How To Get Scoria In Diablo Immortal

Scoria is one of the crafting materials required for your progression in Diablo Immortal. They are used to upgrade the Helliquary to unlock new levels and new bosses for improved rewards. The following guide will explain how to get and use Scoria in Diablo Immortal.

How To Get Scoria In Diablo Immortal

The most direct and basic method to get Scoria is by completing daily activities. Additionally, you can pick up bounties from the bounty board at Westmarch for a chance to receive some Scoria.

Your main way to get Scoria, however, will be through the Helliquary raids. These raids will not be easy. They contain some of the most brutal bosses you will ever encounter in Diablo Immortal. If you are not ready, your eight-player team is likely going to be wiped from existence.

Lastly, you can also receive Scoria by leveling up your Empowered Battle Pass. You will need to purchase the Empowered pass from the shop though with real-world money. If you are against that or against microtransactions, you are welcome to stick to the other options before.

How To Refine To Get Hellfire Scoria In Diablo Immortal

Helliquary is a device created by Charsi that allows you to track down different types of bosses and challenge them. Helliquary can be upgraded to unlock new levels (with increased difficulty) which requires Hellfire Scoria.

Take your Scoria to a blacksmith to refine the crafting material into Hellfire Scoria at the cost of 100 Gold. This is the only way to get Hellfire Scoria in Diablo Immortal right now but Blizzard Entertainment may add more ways down the road to refine Scoria with content updates.

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