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AMD Ryzen 7 1700X

AMD Ryzen 7 1700X Priced At $389.99, Intel i7 6800K Priced At $409.99

We recently saw some leaked prices for AMD Ryzen in Europe but now we have some prices in USD. It...

by   /   Feb 18, 2017
Thermaltake PCIe 3.0 Extender

New Thermaltake PCIe 3.0 Extender, Show Off Your Vertical Mounted GPU

Thermaltake PCIe 3.0 extender has been revealed and using this you can show off your GPU in all its...

by   /   Feb 18, 2017
AMD Radeon RX 500

AMD Radeon RX 500 Series Vega Preview Confirmed at Capsaicin & Cream

With the Capsaicin & Cream event coming up later this month we all expected to see some Vega...

by   /   Feb 18, 2017
Intel Atom C2000

Cisco Paying 125 Million In Compensation For Intel Atom C2000 Bug

Usually Intel hardware is very reliable and while chips do have bugs they are not critical. It...

by   /   Feb 18, 2017
Nintendo Switch eShop

Nintendo Switch Mii And Profile Picture Menu Leaked

Nintendo Switch is just a few weeks away from launch and profile pictures and Mii options for the...

by   /   Feb 18, 2017
Final Fantasy VII Remake Key Visual

New Final Fantasy VII Remake Images Hint At KH-Esque Combat System

Final Fantasy VII Remake combat system is being kept under wraps and not much has been shown so...

by   /   Feb 18, 2017
Fallout 4 Derivable Motorcycle Mod

Fallout 4 Derivable Motorcycle Mod Lets You Drive And Customize Motorbikes

Fallout 4 is an amazing game with a vast open-world to explore. However, to explore this massive...

by   /   Feb 18, 2017
Tsubame 3.0

Nvidia Will Power Japan’s fastest AI Super Computer, Tsubame 3.0 Launching This Summer

Nvidia will partner with Tokyo Institute of technology for Japan’s fastest AI supercomputer known...

by   /   Feb 18, 2017

SKT Sparks Ire by Going After League of Legends Content Creators

Several League of Legends content creators on YouTube have reportedly received take-down notices...

by   /   Feb 18, 2017

Next Overwatch Hero Might Not Be Doomfist, Suggests Jeff Kaplan

People were thinking that next Overwatch hero will be Doomfist because of some hints contained in...

by   /   Feb 18, 2017
Russian Nvidia Fanboy. murdered, his Friend, over bizzare debate

Russian Nvidia Fanboy Lost His Head in Argument, Murdered AMD Fanboy Friend

A friendly argument between two Russian friends turned into violence when Russian Nvidia fanboy...

by   /   Feb 18, 2017
Star Wars Battlefront Rogue One DLC

Star Wars Battlefront Rogue One DLC Free For The Weekend

Rogue One DLC was the last expansion released for Star Wars Battlefront and if you want to try it...

by   /   Feb 18, 2017
Apple iPhone 8

Apple iPhone 8 Will Drop Physical Button, Extending Screen Size, Virtual Buttons, Says a Rumor

We covered the previous rumor that Apple will remove the home button in its next iPhone, now, a new...

by   /   Feb 18, 2017
Nioh Update 1.02

Nioh Helped “Reach Out To A Brand New Audience”, Says Koei Tecmo’s President

Koei Tecmo published the critically acclaimed action RPG, Nioh. While the company is yet to reveal...

by   /   Feb 18, 2017
Horizon Zero Dawn

Horizon Zero Dawn Review Leaked, A Perfect Blend Of Sci-Fi And Fantasy

The launch of the highly anticipated PS4 exclusive, Horizon Zero Dawn, is just around the corner...

by   /   Feb 18, 2017
Bethesda Game Studios

Bethesda Game Studios Has Seven Projects In The Works

Bethesda Game Studios, the in-house development studio at Bethesda Softworks, has been very silent...

by   /   Feb 18, 2017

PEA Commissioner Resigns After Recent Counter-Strike Controversy

Still recuperating from its recent Counter-Strike debacle, the Professional Esports Association...

by   /   Feb 18, 2017

Major Aatrox Changes Revealed for League of Legends, Unique Items for Supports

Significant changes for Aatrox are scheduled to hit the League of Legends Public Beta Environment...

by   /   Feb 18, 2017
Fallout 4 VR

Bethesda Promises Fallout 4 VR Will Be A Complete Experience

Fallout 4 released back in 2015 with great critical acclaim and became the most successful game in...

by   /   Feb 18, 2017
Star Citizen Trailer MISC Prospector

New Star Citizen Trailer Showcases MISC Prospector With Amazing Lightning Effects

Cloud Imperium has just revealed a new Star Citizen trailer that showcases the new MISC Prospector...

by   /   Feb 18, 2017
Bethesda next mobile game in works

Bethesda Teases A new Mobile Title Already In The Works

Bethesda's 2015 Fallout Shelter for mobile devices was a huge success as the game reportedly has 50...

by   /   Feb 18, 2017
Warhammer 40K: Dawn of War 3

New Dawn of War 3 Trailer “Prophecy Of War” Shows Three Factions In Action

A new Dawn of War 3 trailer has been released by Relic Entertainment, the studio behind most of the...

by   /   Feb 18, 2017
Splatoon 2

New Splatoon 2 Gameplay Video Shows Off A Multiplayer Match

A new Splatoon 2 gameplay video has released by Nintendo, showing off a Turf War match taking place...

by   /   Feb 18, 2017
new UWPStreamer app

2017 For Xbox Will Be One Of The Most Exciting Years For The Community

Phil Spencer, the president of Xbox, has said that 2017 for Xbox will be one of the best and most...

by   /   Feb 18, 2017
Nintendo Switch eShop

Nintendo Switch eShop Will Let You Link Content To Your Account, Console Free Space Revealed

It's always hard to deal with problems related to Nintendo's current-gen consoles. For example...

by   /   Feb 18, 2017
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