow in Akeba’s Memory.

The Immortal must be defeated first, followed by the other Shadows. This is something you can accomplish on your own. When you leave the Memory and return to the Assembly, you’ll see that Shadows has been unlocked.

After this, you will be given the option of all the factions. You can choose from Immortal, Shadow and Adventurer. Adventurer is basically those players who don’t wish to take part in Cycle of Strife.

Diablo Immortal Cycle of Strife Factions

Immortals and Shadows are the two main factions in Diablo Immortal. The Immortals are Sanctuary’s sworn protectors, commanded by The Immortal and accompanied by four Lieutenants. A total of 300 Immortals can be found on any given server at any one moment.

The Shadows are a force that exists to put the Immortals’ talents and capabilities to the test. Simply put, your duty as a Shadow is to make life as miserable for the Immortals as possible.

How to Join the Immortals Faction

No player will be able to join the all-NPC Immortals during the first Cycle of Strife. After the first Cycle is completed, this will update.

To become an Immortal, you must first apply for membership in one of the three Immortal clans. If you aren’t already a member of one of these clans, you must apply for membership. At any point during the cycle, new Immortals can be recruited as Shadows or Adventurers.

Immortals receive the following rewards:

  • Crown Abilities
  • The Eternal Crown
  • Commendations
  • Immortal Cosmetic
  • Unique rewards from the Hilts Vendor

How to Join the Shadows Faction

To become a Shadow, enter the Shadow Lottery. This happens three times a day for 60 minutes each time. If you are picked after each cycle, you will receive an in-game message.

If you don’t succeed, try again or try another way. You’ll get an invitation from someone who is already a Shadows member. A player that is selected to be a Shadow will be given an artifact called Akeba’s Signet, which may be used to recruit another player who is Level 43 or above. If you know someone who has Akeba’s Signet, you can bribe them to sponsor you

Shadows receive the following rewards:

  • All members receive stacking benefits of 1% Damage and Defense at each level as they improve their rank. The highest level of Rank 32, giving you a 32 percent boost to both!
  • The Raid the Vault action allows you to steal stuff.
  • Weekly Contracts provide you experience, gold, marks, and the opportunity to get a Legendary item. If you fulfill three contracts in a week, you’ll be able to loot 700x Marks Shadow Chests.

Which Faction Should You Choose in Cycle of Strife

You can devote yourself to tormenting and eventually conquering the present Immortals especially if you’re successful and have become the new Immortals. Shadows are considerably freer.

Unlike lower-ranking Immortals, even the lowest-ranking Shadow can gain directly by increasing their ranks and participating in activities. Furthermore, several of the Contracts are just funny and provide a more immersive experience. You can also choose to remain an Adventurer and keep out of the fight altogether, but you’ll miss out on a lot of opportunities to acquire additional riches.

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