Diablo Immortal Salvaging Guide

You will only equip some of the hundreds of different items available in Diablo Immortal. The rest can be broken down through a Salvaging process to accumulate crafting materials that can be then used to upgrade your gear. The following guide will cover the entire Salvaging process and highlight how you can increase your Salvage yield in Diablo Immortal.

Understanding Salvaging In Diablo Immortal

Salvaging is part of your farming routine which you will be doing often in the endgame to gather as many crafting materials as possible. You can take an early start by Salvaging as many items as possible to pile up crafting materials, but you will mostly be making use of that during the endgame.

Salvaging can be done by any blacksmith in the game. It is a one-step process, meaning that you will not need to jump through hoops such as having to upgrade the blacksmith to unlock the Salvage option like it was in Diablo 3.

That being said, you will not be able to Salvage until you complete a pre-requisite mission in Diablo Immortal.

As you advance in the storyline, you will meet Korrin in Wortham. He is the first blacksmith you will encounter in the game and will give you a little task to complete. Once you are done with that, you will unlock the ability to Salvage items.

How To Salvage Gear In Diablo Immortal

You can Salvage all of the different item rarities in the game. However, take note that Salvaging is not a reversible process. Once an item has been broken down, it is gone forever. Hence, make sure that you are not Salvaging an item important to your build.

For that reason, you will be asked for confirmation before Salvaging an item that is better than the one you currently equipping. Just the same, you should be extra cautious when Salvaging your gear.

Once you have unlocked the option and have items to Salvage, make your way to any blacksmith in the game. Choose Salvage from the list of services and select your items to start the process.

The crafting materials you receive after Salvaging items depend on their rarity type. The higher the rarity type, the more precious crafting materials you will receive. You will actually be able to see what crafting materials you can get by Salvaging a specific item.

How To Use Salvaged Crafting Materials In Diablo Immortal

You Salvage items for crafting materials but these crafting materials are not used to craft new items. You will be using them to instead upgrade your items.

In Diablo Immortal, every item regardless of its rarity (except common gear) has ranks. This is part of the upgrading process. You can upgrade an item by improving its ranks.

Below are the crafting materials you can get based on the rarity type of the item and what that crafting material can be used for.

Scrap Materials

  • You get them by Salvaging normal and magic items.
  • You use them to upgrade primary and secondary items.

Enchanted Dust

  • You get them by Salvaging rare items.
  • You use them to upgrade primary items only.

Glowing Shards

  • You get them by Salvaging legendary items.
  • You use them to upgrade primary items only.

How To Increase Salvaged Materials In Diablo Immortal

There are a few ways through which you can increase the number of crafting materials you receive every time you Salvage in Diablo Immortal.

For starters, the Paragon World System can determine your Salvage yield. If your Paragon level is lower than the server Paragon level, your Salvage yield will be increased.

That, however, also works vice versa. If your Paragon level is five or more levels above the server Paragon level, your Salvage yield will be decreased.

Something else you need to know is that the Salvage yield is determined the moment an item is dropped. You can keep that item in your inventory forever in hopes of your Paragon level kicking in. You will still receive the same crafting materials as determined the moment the item was dropped in the game.

The only thing you can do is farm items for Salvaging like hell when your Paragon level is helping you gain bonus Salvage materials.

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