Diablo Immortal Library of Zoltun Kulle Zone Guide

In this detailed Diablo Immortal, we’ll be taking a looking into the playable zone known as the Library of Zoltun...

In this detailed Diablo Immortal, we’ll be taking a looking into the playable zone known as the Library of Zoltun Kulle; where can you find it and the questline you can play when entering this location. So without further ado, let’s get started.

Diablo Immortal Library of Zoltun Kulle Zone Map Overview

Once players have completed the Shassar Sea storyline, players will be following Peth and who will be gracious enough to take you directly to the  Library of Zoltun Kulle and will recite the spell incantation to open the entrance of the library for you.

However, before that happens, remember that you will have to follow Peth to the Sereth Outpost, where he will be attacked. Save him from the foes, and then he’ll escort you to the location. From here onwards, your adventures in this zone have begun.

However before you get too excited, here’s something you need to know, you should be on level 35 or above. As these zones are jam-packed with various enmies and other tasks, ensure your gear and experience level are compatible enough.

Diablo Immortal Library of Zoltun Kulle Questline

As you enter the zone, you should start preparing for what’s coming ahead because it will be a lot, if we say so ourselves. Below, we have prepared a walkthrough of the entire Diablo Immortal Library of Zoltun Kulle questline.

Library Beneath the Sand

The starting mission for the questline is easy to do. For this, simply enter the Library of Zoltun Kulle.

Unseen Guardian

As you enter the library, be aware as soon after some distance you cover, you’ll be encountering a bunch of Mysterious Phantoms. There will be a total of 12 of them, so go ahead and get rid of them. Once you’re done with them, you’ll also encounter the Curator. Go ahead and defeat him to move forward.

Restoring Order

Once you’ve put the Curator in his place, go ahead and talk to him. Once that’s done, move forward to the library, and you’ll bud heads with various monsters. These monsters will be a lot to handle however they won’t take as long to be killed.

Once that’s taken care of, go ahead towards the statue and talk to the Curator once again. Now move forward to the Pedestal to conduct an examination.

Lost Runes

As you’re done with the Restoring Order quest, now comes your duty of restoring the three Lost Runes. It will take some time, but it’s easier to manage. For the first Rune explore the area and acquire as you see it.

These are hard to miss, so it won’t take you much time to find them. Once you have the Rune, go head and light all of the nine Lamps at once. Now take the same Rune and place it on the platform.

Now go ahead and find the second Rune in the same zone. While you do that, you’ll be met with Grimaldi the Flaming Soul. The fight can be challenging, but you can take any enemy down in this zone with the right amount of AoE damage. Once the boss is dead, grab the second Rune and place it next to the second Rune.

From here, you only need to find the third Rune now. You’ll find it easily nearby, and upon acquiring it, you’ll have to interact with it to inspect it.

Once that’s done, relocate all mirrors to the position where it beams the light to illuminate the Rune and place it where the previous Runes are placed in the library.  Now, wait for the Curator to stop by.

At Its Core

Once you’re done with placing and illuminating the Runes, make your way towards the Central Core and find where the Curator is stuck. Approach him and escort him out. However, as you’re doing so, you will be attacked by the Core’s Guardians.

There will be about 10 of them, so make sure you’re ready for a fight. Now go ahead and talk to the Curator.

Source of Knowledge

For this quest, you have to approach the Well of Knowledge and find where the Master’s Journal is. Once that’s acquired, you’ll be attacked by plenty of Arcane Thralls. Kill them all and proceed to Curator to hand him the journal. Now talk to him again.

The Eternal Guardian

This is the most lengthy quest of the whole questline, so brace yourself. First, you are required to head to the Chaos Engine and face the Golems, who you’ll have to help out to kill the undead.

Now approach the Insightful Sands nearby and interact to talk.  As that’s done, go back and inspect the Golem’s Remains. Then, go back and speak with Insightful Sands once again. Once this back and forth interaction is done, explore the Choas Engine area and find Eternal Guardian.

Before you reach it, you will have to cross the bridge blocked by the annoying undead. So kill each of them with no mercy and activate the bridge and the second mechanism.

Now go ahead till you find Eternal Guardian.  You’re required to kill him, so polish your best moves ahead of time and kill him to get his remains and leave the area.

Reforging the Soul

Phew! We know it’s a lot, but you’ve got a few more missions to do. Once you’ve got the Eternal Guardian’s remains, go to the Choas Engine area and place them there.  Activate the first orb and go into full protection mode as the Burning dead will be around to harm it.

Kill them and activate the second orb as well. Protect the orbs from any harm till the Chaos Engine charges all the way up. Then, as it’s done, obtain the Spark of Life.

Recalling the Past

Take the Spark of Life and give it to the Curator. Then, as the gates fall, talk to the Curator again. Now go ahead and find the Curator in the Archives of Secrets to again interact with him as he’s finished. Now follow him as he makes his trip to the alcove.

The Dark Exile

Make your towards the Destruction’s End and find where Tal Rasha is to help defeat the demons. Once the monsters are out of the way, see where Baal is. As you get you’re doing so, wait for Tal Rasha to come around and tell you the plan.

Now go ahead and follow where Zoltun Kulle is and share a conversation. Once that is done, go to Reach Tal Rasha and earn a Bonus Chest. Now kill Baal as you encounter and talk to the Curator.

Heart of the Unknown

As you get done with Baal, stand next to Curator and wait till you reach level 40. Then, voila! You’re done with the Diablo Immortal Library of Zoltun Kulle questline.

How to Farm Library of Zoltun Kulle Zone in Diablo Immortal

There are many different ways to farm rewards from the Library of Zoltun Kulle zone. Below, we’ve listed all the various activities you can do in this zone.

Library of Zoltun Kulle Event – Kulle’s Secret Chamber

For Kulle’s Secret Chamber, players will have to find a total of 5 lost pages around the library. These don’t drop by defeating enemies or foes in the area. Instead,  they spawn in a random location. These are also easy to spot as they are a stack of pages with a sparkling golden animation.

Once you are able to collect all five pages, a notification will pop up reading as ‘Number of Tomes: 1’. Click the arrow icon on the screen to reveal the Kulle’s Hidden Chambers page UI. Now press the ‘USE’ button to unleash a portal that leads to a hidden chamber.

There are chances Hydra or Sandstone Golem spawn instead of a  portal; however, this isn’t a bad scenario either, as they raid bosses, and killing them entails hefty rewards to players.

Library of Zoltun Kulle Codex

The Library of Zoltun Kulle Codex is unlocked when you reach level 35. To unlock its objectives, you need to finish the Shassar Sea story and then complete the whole Library of Zoltun Kulle questline as guided above.

Below, we have listed down all of the Library of Zoltun Kulle’s objectives and how much experience you’ll gain from completing each one.

  • Dungeon: Complete Destruction’s End – 9772 XP
  • Equip a Level 35 Rare Item- ​10065 XP
  • Complete Challenge Rift Level – ​10065 XP
  • Earn 750 Battle Points – 10657​ XP
  • Reach Level 40 – ​10657 XP

Library of Zoltun Kulle – Destruction End Dungeon

The Library of Zoltun Kulle has its own Dungeon named the Destruction’s End. Here you’ll help Zoltun Kulle in Tal Rasha to defeat Baal. The instructions for this dungeon fight are above in The Dark Exile section of Zoltun Kulle Questline.

Hidden Lairs and Elite Quests

There are a lot of Elite (Blue) Quests and Hidden Lairs present in the Library of Zoltun Kulle, but their spawn locations are random. You can forcefully make Hidden Lairs and Elite Quests respawn by clicking on all of the shrines and treasure chest variants you can find in the zone.

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