Diablo Immortal Bounties Guide

This guide will introduce you to the basics and locations of the different bounties that you can find in Diablo Immortal for easy rewards.

Diablo Immortal features a large variety of Daily Tasks for players to perform to get additional resources as well as different rewards in form of currency or materials for upgrading your items. One of these daily tasks is Bounty Hunting. This guide will introduce you to the basics and locations of the different bounties that you can find in Diablo Immortal.

How Do Bounties Work in Diablo Immortal?

Bounties are minigames that players can accept from any quest board. Bounties require players to eliminate the targets that every bounty specifies. However, the option of Bounty Hunting is not available from the start.

How To Unlock Bounty Hunting Daily Tasks

To unlock Bounty Hunting, you need to head to Palace Courtyard in Westmarch. Here, you need to talk to Charsi and complete the tutorial quests. Doing so will unlock the Bounty system in Diablo Immortal.

After you have completed the tutorial, you need to find the Quartermaster NPC Derek next to the Bounty Board. You can activate a total of 4 bounties at a single time, and you can take a total of 8 bounties per day.

Depending on the location, there are two types of bounties. These are the Open World Bounties, that have a Blue Border. then, there are bounties with a Green Border and the target for these bounties are found in Dungeons.

In case you do not find a bounty in an area of your level, you have the choice to abandon and re-roll for bounties three times per day for a chance to get either easier bounties or to get better rewards.

How To Share Bounties

It is important to note that Bounties are not required to be done alone. You can choose to complete your daily Bounties with friends in a cooperative fashion.

Furthermore, a clan leader can share Bounties with the entire clan so that all members can complete the tasks together. The same clan leader can also choose to share Bounties with a particular clan member and not the rest of the members. For this, the clan leader needs to only select the clan member profile and share Bounties with them.

Doing Bounties with friends is the quickest way to complete your dailies and move on to the next task. You all will receive the rewards, which also makes it important for friends to share their Bounties with each other so that everyone can get the rewards and XP.

Diablo Immortal Bounty Board Location

Though we have mentioned that you need to use the Bounty Board, where the bounty board is located is still unaddressed.

For starting your Bounty Hunter career, you need to get to the bounty board, which is found in the Palace Courtyard in Westmarch. Derek is also found right next to the bounty board and you need to return to him to get the rewards for your completed bounty.

Diablo Immortal Bounties List

Following are all the Bounty missions currently available in the game. These will include the different bounties in the various areas of the world that you can find.

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Ashwold Bounties

Clearing the Cobwebs: Kill Spiders in Ashwold Cemetery

Guarding the Gardens: Kill Monsters in the Eastern Gardens

Disturbing Their Rest: Search the Ossuary; Kill the Disturbed Zombies

Hidden in the Grass: Kill Monsters Along the Outskirts

Dark Wood Bounties

Bird of Prey: Kill a Corrupted Mauler, Kill the Giant Vulture

Bloodsword Insignia: Kill Bloodsword Rogues to Collect Bloodsworn Insignia

Into the Swamp: Kill Bog Creatures

Night Howlers: Kill Night Howlers

Numbing the Pain: Kill Toxic Lurkers to Collect Paralytic Venom

Culling the Pack: Kill Direwolves

Shassar Sea Bounties

Desert Bandits: Kill Sand Scorpion Bandits

Weapons of War: Kill Deceivers to Collect Shattered Polearms

Beneath the Sands: Investigate the Sands, Kill Lurking Desert Crawlers

Merchant’s Debts: Collect Merchant’s Documents

Verithas the False: Collect Demonic Flesh to Summon and Kill Verithas the False

Desert Crawlers: Kill Desert Crawlers

Library of Zoltun Kulle Bounties

Shifting Cores: Kill Quicksand Golems to Collect Shifting Cores

Defending the Library: Kill Monsters in the Library of Zoltun Kulle

The Hungering Altar: Investigate the Hungering Altar

Hunting Bandits: Find the Hidden Sand Scorpion Bandits and kill them

Bilefen Bounties

Living Nightmares: Kill Beasts in the Bilefen

Dust to Dust: Kill Undead Monsters

Crimsonblade Haven: Kill Crimsonblade Pirates

Mount Zavain Bounties

The Khazra Threat: Kill Khazra in the Moon Clan Encampment

Graveyard Soldiers: Defeat Zakarum Oathbreakers

The Risen Monks: Defeat Risen Monks

Khazra on Zavain: Find Khazra Waiting in Ambush; Eliminate Them

Beasts of the Foggy Plains: Kill Varanids

Zealots: Locate the Cultists Lurking in Mount Zavain and eliminate them

Royal Guards: Kill Royal Guards

Nightmare in the Misty Valley: Kill Monsters in the Misty Valley

Diablo Immortal Bounties Rewards

The biggest use of Bounties is to get Experience, as you get a pretty decent amount of Experience for completing Bounties. Other than Experience, you will also get Gold for completing Bounties.

For every 4 bounties completed, you will get an additional 2000 Experience. Every single bounty gets you 8 Battle Pass Points as well.

Diablo Immortal Bounty Tips

Try to get bounties is a squad. The rewards are provided to all the members and you can easily complete the bounty with help from others. This increases the speed at which you complete and get rewarded for the bounties.

Always track your bounties. This allows you to head straight to your bounty location without getting distracted by other tasks in the world.

Lastly, know which bounty to take. Blue Bounties are better if you don’t have enough time to complete them. They are faster to complete but the rewards are less appealing.

The Green Bounties on the other hand have better and hefty rewards. However, going in dungeons for completing your bounties is time-consuming and requires patience to complete. Make sure which bounty you want so you don’t have to turn the game off in the middle of your bounty.

If you find multiple daily tasks in a specific location, try to get a bounty for the same area. This allows you to get rid of multiple tasks in a single run, without having to go to the same area again and again.

Lastly, visit Derek for the rewards after you have completed your 4 bounties. This allows you to get the complete rewards collectively and you can get all your purchasing and upgrades done in a single run to the Westmarch area.

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