Diablo Immortal Runes Guide

In this guide, we'll be looking into what kind of useful material Rune is in Diablo Immortal, where you can...

In this guide, we’ll be looking into what kind of useful material Rune is in Diablo Immortal, where you can get it, and how many types of Runes exist in Diablo Immortal. So without further ado, let’s begin.

What are Runes?

To have the best performance out of your equipment in Diablo Immortal, players need to farm Legendary Gems, which are slottable items for characters in the game. These will buff players’ stats and provide them with some fantastic new abilities.

In addition, they will also boost a player’s Combat Rating. However, before players can do so, they first need to get their hands on the Runes.

Runes are one of the most important and valuable items in Diablo Immortal that are used to craft the Legendary Gems. These act as resource currency in the game.

Once players have got their hand on Runes in the game, they can take it to the Apprentice Jeweler and combine it with Platinum to acquire one or two-star ranking legendary gems.

Runes are categorized into two major types; Common Runes and Uncommon Runes. The first type of Rune is used to craft one and two-star ranking legendary gems, whereas the latter type is used exclusively to craft two-star ranking legendary gems.

At the same time, other higher-ranking legendary gems can be crafted by using the recipes available at the Jeweler. However, they take a lot of time and can be expensive; having enough runes stacked can make the process easier for you.

How to Get Runes in Diablo Immortal

Now that we’re clear on what kind of items Runes are and their purposes in the game, let’s look into where you can get them from. There are three significant ways to obtain Runes in Diablo Immortal.

Elder Rifts

The first way to get as many runes as possible is through Elder Rifts. Elder Rifts in Diablo Immortal features a randomly generated dungeon with endless monsters and hefty prizes.

Once players have successfully completed the event, they get Experience Points, Gold, and Fading Embers as rewards. Fading embers is an in-game currency used to get runes from nearby merchants. Elder Rift you run rewards 8 Fading Ember upon completion. You’ll obtain a one-star legendary gem in exchange for seven FA runes.

To enhance your Elder Rifts experience, use Rare Crests or Legendary Crests. When you do so, it will allow you to claim Runes directly once completing the Elder Rift. This will grant you a decent number of Runes that can be used for your buffing your character abilities and gear. Moreover, these Runes will be a mix of both Common and Uncommon runes

Fading Embers

One of the most obvious ways to obtain Runes in the game is by trading Fading Embers with the merchants. Yet again, this currency can also be obtained by taking part in various challenges and missions in the game, especially the Elder and Challenge Rifts, enhanced by legendary crests.

Moreover, if your partner also uses legendary crests during these challenges, the chances of obtaining Fading Embers doubles up. Once you have enough of these, trade them with the merchant to acquire the Rune you want.

It is also worth noting that you can obtain a maximum of 320 Fading Ember per week if you use crests with friends, otherwise their limit is capped at 200.

How to Farm Ati and Fa Crafting Runes

Ati and Fa runes are the most important ones you will require for rune crafting in Diablo Immortal. Ati runes are needed for every rune recipe in the game while Fa runes on the other hand are the only runes you can use at the vendor to exchange for a random Legendary gem.

There are three ways to farm Ati and Fa runes in Diablo Immortal. Below we have listed all three ways

  • Elder Rifts
  • Battlepass
  • Cellik the Runes trader

Elder Rifts are the best place to get your hands on runes, but FA runes are not available there. You can increase the number of runes by boosting Elder Rifts with rare or legendary crests.

Alongside the runes you also obtain Fading Embers in the Elder Rifts. Cellik, the Fading Embers and Runes trader, can be found in Westmark to the left, below the Elder Portal. Cellik accepts Fading Embers in exchange for FA Runes. You can also exchange your other runes along with fading embers for Ati runes at Cellik.

If you’re out of luck and can’t find any Runes in your run at the Elder Rifts, don’t worry because you’ll still get between 8 and 11 fading embers. These fading embers can be exchanged later at Cellik.

It is worth noting, however, that you will receive 1 FA rune in exchange for 18 embers at Cellik. So be prepared to spend a lot of fading embers if you want to gamble your Fa runes in hopes of decent legendary gems.

Types of Runes and their Associated Gems

There are currently a total of 15 Runes that players can avail themselves of while playing in Diablo Immortal. We’ve listed the name of each Rune alongside how much Fading Embers (FE ) it requires.

  • Ati (10 FE)
  • Weh (30 FE)
  • Nie (Fading FE)
  • Pyr: (30 FE)
  • Lux: (30 FE)
  • Ord: (30 FE)
  • Fa: (40 FE)
  • Syl: (120 FE)
  • Urs: (120 FE)
  • Bol: (120 FE)
  • Ent: (120 FE)
  • Dr: (120 FE)
  • Vox: (120 FE)
  • Rae: (120 FE)
  • Tyr: (120 FE)

By using these Runes, players can craft some valuable legendary gems in Diablo Immortal. Following is the recipe for each of them according to their star ranking.

1 Star Ranking Legendary Gem Recipes

  • Berserker’s Eye: Requires 2x Pyr Rune and 7x Ati Rune
  • Ca’arsen’s Invigoration: Requires 2x Syl Rune and 7x  Ati Rune
  • Chained Death: Requires 2x Vox Rune and 7x Ati Rune
  • Defiant Soul: Requires 2x Ent Rune and 7x  Ati Rune
  • Everlasting Torment: Requires 2x Bol Rune and 7x  Ati Rune
  • Freedom and Devotion: Requires 2x Dro Rune and 7x  Ati Rune
  • Mocking Laughter: Requires 2x Rae Rune and 7x  Ati Rune
  • Nightmare Wreath: Requires 2x Nie Rune and 7x  Ati Rune
  • Pain of Subjugation: Requires 2x Lux Rune and 7x  Ati Rune
  • Respite Stone: Requires 2x Ord Rune and 7x  Ati Rune
  • Seled’s Weakening: Requires 2x Tyr Rune and 7x  Ati Rune
  • The Black Rose: Requires 2x Rune and Weh 7x  Ati Rune
  • Trickshot Gem: Requires 2x Rune and Aud 7x  Ati Rune
  • Zod Stone: Requires 2x Urs  Rune and 7x  Ati Rune

2 Star Ranking Legendary Gem Recipes

  • Battleguard: Requires 2x Ece Rune and 28x  Ati Rune
  • Bloody Reach: Requires 2x Zuh Rune and 28x  Ati Rune
  • Cutthroat’s Grin: Requires 2x Oth Rune and 28x  Ati Rune
  • Follower’s Burden: Requires 2x Laz Rune and     28x  Ati Rune
  • Lightning Core: Requires 2x Cir Rune and 28x  Ati Rune
  • Power & Command: Requires 2x Nou Rune and 28x  Ati Rune
  • The Hunger: Requires 2x Imm Rune and 28x  Ati Rune
  • Unity Crystal: Requires 2x Phy Rune and 28x  Ati Rune

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