Diablo Immortal Bestiary: How To Farm Monster Essence To Level Up

Diablo Immortal has a Bestiary that tracks all of the enemies—creatures, demons, undead, cultists—you face in Sanctuary. The Bestiary not...

Diablo Immortal has a Bestiary that tracks all of the enemies—creatures, demons, undead, cultists—you face in Sanctuary. The Bestiary not only contains valuable lore for each entry, it also gives you bonuses to Life and Damage. The more entries you lock for the Bestiary, the more bonuses you receive. The following guide will tell you all about how to unlock and level up the Bestiary in Diablo Immortal.

How To Unlock Bestiary In Diablo Immortal

The Bestiary will be unlocked after doing the Horadric Bestiary quest which takes you to the Dark Wood. You need to collect the book which is the Bestiary itself from a shrine and after that, it will be included in the menu.

Since Bestiary is just like other collectibles in the game, you can find it in several locations during the game. In addition to Dark wood, you can also find it in Westmarch’s Palace Courtyard. There it can be found within a shrine by a big statue.

How To Unlock Bestiary Pages

The first and primary way to level up your Bestiary is to fill up the Bestiary pages. The Bestiary page number corresponds directly to your Bestiary level. To fill up the one Bestiary page, you need to kill creatures and yield ten Monster Essences.

Killing ten of them will level up one Bestiary after you open the Bestiary from the menu. The inventory can hold only ten Monster Essences. If you farm more after that, they will not increase your Bestiary levels and go to waste.

To deal with this problem, go to the menu as soon as you see that you have farmed ten Monster Essences and trade them for a new page. There is one other thing to note here. The game has allocated a 3-page quota a day for uncovering the pages.

After that, the game will start to generate Bestiary Duplicate Pages. Duplicate pages will be the same page that you receive again if you have fulfilled your daily limit. So, make sure that you do not go past your limit.

There is another way to level up your Bestiary. Farm Monster Essences by bounty-killing enemies from the Bounty Board. Simply accept the bounty from the Bounty Board and kill the enemy.

Best Way To Farm Monster Essence

You can find Monster Essence everywhere on the map while doing your quest and bounties but some locations have a much higher Monster Essence drop rate than other areas. We have chosen the locations where Monster Essence can be farmed the maximum possible.

Currently, the best Monster Essence farming location where the drop rate is high is in the Shassar Sea. To go there, select Oasis Waypoint and head East of the waypoint to farm Monster Essence. You can also go to high monster spawning areas like Ashworld Cemetery and Frozen Tundra.

Bestiary Rewards

As you find and unlock Bestiary entries, you will get XP, Gold, and some pieces of gear as rewards.

Bestiary also has a Battle Pass entry which will provide you with a reward each time you complete an entry. There is a chance of getting a Legendary gear item as a reward from Battle pass entries.

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