Diablo Immortal: How to Level Up Fast (1-60)

The actual endgame starts in Diablo Immortal when you are done with the main storyline and you have reached level...

The actual endgame starts in Diablo Immortal when you are done with the main storyline and you have reached level 60 on your character. Hence, you will be looking to hit that level cap as soon as possible to start running the endgame raids and rifts. The following guide will help you level up fast from level 1 to 60 in Diablo Immortal.

How to Level Up Fast in Diablo Immortal

  1. Get Your Battle Pass Up to Level 10
  2. Save Battle Pass Points
  3. Visit the Blacksmith
  4. Skip Side Quests
  5. Skip Lairs
  6. Grind Dungeons
  7. Farm Elder Rifts with a Group
  8. Group Up Monsters Before Fighting
  9. There’s No Need to Fully Clear Out Zones
  10. Farm Blue Glowing Monsters
  11. Farm Bounties
  12. Complete the Bestiary
  13. Interact with Pools of Reflection Whenever You See Them
  14. Fully Utilize XP Farming Spots

Get Your Battle Pass Up to Level 10

The Free Battle Pass in Diablo Immortal surprisingly grants quite a bit of XP. To get the most out of this Battle Pass, you need to get it to level 10 as soon as possible.

When you get it to level 10, it will grant you a free Legendary Weapon. This weapon will help you out a lot with clearing dungeons and rifts.

Save Battle Pass Points

The seasonal battle pass of Diablo Immortal earns you battle points as your grind your way forward. These battle points can be claimed for a large number of experience points (XP).

The thing to know is that the amount of XP obtained from claiming battle points is directly linked with your character level. The higher your character level is, the more XP you will claim.

Hence, do not claim your battle points early on. Save them. It is recommended to start saving your battle points once you reach level 10 on your character. This is because you will soon face a level requirement to enter new zones.

If you have saved up battle points, you can claim them then to quickly level up to meet the level requirement of the next zone. Hence, you will save yourself the burden of having to grind another two or three levels before you are able to start exploring the new zone.

It should also be noted that reaching rank 10 on the battle pass rewards you with a free legendary off-hand item.

To sum it up, always save your battle points. When you see that you are a few levels behind in a zone, claim your battle points to bring your character up to level.

  • Level 35Library of Zoltun Kulle
  • Level 40 – Bilefen
  • Level 46 – Mount Zavain
  • Level 51 – Frozen Tundra
  • Level 56 – Realm of Damnation

Visit The Blacksmith

Make it a habit to always visit the blacksmith when you return to town. In a game like Diablo Immortal, you will be stuffing your bags with a lot of loot. The blacksmith will help you clear up your bags to make room.

Furthermore, you will save time by using the same visit to upgrade gear. Abandoning a quest or an exploration hunt just to head back to town to upgrade an item will waste a lot of time.

Skip Side Quests

Strangely enough, you can level faster through the main storyline instead of spending time on side quests. Most of the side quests in the game give low XP. They are hence not worth doing.

Skip Lairs

Every zone has mini-dungeons called Lairs. Completing these Hidden Lairs in Diablo Immortal will reward you with normal gems. However, if you are looking to level up fast, there is no need to spend time in these mini-dungeons. You will have no use for normal gems once you enter the endgame anyway.

Grind Dungeons

During the endgame, it will become difficult to earn the last few levels. You will require a lot of XP and simply farming mobs will not do that for you. Here, you should turn your attention to grind dungeons like the Mad King’s Breach and the Forgotten Tower.

Running dungeons in groups of four will help you earn enough XP to reach level 60.

Farm Elder Rifts with a Group

Elder Rifts are one of the simplest and quickest ways of farming XP and rewards in Diablo Immortal. These are special dungeons where you can complete a simple objective to earn lots of rewards and XP for your character.

One completion of the Elder Rift will only take about 5 minutes, so you can farm them several times a day. Elder Rifts can also be done with a group of friends, which will allow you to complete them even quicker. You can also improve the quantity and quality of rewards from Elder Rifts by using Crests.

Group Up Monsters Before Fighting

When trying to level up quickly in Diablo Immortal, make sure to group up monsters before you attack them, instead of fighting them one at a time. This will allow you to get a very large kill streak combo, which will increase the amount of XP you get from the monsters.

For this, you’ll need to come equipped with skills that deal great AoE damage. If you group up 100 monsters and then kill them all within a very small period of time, you’ll get a bonus called the “Massacre Bonus”, which will further increase your XP gains.

There’s No Need to Fully Clear Out Zones

This may come as a shock to a lot of people, but there’s absolutely no benefit in fully clearing out each zone you play through in Diablo Immortal. Instead of killing every single monster present in a zone, you can simply just ignore them and head to your next objective.

This may seem counterintuitive as you’re losing out on the XP you gain from the monsters, but this XP is practically negligible. They are not worth your time and effort.

Farm Blue Glowing Monsters

When you’re playing through Diablo Immortal, you’ll notice some special monsters on the battlefield that have a distinct blue glow to them. These monsters are enhanced versions of regular monsters and grant a significantly higher amount of XP than their regular counterparts.

Therefore, whenever you see Blue Glowing monsters in Diablo Immortal, make sure to kill them to easily get a bunch of XP.

Farm Bounties

Bounties are another simple and quick way to farm XP in Diablo Immortal. To accept a bounty, head to the Palace Courtyard in Westmarch and interact with the board.

You’ll be able to do 8 Bounties per day. The Bounty Board refreshes daily with new bounties. If you miss a bounty, when the board refreshes the next day, it will retain the bounty that you missed. The board can hold a maximum of 8 bounties per day.

Complete the Bestiary

In Diablo Immortal, there’s a book called the Bestiary which allows you to farm monsters to get XP in exchange.

To complete a page in the Bestiary, you must farm 10 Monstrous Essence of the monster shown in the page. Once you’ve farmed the 10 Monstrous Essence, you can complete a page in the Bestiary and unlock the next one.

You can complete the Bestiary organically as you play through Diablo Immortal. Just make sure to turn the 10 Monstrous Essence in as soon as you acquire it because you cannot hold more than 10 of it at once.

Interact with Pools of Reflection Whenever You See Them

The Pools of Reflection in Diablo Immortal grant your character a temporary XP boost when you interact with them. But unfortunately, the spawn locations of these pools are completely random, so there’s no way to coordinate their XP boost with other activities.

Whenever you see a Pool of Reflection in Diablo Immortal, make sure to interact with it to get the awesome XP boost.

Best XP Farming Spots

If you want to maximize your XP gains, you need to farm XP in some specific spots in Diablo Immortal which have ideal farming conditions. To make things easier for you, below we’ve listed down the best farming spots in each zone in Diablo Immortal.

Mount Zavain Best XP Farming Spots

The best XP farming spots in Mount Zavain zone in Diablo Immortal are Zakarum Graveyard and Moon Clan Encampment.

When you’re in the Zakarum Graveyard area, you’ll encounter a ton of blue monsters, which grant you bonus XP and rewards. On top of that, there are a bunch of shrines in this area which grant the player all kinds of power ups, making it easier for you to farm XP.

The best thing about the Moon Clan Encampment area of Mount Zavain is its layout. The paths in this area are extremely narrow. This means that it’ll be very easy for you to group up the monsters and take them out together to get the Massacre Bonus.

Realm of Damnation Best XP Farming Spots

The best XP farming spots in Realm of Damnation are the Citadel of the Damned Waypoint and Plains of Torment.

From the Citadel of the Damned Waypoint, head south and you’ll find an extremely large number of monsters bunched up together in a very small space. This makes it a great place to farm XP

The Plains of Torment area, on the other hand, might be the best XP farming spot in Diablo Immortal. You’ll find many blue monsters in this area; the spawn rate of monsters is incredibly high and there are a bunch of shrines in the area. On top of that, a Pool of Reflection seems to spawn quite often on this route.

Library of Zoltun Kulle Best XP Farming Spots

The best XP farming spot in the Library of Zoltun Kulle is the Hidden Alcove area. This small area has a strangely high monster spawn rate. You can keep going in and out of the area to make the monsters respawn. In this way, you’ll be able to farm XP continuously.

Shassar Sea Best XP Farming Spots

The best XP farming spot in the Shassar Sea area of Diablo Immortal is the Oasis Waypoint. From the Oasis Waypoint, head north and you’ll find two areas that are perfect for XP farming. There are many shrines in these areas and the monster spawn rate is quite high.

Bilefen Best XP Farming Spots

The best XP farming spot in Bilefen is Crimsonblade Haven. Monsters in this tiny area spawn in bundles. Once you’ve killed a bundle of monsters, it’ll respawn in around 10 seconds. Since there are several bundles of monsters, you’ll never run out of monsters to kill while you’re farming XP in this area.

Ashwold Cemetery Best XP Farming Spots

The best XP farming spot in the Ashwold Cemetery is Lord’s Rest. This is one of the more difficult XP farming spots since many Purple Elite Monsters spawn in this area, but the XP and rewards you gain from farming here are unmatched

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