Diablo Immortal Wortham Zone Guide

Wortham is the very first playable zone in Diablo Immortal. In this Diablo Immortal Wortham Zone guide, we will give...

Wortham is the very first playable zone in Diablo Immortal. In this Diablo Immortal Wortham Zone guide, we will give you all the details related to this riverside town and its surrounding areas to get you familiar with the early hours of the game.

Diablo Immortal Wortham Zone Map Overview

Your character is taken to the Wortham docks on a boat when you first log in to Diablo Immortal at level one. A brief tutorial shows you how to use movement control and attacks.

The tutorial teaches you how to utilize your skill buttons one by one when you unlock them after completing a few missions. The recommended character level for Wortham zone is 1-12.

Diablo Immortal Wortham Questline

There’s a progress tracking bar on the left side of your screen when you’re in Wortham. You need to complete all the quests in Wortham. Below we have listed down the names of all the quests in Wortham with their description.

Head through the Forest to the Town of Wortham

Take a left at the docks and go northeast. ​

Investigate the Abandoned Building

Kill the Risen by entering the abandoned building.

Kill the Infested Villagers

On your way to Wortham’s gates, kill all the Risen undead.

Kill the Cultist and Infested Villagers

Villagers are being transformed into Risen by a Damned Cultist. Kill her and the undead will be destroyed.

Kill the Cultists and Undead

Three Damned Cultists are raising additional Risen through a ceremony. Stop them and put an end to the undead. You’ve progressed to Level 2.

Kill the Putrid Desecrator

A Putrid Desecrator is summoned by Eskara. To get to level 3, loot the Experience Globes. You get access to a new Skill. The following options become available: The Skills feature, the mini-map function, and the Inventory feature are all unlocked.

Talk to the Guard at Wortham’s gate

When you’re standing near the Wortham Guard, click the yellow bubble symbol to start a conversation. To go to the next dialogue, press anywhere onscreen within the dialogue window. ​

Find the Vile Refuge

This is the cave that is furthest toward the West. You will attain level 5 and a new Skill will be Upgraded to Rank 2  on your journey there. ​

Free the Trapped Villagers

Go towards the trapped villagers.

Kill the Acolyte of Damnation

The Damnation Acolyte is spawned. Every time he summons new Hellions, kill the three Hellions right away. He sucks up the blood of the villagers and swells in size at 50% health. He summons two mirror copies and launches three fireballs in separate directions during this phase.

Kill the mirror images before concentrating on the boss. To survive the confrontation, use the Health Globes.

Free the Shackled Villager

The Wortham Blacksmith is the Shackled Villager. To get to Level 6, you must use the Experience Globes. Rank 2 of the skill will be unlocked. ​

Talk to Korrin

Korrin, the Wortham Blacksmith, is revealed to be the Shackled Villager. He creates a doorway that leads to Wortham. ​

Interact with the Portal to return to Wortham

When you’re close to Korrin’s Portal, click the orange Portal icon near the Skills button. This portal will transport you to the town of Wortham.

Talk to the Blacksmith

A few yards north of the Wortham Waypoint, Korrin the Blacksmith stands. The Blacksmith icon can be found on the mini-map. The Wortham Waypoint can be unlocked by teleporting to Wortham. You have now gained access to the Blacksmith’s salvage services.

Talk to the Survivors in the Chapel

The Chapel can be found directly north of Korrin the Blacksmith.

Assist the Guards at the Western Gate

At the western gate, kill the Risen undead. The location is shown as a flashing circle on the mini-map, west of Korrin the Blacksmith.

Reach the Unseen Lair

You will achieve Level 7 by killing wolves and spiders along the route. Skill will be upgraded to Rank 2.

Defeat the Cultists

To remove the magical barrier, defeat all 6 Damned Cultists at the Unseen Lair’s entrance. A new skill and skill slot will be unlocked by this point.

Search for the Worldstone Shard

Search for the Worldstone Shard now.

Kill Eskara

Kill the Damned Cultists at the end of the Unseen Lair, then fight Eskara. The ritual uses the blood of the Villagers and the shard to open a waygate for Lord Skarn to enter Sanctuary. A cinematic plays onscreen when Eskara’s health reaches 1/3840, and Ifris the Destroyer will spawn.

Kill Ifris the Destroyer

Ifris has multiple abilities, including fire breath in a cone AOE, five meteors raining down from the sky three times, a red line painted on the ground before he breathes fire straight in that direction, and summoning 5-6 minions. When Ifris dies, you reach Level 10. Another skill will rank up to level 3.

Examine the Worldstone Shard

When you get close enough to the Worldstone shard, click it. Onscreen, a sequence shows your character grabbing the Worldstone shard. Then, in front of you, a gateway to Wortham appears.

Enter the Portal to Wortham

Talk to Deckard Cain inside the Chapel after clicking the gateway to Wortham.

Talk to Cain in Wortham’s Chapel

Talk to Deckard Cain once you’ve entered the Chapel. He’s never heard of Skarn or the fact that the Burning Hells have a Lord of Damnation.

At this point Xul the Necromancer emerges in the Chapel, pleading for assistance. Lethes, his apprentice, has one of the Worldstone shards and is raising the dead at the Ashwold Cemetery.

Talk to Cain

Deckard Cain will need your aid to collect the Worldstone’s corrupted fragments and save the planet.

Take the World Map

To activate the function, select the World Map item from Deckard Cain’s table. A Diablo III-style animated sequence appears, depicting numerous locations throughout Sanctuary. This also activates the Portal Scroll function, which may lead you to Westmarch later on. ​

Exit the Chapel and head to Ashwold Cemetery

Take the route west of Korrin the Blacksmith and continue straight to the north path, where you will be transported to the southern entrance of Ashwold Cemetery.

Completes the Wortham Questline and unlocks Auto-Navigation in Wortham. The Codex, Free Daily Rewards, Shop, and Mail functions are all unlocked.

The Risen Dead

Make your way to Ashwold Cemetery. At the top of the Wortham map, go all the way north.

How to Farm Wortham Zone in Diablo Immortal

Wortham is a smaller zone, therefore farming is very simple. Treasure Chests are one way of farming in Wortham Zone. Treasure Chests respawn in a set order.

Imagine if you find a Treasure Chest in Wortham’s lowest section. The Treasure Chest will respawn at one of the other places shown on the map the next time you visit. But here’s the catch if you keep clicking treasure chests to have them respawn, the treasure chest will respawn as a new variety of a treasure box the following time.

Killing monsters in the Wortham area is also necessary for those who are farming Orange Rare Elites. Legendary Items, which can be used as upgrades or salvaged for Glowing Shard material, have a 50% chance of being dropped here.

Going clockwise or counterclockwise and killing every enemy and clicking every shrine and treasure box is the most effective way to farm Wortham. Repeat until an Orange Rare Elite spawns, then do it all over again.

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