Diablo Immortal Leveling: How To Level Up Fast (1-60)

The actual endgame starts in Diablo Immortal when you are done with the main storyline and you have reached level 60 on your character. Hence, you will be looking to hit that level cap as soon as possible to start running the endgame raids and rifts. The following guide will help you level up fast from level 1 to 60 in Diablo Immortal.

How To Level Up Fast (1-60) In Diablo Immortal

Save Battle Pass Points

The seasonal battle pass of Diablo Immortal earns you battle points as your grind your way forward. These battle points can be claimed for a large number of experience points (XP).

The thing to know is that the amount of XP obtained from claiming battle points is directly linked with your character level. The higher your character level is, the more XP you will claim.

Hence, do not claim your battle points early on. Save them. It is recommended to start accumulating your battle points once you reach level 10 on your character. This is because you will soon face a level requirement to enter new zones.

If you have saved up battle points, you can claim them then to quickly level up to meet the level requirement of the next zone. Hence, you will save yourself the burden of having to grind another two or three levels before you are able to start exploring the new zone.

It should also be noted that reaching rank 10 on the battle pass rewards you with a free legendary off-hand item.

To sum it up, always save your battle points. When you see that you are a few levels behind in a zone, claim your battle points to bring your character up to level.

Level 35 – Library of Zoltun Kulle
Level 40 – Bilefen
Level 46 – Mount Zavain
Level 51 – Frozen Tundra
Level 56 – Realm of Damnation

Visit The Blacksmith

Make it a habit to always visit the blacksmith when you return to town. In a game like Diablo Immortal, you will be stuffing your bags with a lot of loot. The blacksmith will help you clear up your bags to make room.

Furthermore, you will save time by using the same visit to upgrade gear. Abandoning a quest or an exploration hunt just to head back to town to upgrade an item will waste a lot of time.

Skip Side Quests

Strangely enough, you can level faster through the main storyline instead of spending time on side quests. Most of the side quests in the game give low XP. They are hence not worth doing.

Skip Lairs

Every zone has mini-dungeons called Lairs. Completing these Lairs will reward you with normal gems. However, if you are looking to level up fast, there is no need to spend time in these mini-dungeons. You will have no use for normal gems once you enter the endgame anyway.

Grind Dungeons

During the endgame, it will become difficult to earn the last few levels. You will require a lot of XP and simply farming mobs will not do that for you. Here, you should turn your attention to grind dungeons like the Mad King’s Breach and the Forgotten Tower.

Running dungeons in groups of four will help you earn enough XP to reach level 60.

Diablo Immortal Power Leveling Tips

The endgame of Diablo Immortal is all about strengthening your character as much as possible. You can start on that goal by focusing on your combat rating. Your gear, their gems, and their upgrades, all combine to give you a combat rating. The higher your combat rating is, the more powerful you become in the game.

Something that influences your combat rating is legendary items and set items. These not only increase your combat rating but also unlock powerful bonuses. You’ll eventually be gunning for them once you hit a wall. Hence, get ready to grind dungeons after dungeons.

You will never be a powerhouse without 5-star legendary gems. The only way to get them is by running legendary crests for rifts, which makes them an incredibly hard find.

Your power levels are also influenced by your Paragon levels but that depends on your Pargon server level. If the server is limiting your Paragon levels, there is no need to rush.

Diablo Immortal Quick Leveling to Lassal

If you were looking to speed-run Diablo Immortal, it was probably so that you can fight Lassal, the Flame-Spun, as soon as possible. That gives you quick access to run Hell 2 dungeons from where you will then be able to complete set bonuses such as Grace of the Flagellant and Vithu’s Urges.

To reach Lassal as quickly as possible, you must focus on increasing your combat rating early on. Remember that you need a party of around 1,100 combat rating to take down Lassal.

Your best bet to increase your combat rating is to start grinding dungeons in a group. You will hence have a chance to unlock your set bonuses which are incredibly powerful.

You will also be able to upgrade your set items with triple primary and secondary attributes. The set items and set bonuses will give your character a massive combat rating boost.

The other way to boost your combat rating is to run Elder Rifts for powerful legendary gems. You can further improve your Elder Rifts rewards by using the rare and legendary crests from the battle pass.

Finally, and it should be fairly obvious, you need to upgrade your legendary gear to Rank 11. You will need Scrap Material, Enigmatic Crystal, and Enchanted Dust for these upgrades. Hence, start Salvaging gear early on to have enough crafting materials. You can also run Challenge Rifts at level 25 to farm a lot of Scrap Material and Enigmatic Crystal.

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